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PHOTOS: PizzeRizzo Now Open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort

Rachel Bshero

by , Food & Beverage Marketing Communications Coordinator

It’s time to start the music, it’s time to light the lights! PizzeRizzo is now open in the Muppets Courtyard of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The two-story quick-service eatery serves up personal-sized pizza pies along with other Italian favorites—from meatball subs to tiramisu—all in a comfortable family-style setting.

“Running PizzeRizzo is a dream come true for me and my entire extremely hungry and incredibly happy family,” said Rizzo of the Muppets. “And I know that when you come to PizzeRizzo, you may enter extremely hungry, but you will leave incredibly happy … and full. So whaddaya waiting for? Mangia! That’s I-talian for LET’S EAT!”

PizzeRizzo is open daily for lunch and dinner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Take a peek at the interior in the gallery on the Disney Parks Blog Facebook page!


  • Any chance of vegan cheese & vegan friendly salad dressings? I’ve gone through all the Quick Service menus, there are ZERO vegan quick service meals in Hollywood Studios.

  • Also, what stereotypes?

  • Hi Rachel,

    Will this restaurant have any vegan entrees on the menu?

  • Wow, why must everything be attacked all the time? Relax and take it easy, enjoy it for the good fun in which it was intended.

  • The stereotypes are kind of the point. Rizzo is also a rat, so it’s not like the concern here is placed on realism. All of the Muppets are stereotypical portrayals of different nationalities or personality types.

  • Wow, I love Disney, but this blog post really plays on stereotypes of Italian-Americans.

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