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Retail MagicBand 2 and MagicKeepers Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

My fellow author Tom Smith recently announced MagicBand 2 is coming to Walt Disney World Resort. Today, I have a first look at new retail MagicBand 2 items and accessories arriving soon to select Disney merchandise locations in Florida.

Retail MagicBand 2 and MagicKeepers Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

On December 16, we will a release a limited edition retail MagicBand 2 that celebrates the 45th Anniversary of the “it’s a small world” attraction. This classic Magic Kingdom Park attraction opened in 1971. Presented in a decorative box, the MagicBand 2 will have an edition size of 2,500.

Retail MagicBand 2 and MagicKeepers Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

On December 19, we will introduce two retail MagicBand 2 designs for 2017. These designs incorporate the dated 2017 program artwork you will find on select merchandise items in the coming year.

Retail MagicBand 2 and MagicKeepers Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

Finally, I’m excited to share a preview of new MagicKeepers for guests who prefer an alternative way to wear their MagicBand 2. MagicKeepers will include two Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse-themed lanyard clips and a carabiner. The images above show how MagicKeepers will be sold (without a removable icon) and how they appear with removable icons.

The MagicKeeper accessories will be released at a future date, so keep watching the Disney Parks Blog for updates.


  • We are booked at Caribbean Beach in October 2017. When we go to customise our MagicBands, they look like the old ones. Will we be getting old ones or MB 2’s?

  • I will be booking a trip in early sept of 2017. Will the new bands be avail by then? We are Florida residents and have the same bands from 2015…

  • I have a trip planned for later this year and I have the option to customize a new magic band, but it shows the old magic band on your website. So will I receive the old one or the new one?

  • We’ve been wearing our Magic Bands on lanyard rings since they first came out. Can’t wait to get a keeper for the new band.

    BTW – we got the new design for a visit in early March. Only problem is that I got the new one in a color to add to my collection so it’s not my preferred color. Oh well, next trip!

  • I have the option to customize a new magic band, but it shows the old magic band. Will it come as the new one?

  • Any idea when accessories will be available on the sites? We visit this coming March.

  • Just got ours in the mail today! They look great! I kinda want to wear mine as a fashion accessory. Bwahahahahaha!

  • Just got mine today! We renewed our passes last week. 🙂 Got it just in time for my birthday on Thursday the 19th. I got pink and, to me, it seems sturdy and comfortable. 🙂

  • I’m so disappointed in the new bands. We spent the MLK weekend at the parks and the Festival of the Arts and lost over 8 little magic band clipon things including brand new Spider-Man, Mickey, Minnie, Monsters Inc, Stictch and Cars clips because the new bands don’t hold them on securely. Sad for the kids – money wasted for the mom’s. They also come unclipped from your wrist easier than the gray ones. Not a fan despite the nice colors

  • When will solid color magic band 2 be available for purchase?

  • We just went to Disney for xmas and we are season pass holders. We renewed our passes on 19 of Dec and received the old magic bands. We are returning again on 18 March for another week and just made reservations at Caribbean Beach, will we receive the magic band 2 as it is requesting for us to customizing magic bands. Normally we decline them or we would have 10 of them for each one in our family by the end of the year.

  • So, what is the difference in Magicband 2?

  • FOR INQUIRING MINDS – I ordered my new Magic Band for my new annual pass on Decemeber 19th and received a MagicBand 2.0 in the mail!

  • If I renew will I be getting the magickeepers?

  • hello,I was wondering we are arriving at disney world resort on January 16th and it says our magic bands should already be shipping between December 22-24 isnt that early since we are going to Disney not til the 16 of January. Would we be getting the old magic band or the magic band 2.0?

  • Hello Rachel, are you able to give any of the specs of the Magicband 2. Will the battery life last longer than the originals? Also will it change the way we use My Disney Experience? Etc?

  • Hi, Steven! Will the Limited Edition “it’s a small world” band be available on the shopping app?

  • My husband purchased a LE Rogue One MagicBand 2 at Epcot last night and I am concerned that, even when you remove the pull away part, these new MagicBands are still much too large for a child, thinking about my 3 year old grandson, or any adult with small wrists. It’s the area where the removable icon is located that is much too large. Will guests have the option to choose the original MagicBand version with a resort stay and will the original version still be available for purchase? If not, I think Disney has just lost my MagicBand business as I will not be buying the new version… I have very small wrists, the new version is just much too large for me and I am not interested in the keepers.

  • Will pass holders receive these when they renew?

  • if I have magic bands on order in old style can I change to the Magic Band 2?

  • I LOVE the magickeepers! Great idea!

  • The Magic Keepers are so great!! I can’t wait to get my Minnie Mouse!!

  • When will annual passholders receive the new bands?

  • Will there be a limited edition MagicKeeper to go with the Director Krennic MagicBand2.

    • @Henry – We will only offer a limited edition MagicBand 2 of Director Krennic. No limited edition MagicKeeper planned at this time.

  • Will all guests staying at a Disney resort, on a 2017 Disney vacation receive a MagicBand2 as standard?

    Thanks, they look great!

    • @Katie – Disney Resort Guests will begin receiving solid-colored the MagicBand 2 as part their reservation coming in 2017. I don’t have exact timing but they will begin to be introduced soon. MagicBand 2 will work exactly the same as the current MagicBand.

  • will the original magic bands still work at the parks? I just bought new bands for everyone in my family for Christmas.


  • The MagicKeepers come as a set of 3? How much will it be?

    • @Meghan – The MagicKeepers are sold individually. I showed them as a group of three in the image above. I do not have a confirmed retail at this time.

  • ❤️!!!

  • Hi– Will original magic bands still work at the parks? Our family has a small fortune invested in them. Thanks in advance,

  • Rachel – the grey part around the band is still able to be torn away the same way it is now.

    I love the MagicKeepers! I’m hoping there will be some LE ones released as these get rolled out.

    • @Amanda – You are correct about making the MagicBands smaller. I’m not aware of any limited edition MagicKeepers at this time.

  • Are the 2017-themed bands Limited Release?

    • @Ethan – Yes. We will only carry them in 2017.

  • Rachel, I just looked on the Shop Disney Parks App and the have a different picture that shows a little more of the inside. It appears the Grey portion pulls away to make it “kids” size.

  • Hi Steven,
    These look huge are they still going to have the tear away section to make them smaller like the old band? Thanks

    • @Rachel – You can still make MagicBand 2 items smaller.

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