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Vote For The Disney Character You Want To See In Our Special Christmas Day Disney Doodle

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Our Disney Doodle series, in which a Disney artist imagines what a specific Disney character would do or see if they had the chance to visit a Disney theme park, has grown to become one of our most popular series on the Disney Parks Blog.

The series, which has run for more than one year, has pictured beloved Disney characters like Chip from “Beauty and the Beast” taking a spin at the Mad Tea Party attraction; the Evil Queen from “Snow White” making apple treats at the Candy Cauldron; and Zero from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” visiting the pet cemetery at The Haunted Mansion.

As a special holiday gift, we want our readers to decide what character will be featured in our special Christmas Day Disney Doodle, which we’ll share on the Disney Parks Blog and on Instagram that morning.

Check out the Disney Parks Blog on social media over the holiday break to see which design was the top pick!


  • I would vote for the Rocketeer helping string the lights on the Christmas Tree outside Hollywood Studios or assisting with decorations over the Chinese Theater. It would be a nice tribute to the Firework show they had in the 90’s with the rocketeer taking off.

  • kermit the frog and miss piggy

  • Oswald and Hortencia

  • Pua and Moana!

  • Hei Hei.
    Because nobody ever votes for the chicken.

  • If it was Figment, THAT would be a gift to me!!!! 🙂

  • I like Chip on the Mad Tea Party attraction.

  • Santy Claws is #1. We waited almost 3 hours for pictures during MNSSHP the night before Halloween. Its time he gets recognition again.

  • Figment

  • Piglet and pooh

  • Figment!!!!

  • Not sure how to vote… but I would love something with Merida. But Mickey and the gang also feels right.

  • M. Toad Decking the TOAD Halls with boughs of jolly!

  • How do we vote?

  • I would LOVE to see the Sensational Six (including Daisy), caroling at the Candlelight Procession for Christmas Eve.

  • The Fab 5 plus Daisy in their holiday caroling garb 🙂

  • My vote is for Steamboat Willie with Christmas decorations on the Liberty Belle to honour Mickey and Walt.

  • Jack as Sandy Claws for the win!

  • Wish we could vote for Peter?

  • Jack Skellington!

  • Alice! Alice, Alice, Alice, Alice, ALICE! YEA!

  • My real vote would have been for Figment 🙂

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