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‘Remember … Dreams Come True’ Joins the Line-Up at Disneyland Park Beginning Feb. 3

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

With the classic Main Street Electrical Parade coming home to Disneyland park on Jan. 20, spring 2017 is already shaping up to be a great blast to the past for Disneyland fans. Now there’s even more excitement in the air with the return of the beloved fireworks spectacular “Remember… Dreams Come True.”

Initially presented as the evening highlight of the 50th anniversary of Disneyland Resort in 2005, “Remember… Dreams Come True” features Tinker Bell’s flight, brilliant fireworks, soaring music, dazzling special effects and an amazing journey through the various lands of Disneyland with archival audio tracks, favorite songs and familiar phrases from some of the park’s most popular attractions, past and present. I’m partial to seeing flame effects erupt from Sleeping Beauty Castle during the Indiana Jones Adventure sequence and the feeling of being in a virtual stretching room as fireworks launch straight into the sky to welcome the Haunted Mansion’s “Grim, Grinning Ghosts.”

What’s your favorite part of the show? Let us know in the comments section. Are you a fan of the quieter moments, like when “Shenandoah” plays, representing Rivers of America? Or do you get goosebumps when those five familiar, musical tones from Star Tours suddenly give way to the “Star Wars” theme, complete with lasers?

You’ll have a chance to relive all those moments and more, when “Remember… Dreams Come True” once again begins regular weekend performances on Feb. 3.


  • Does anyone know why the Thunder Mountain portion of the show was removed?

  • My family and I will be in the park the last week of April. Will there be any additional performances during that time? We leave on Friday and I’m hoping we can catch it!!

  • I seriously got misty eyed when I heard this news! This is the BEST fireworks show that I’ve seen at Disneyland (better than Fantasy in the sky, Believe, Magical, Forever) because it celebrates Walt and the history of the park so well). I love the when the Electrical Parade section happens, and also the mansion elevator, Indy, Pirates, Star Tours… but my absolute favorite part is Julie Andrews introducing Walt’s Dream and seeing Tink fly over the castle in a near perfect recreation of the Disneyland TV show intro with Walt’s opening day speech. It brings me goosebumps and misty eyes every time. I was so sad when this left in 2014 and am so glad it’s back! It will be so fun to be able to see and Fantasmic! again this summer (holding my breath for any possible changes). Oh how it has been missed. I just saw the Electrical Parade this evening and even though I miss the original score (with the heavier base and without the sharp beats… it just doesn’t sound as classic to my conditioned ear) and dumbo unit and blue fairy… there was still something magical about seeing it on Main Street again. I was sad when the 60th ended, but no longer!

  • BRAVO Disney! This is the most amazing , nostalgic, emotional fireworks show ever created for ANY theme park worldwide!

    You should consider keeping it as a “low season” or “weekend” signature fireworks show for many years to come. The show can easily be updated/refreshed with projections and searchlights.

    Thank you for making us believe again Disney!!!

  • I want Disneyland Forever.

  • I liked this fireworks show although I prefer Magical and Disneyland Forever over Remember. Is it any chance to see Magical or DL Forever during the summer season or will RDCT get the spotlight all year long? DL Forever’s theme song was so catchy…

  • So great to get some good news out of Anaheim.

  • Originally Debut Since May 5, 2005.

  • I’m so glad to hear this, this was my favorite fireworks show ever. And yes, I loved the Shenandoah section of the show, it was beautiful and emotional.

  • Will Julie Andrews still be the narrator? Please say yes!

    • Carlos – Yes!

  • ALL of it’s my favorite!!! There has never been a better fireworks show at any park at any time and I’m ECSTATIC that it’s back!! But if I had to pick my absolute favorite, it’s the Shenandoah waterfall fireworks that start the Frontierland section 🙂 I hope it’s back– I was so sad when they cut that part!

  • YES!! This was one of the BEST fireworks shows Disney has put on! Right on up there and next to the 60th Anniversary one! I was so disappointed when Disneyland got rid of the 60th fireworks show and went back to regular old fireworks. It’s the highlight of every trip and we watch it multiple times! Nobody does fireworks like Disney! 🙂

  • I am SO EXCITED! The 50th show was my absolute favorite, I burst into tears the first time I saw it. It was so perfect and nostalgic, Julie Andrews’ voice is the living embodiment of magic and warm fuzzy Disney memories. I love the Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Star Tours parts the best. It was just SO creative to have the show incorporate so many parts of the Hub, Main Street, and castle into the show. So much love. I’ll be there!

  • This is exciting as I have never seen this show! How long will it be on for? We won’t be back to Disneyland now until July??

    • Darren – No worries! You should have opportunities to see the show next summer.

  • I am so excited that it is being brought back. Remember.. is my favorite fireworks show that Disney has done. Yay!

  • The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room and Indiana Jones Adventure!

  • I am so happy! My favorite part is when Walt Disney’s dedication speech plays all over Disneyland. Such a magical moment that gives me goosebumps every time.

  • Will we get the original (and best version) of this show or will it be the stripped down version that we got after the 50th?

  • I hope it uses mapping projections.

  • Bravo! Well done Disney. The Mouse needs to be commended for doing this– as much as the 60th Anniversary fireworks show was nice, imho RDCT still stands head and shoulders above it. Where the 60th show had highlights from select films and attractions related to Disneyland/Walt Disney, RDCT encompasses the entirety of Disneyland, a true nighttime fireworks tour of the park. Thanks Disney!

  • Nice news! But how long will it last? And what about Fantasmic?

    • Gaspar – “Remember… Dreams Come True” will be presented on select nights throughout the year, and you can look for the return of “Fantasmic!” this summer!

  • This is my favorite fireworks show, I’m SO SO SO happy!

  • Quite simply, this is the best that Disneyland ever put forth. I can only hope that Disneyland’s 100th birthday will top this and that I will be lucky enough to see it.

  • So glad to see this classic fireworks spectacular return. To be honest, I can’t choose just one favorite part; the entire show is a warm, heartfelt tribute to Disneyland and Walt himself. You can definitely tell the show was developed by true admirers of the park and its history.

  • Will the Big Thunder Mountain sequence be returning to the show as well?

  • Magical! is better.

  • Will there be projection on the castle and main street?

  • I have always loved the E-Ticket section as a whole, but the Pirate Battle Scene from the Matterhorn is cool.

    Is this going to also show nightly (weather permitting) like the MSEP? How long will it run for? It was said that MSEP will go until June 18, 2017.

    Thank you.

    • Jeffrey – “Remember… Dreams Come True” will be presented on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, with additional performances on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day and during the Spring Break holiday period. Look for the show to continue into the fall, going on brief hiatus during Halloween and Christmas.

  • Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!!!!!

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