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Epcot Celebrates Canada’s 150th Birthday with Special Buttons

Allison Montgomery

by , Public Relations Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

If you visit our Canada Pavilion at Epcot, you can now join a celebration of the country’s upcoming 150th birthday and receive a special button marking the milestone.

From now until July 1, 2017, commemorative buttons will be available to guests at Epcot’s Canada Pavilion. Everyone is invited to join in the fun and answer questions like, “What do Canadians call a one dollar coin? Answer – A Loonie” and “Who hosts Hockey Night in Canada Coach’s Corner? Answer – Don Cherry and Ron MacLean” to receive a button.

The Canada birthday buttons are available at Epcot now through July 1, 2017, while supplies last. No purchase is necessary.


  • Hi we came from canada, to Epcot on 28th December and I visited the Canada pavilion but we were not given these buttons, I wish we wear them for 150th anniversary of Canada day. Is there a way we can get them .

  • I too am wondering if there is anyway to get one? We visit every second year and it won’t be until next year we come. Would so love to get one though.

  • If supplies last, will they be available after July 1st? I’d love to be able to get one when I visit in August. It’s a year long celebration in Canada!

  • Im a Canadian Citizen from Ontario Canada and i would like one of the 150th Celebration buttons but im travelling to Walt Disney world in November 2017. Is there any way to get one mailed to me if i provide proof of Canadian residency?

  • If we will not be visiting this year can we get them
    sent to us by mail. Both my kids would love to have one.


  • I am coming in 7 weeks and I can’t wait to get one. I am a proud Canadian from New Brunswick, Canada

  • The actual 150th isn’t officially until July 1, 2017 so it may be a bit early yet. Perhaps everything hasn’t been settled yet on the policies for handing out buttons and they’re limiting things until 2017.

  • I was in the area today and there were no signs anywhere indicating it was Canada’s 150th Birthday.

  • Just went to EPCOT and asked for a button. Was told I couldn’t get one since I wasn’t Canadian. Are these available to EVERYONE or only Canadians?

    • Hi Michael, I’m sorry you were not given a button. These are available to each guest who visits the Canada Pavilion at Epcot and requests one while supplies last. Please visit any merchandise, attraction or dining location in the Canada Pavilion to receive a button.

  • Just asked for one at the Canadian pavilion at the Northwest Merchantile store and was told they were only for Canadian citizens.

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