Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to Disneyland Park January 20

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Get ready to celebrate the return of a Disney Parks icon! As we told you earlier this year, the Main Street Electrical Parade is coming back to the place it began – Disneyland park – for a limited time, beginning January 20. Whether you’re making new memories or reliving favorite moments, this is a homecoming celebration you’ll want to share with family and friends.

This encore performance at Disneyland park will run nightly until June 18 – that’s 45 years after it first lit up Main Street, U.S.A., in 1972! During this limited-time celebration, guests will also enjoy special merchandise and food offerings inspired by the Main Street Electrical Parade – we’ll have more to share on those very soon.

Want to celebrate the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade in style? Join us on January 19 for a special, after-hours premiere event and be among the first to experience the return of this beloved parade. After the park closes, premiere event ticket holders will enjoy a night of exclusive access to most Disneyland park attractions and select restaurants, featuring a special performance of the Main Street Electrical Parade ahead of its official debut to the public. Tickets go on sale for Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders tomorrow, Dec. 6, and to the general public on December 13. Information will be available on beginning tomorrow. Click here for event information.

Join us in January as we welcome the Main Street Electrical Parade home to Disneyland park for a limited time!


  • I just saw they did a update in the website. Looks like the MSEP is extended till August 20th. I also just asked Guest Services and they said they did. So will there be a article about it out soon?

  • I am so excited that the Electric Light Parade is once again at Disneyland. I can’t wait to see it. It is what Disneyland is all about. The music is the best. I would like to see is kept on even if only on one night a week or month.

  • We are planning to come September 2017 will the Main Street Electrical Parade be in operation at this time. We plan to be at the park 09/13 thru 09/17(Disneyland in Anaheim) I love to see this parade once again.

  • I was in the original Electrical Parade in 1972 as a butterfly. I was also a Cinderella dancer at a later parade. Glad to see it back. Good memories!!

  • I’m so very excited!!! I can’t wait to see the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland again! It’s been one of my absolute favorites since I was a kid and it still is today! Very soon I will be able to relive my childhood memories!

  • Any word about dining packages and reserved seating areas? We’re looking forward to seeing the parade in Feb but hate having to wait hours for a good viewing spot.

  • I’m so excited the the MSEP is coming back! I’ll probably be planning an extra trip to Disneyland in the spring with the family to see it. My kids LOVE Paint the Night so I’m happy that it’ll most likely be coming back after MSEP ends. Looks like 2 Disney vacations for us this year!

  • Have always loved this parade. Saw it as a kid in the seventies, several times at DCA and at WDW. So glad it’s back on Main Street and I’ll be able to see it as I’ll be visiting this January. I’ve seen it with my kids and now I’ll be able to see it with my grandkids. Paint the night was slick and modern but didn’t have nearly the charm of The Main Street Electrical Parade. (My 20+ year old kids think so too.) I hope they bring it back somewhere after this limited run.

  • Hmm! $95??!!! I really feel that my Signature Plus annual pass should get me a decent discount for these special events. And I REALLY feel that SP passholders should have their own special event viewing night like there used to be for passholders. I remember going to Annual Passholder Nights for several things. One being the opening of Indiana Jones. I still have the decoder sheet that was given to us to decipher all the writing inscribed on the walls.

  • Fred Sindi – Thanks for clarifying the confusion for Andrew Hajdu. I scrolled all the comments because I thought surely he is addressing a different Melissa – which was not the case.
    As for Paint the Night, I agree with your point about newer creativity and technology, but for me, it’s about the music. I can watch Paint the Night, and all the while, the Baroque Hoedown is playing in my head. Until Paint the Night, or any other parade, can top that music, I’m sticking with The Main Street Electrical Parade.

  • In response to Andrew Hajdu—-

    Melissa did *not* say that, I did. I was responding to Melissa. Like I said, It’s cool that the original parade is coming back, but I feel that it is a step backwards in terms of creativity and technology. After the parade finishes it’s limited time run, I am really hoping that Paint the Night returns.

  • Any info on what night parade (if any) will take its place after June 18th? Will PTN return next summer? Trying to plan my next vacation and it makes a difference ?

  • So will it be there after June 18th just not nightly?

  • In response to Melissa…my kids love the original Pete’s Dragon! They also love the original Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast. Will your only show your kids the new live-action version of that movie when it comes out? When you go to Disneyland, do you let your kids go on such beloved classics like Pinocchio, Snow White, or Peter Pan? My kids’ favorite ride is Peter Pan…the movie came out 1953. You should be celebrating that Disney decided to grade us with the original Electric parade. What a treat! My kids who have never seen it are beyond excited. True Disney aficionados embrace the new, while never forgetting the past. Disney’s history is rich…I’m saddened to hear you feel that way, Melissa.

  • Melissa–
    None of the feature film characters in the Main Street Electrical Parade are from movies that were made in the last 25 years. The characters in Paint the Night are more recent and more relevant to today’s audiences. How many kids today are familiar with the original Pete’s Dragon?
    It’s not just about the LEDs. it’s about relevancy and creativity
    The Disney company cannot just keep resting on its laurels, they can’t just keep bringing things back for the sake of fleeting nostalgia.

    Objectivity speaking, bringing back the Main Street Electrical parade is a step backwards in terms of technology and creativity.

  • Happy That The Parade Coming Back To Disneyland. I Have A Question When Will The Tickets Go On Sale For The MSEP Private Event Jan 19.

    • Tickets go on sale for Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders December 6, and to the general public on December 13.

  • What are the details of the premiere party event? Can’t find it anywhere on the disneyland site.

  • Could you post a link for the Special Event Tickets please?

  • Where is the information on the Disneyland site about this?

  • Can’t find any ticket info online? Will there be an announcement?

  • What is happening to MSEP after its limited run? I hope it is not being destroyed. It is much better than PTN in my opinion. The music, the characters, and the design of the floats are all far superior. No, it doesn’t have LED lights, but you don’t need those to enjoy a parade. Please bring it back to WDW eventually.

  • i dont remember seeing it at disneyland , but what i do remember was endlessly watching this parade on a VHS my older sister bought her kids at the parks lol i always asked her to let me borrow it so i could watch it over and over again… and then later in maybe 2002? or 2003 i watched it in person for the first time … and now as an adult in her mid 20s i can not wait to watch it!!! and my children watch it for the very first time! its going to be a very special night?❤️ january 20th cant come fast enough!

  • I grew up watching MSEP and was fortunate enough to bring my two older children to see it multiple times when it ran in DCA. My youngest got to see it just once or twice before it left for Florida and doesn’t remember it as she was very young. My entire household is ecstatic to get the chance to see this parade again, and on Main Street no less! We love Paint the Night immensely, it is a very well done show, but nothing compares to how special the Main Street Electrical Parade is.

  • This will be a cutesy retro short-term thing to offer while Paint The Night gets a refurbishment. But I certainly hope that Paint The Night will be returning next summer! Paint The Night was one of the slickest, hippest and sharpest things Disneyland has offered in years and years. Paint The Night is a family favorite and I hope it returns soon!

  • So no answers to the above???

  • Please extend the comeback!!!!! We were just there. I didn’t know about this coming back and it was the one thing I wished for. I would have postponed my trip if I had known. Don’t take it away so fast. Or bring back every few months and advertise the schedule so people can plan their trip around the special parades and shows they want to see.

  • For now I do not think that Disney World will have a night time parade outside of
    Mickey’s Boo To You Halloween Parade or Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade for a bit .
    But bare in mind that Disneyland found a way to make it without a true night time parade for a good period of time until Paint The Night came there now didn`t they ?

  • Spectromagic is gone forever.

  • While it is cool that Main Street Electrical Parade is coming back to Disneyland, I really hope that it is just for a limited time, and that Paint the Night will return sometime.

    Paint the Night is fantastic. It is a modern, 21st century Electrical parade that uses up-to-date technology. Plus, Paint the Night features characters from more recent animated films that are more relevant to today’s audiences.

    Having the original Electrical parade come back feels like a step backwards in terms of technology and creativity.

  • What time will tickets be on sale?
    Where will the tickets be on sale?
    How much will tickets be?
    I’m so excited!!!

  • Are Disney Resort Guests able to purchase before the 13th? I remember watching this parade with my dad as a little girl. Now we are coming from Washington DC to celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday on January 20th! I can’t wait to tell my father he can relive the joy of watching this parade with his granddaughter!!

  • Paint the Night is going down for an extensive refurb. It will be returning to Disneyland most likely by summer time. But who knows what will happen to Main Street Electrical Parade after its “LIMITED” run here send it over to California Adventure i hope :0)

  • Oh! And PLEASE PLEASE don’t take it Paint the Night Parade. My son loves it so much. It brings so much joy to us to watch him enjoy it.

  • Excited to have our baby back even if it’s for a limited time. Thank goodness I’m a passholder. I will definitely be getting my tickets. What time midnight? I tried checking on the website but it’s not listed the halloween event is still up.

  • Will there be dining packages similar to Paint the Night? I would love to have guaranteed seats for this parade.

  • Where will they go on sale? What time will they go on sale? How much are tickets? And from what time to what time will the park be open for the after hours premiere?

  • Will Paint the Night after the Main Street Electrical Parade’s Limited Engagement ends?

  • No word about a night parade at WDW’s Magic Kingdom? Good grief! At least give us hope!

  • Why is it only running for a short run? What it needs to go back to Florida?

  • So when is Spectromagic coming back to WDW’s Magic Kingdom?!

  • I would also like to know what time the tickets go on sale tomorrow for a p

  • What time will the tickets go on sale?

  • So then what does Disney World get? Why are they left without an evening parade?

  • I am curious how much tickets will cost- i sure hope they are not $100 and over. Can’t wait to see this parade again 🙂 my all-time favorite!

  • Dislike! Disney really needs to let the parade go. I love this parade with all my heart but seeing at WDW last year and then seeing Paint the Night or Dreamlights; it’s time to send it to Yesterland and give WDW a next-gen replacement and make Paint the Night bigger at DL.

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