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Lunar New Year Celebration Expands to 17 Days, Jan. 20 through Feb. 5, at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

The biggest Lunar New Year Celebration yet at Disney California Adventure park is coming soon! Expanding to 17 days this year – Friday, Jan. 20, through Sunday, Feb. 5 – the festivities will feature delicious food, colorful live performances, fun-filled activities, beautiful decor, special limited-time merchandise, Disney characters in their Lunar New Year best and more.

Each night, before “World of Color,” the Lunar New Year Celebration will culminate in a new six-minute pre-show called “Hurry Home,” presented in water, animation and special effects on Paradise Bay. This charming story of a Little Lantern on its journey home to join its Lantern family in celebrating Lunar New Year features animated appearances by Mulan and Mushu in “dream sequences” inspired by traditional Chinese paper cut-out style animation and a score highlighted by an original arrangement of the music created for the Grand Opening of Shanghai Disney Resort by Academy Award-winning composer Tan Dun (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”).

Lunar New Year, traditionally celebrated within Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures, commemorates the moment when both the sun and the moon begin their journey for another year. Highlights of the celebration at Disney California Adventure park include:

  • Three new Asian marketplaces offering foods inspired by Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures.
  • Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mulan and Mushu, dressed in their best to celebrate Lunar New Year.
  • Incredible entertainment throughout the Paradise Garden area, including a troupe of Chinese acrobats and a variety of authentic musicians and performers.
  • Lunar New Year AP Corner near Paradise Garden Grill invites Annual Passholders to stop by for exclusive festive activities, a special button amenity and photo opportunity.

Celebrate the tradition, sights, sounds and tastes of Lunar New Year with a touch of Disney magic, only at Disney California Adventure park from Jan. 20 through Feb. 5!


  • While I think it is awesome that Disney is doing this to be culturally sensitive, I think they need to work on their research. As a first generation American, I would like to correct some things I was told by my Vietnamese parents.

    Lunar new year has nothing to do with the sun. It doesn’t commemorate the moment the sun begins its journey for another year. It is only concerned about the moon. Our normal New Year on January 1 is based on the sun.

    I also talked to my Vietnamese parents, they say the phrase used in the park is not the more popular traditional way of saying Happy New Year.

  • Tracy Green – I can answer that one! Every time Disney creates and gives out a pin for an event they have to be eagle-eyed over it’s distribution. A lot of those items (in first years) were claimed more than once by some people who unscrupulously put them up for sale on EBay and the like. It’s those folks who ruin it for the rest.

  • Non-AP guests will still be able to get photo op with Mickey, Minnie, Mulan, Mushu and Chip and Dale, right? There was an event last year where only AP guests were allowed the photo op. Disappointed me greatly. Made me feel as if I were a second class citizen.

  • Sounds awesome!!! But why are there going to be no buttons? What a bummer!

  • This looks like fun? Where will the characters be located? Back near Paradise Grill or ?

  • Where’s Hei Hei? It’s the year of the rooster!

  • Do you know if World of Color is running every night during this Lunar New Year celebration?

  • Wish we could get these events at Epcot! And the merch on the Shop Disney Parks app. Please?

  • I’m excited for this and yay to more food booths!!

  • This is always fun! The additional days and food offerings sound wonderful!
    Thanks Erin!

  • Sounds awesome!

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