Spaceship Earth at Epcot to become Giant Star Wars Death Star during Special After-Hours Event

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

UPDATE: This event opportunity has filled. Please keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog for future opportunities.

Our next Disney Parks Blog meet-up may be the best of the year and you have an opportunity to join us for this special after-hours event at Epcot. On December 5, 2016, we are celebrating Star Wars at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well as the upcoming film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with an invite-only meet-up that’ll feature Spaceship Earth magically transforming into the Death Star.


The Disney Parks Blog hosted meet-up, that will include local media, will be held after hours at Epcot in Florida on Monday, December 5, 2016. Specific timing and details will be shared via email to individuals whose valid RSVPs are received before we reach the planned capacity for the event.

During our Star Wars celebration, Spaceship Earth will be transformed into the Death Star through digital projections. And before the Death Star appears, we will be sharing updates on current and upcoming Star Wars experiences at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

RSVP for the meet-up NOW by clicking here. Only one guest is permitted per attendee. A limited number of attendees may attend the meet-up, so be one of the first to sign up. If you are not able to attend, you can watch it live right here on the Disney Parks Blog on Monday night.

Also, here are a few things you should know:

  • All attendees who sign up for the meet-up must be 18 years or older, but guests do not need to be 18 or older.
  • Limit one guest per registrant.
  • The experience is an invitation only event happening after Epcot park hours and does not include park admission.
  • We will send an email to individuals whose valid RSVPs are received by us before we reach the planned capacity to confirm their attendance for the meet-up.
  • If confirmed, it will be necessary for the registrant and guest to check in at the front of Epcot for access to the event. The confirmation will include those details.
  • Valid photo I.D. will be required at check-in.
  • Meet-up confirmations are non-transferrable and have no cash value.
  • Confirmation will be for the accepted registered person and guest.
  • If you do not receive an email from us confirming your reservation, then your RSVP was not accepted.
  • The meet-up is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

This post will be updated after capacity has been reached.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


  • I am new to the area. How do these meet ups work? Do you have to be season ticket holders?

  • Have any spots opened up for attendance?

  • Wow didn’t hear about this. Wouldve love for me and girlfriend to attend. 🙁

  • can I still attend?

  • I am so excited to be in attendance for this tomorrow. Walt Disney World really is where dreams come true.

  • How can I receive invitations for upcoming events?

  • This sounds awesome! I think I need to MOVE to Orlando! 😀 😀

  • My 2 sons and I would love to attend. We have tickets already for Rogue One. We are annual pass holders and love Star Wars and Disney. I named one of my sons Lucas after George Lucas. Thank God the wife went for it.

  • Was there emails sent out for the people that registered? I haven’t received anything and I did register before reaching capacity.

  • I’m at WDW at the moment and was too busy having fun at the parks to go online (I’m regretting this policy for once) so I’m gutted to miss this event especially as I’m here! You don’t have room for one more? Just little old me?

  • Omg… I missed it. I am here in Kissimmee for the week and would have loved to come.

  • We would love to go….we will be at Disney on Monday!

  • Would love to be a part of this incredible event for Rogue One. Attended the first showing of Star Wars in Indianapolis with my son when he was a young boy. Gotta love this!

  • I would like to attend with my family if 4. We are here til the 7th and would love to attend.

  • Wife and I are in Disney until Friday, dec 9. Big Star Wars fan! Please please please- 2 tickets to the event Monday. Please

  • I would like to attend sign me up – thanks

  • RSVPing

  • I would love to go would make my year!! Please let me know if anyone cancels! Would beg need something to end this year on a good note been a year of tragic loss for me! I’m a huge Star Wars fan!!!

  • Is it too late to register? My wife and I would like to go.

  • I and one guest wish to attend!

  • i” with Fabiano! Please let us fill! We are huuuuge fans!!!! Please!!!

  • Hi Please I would like to participate. Can i submit my info with my partner? We are such fans!!!!!! Pleaaaaase!

  • My friend got an e-mail 30 minutes ago (around 5pm EST). He got in. No email for me or my wife though. If you don’t have an e-mail yet you probably didn’t make the cut. We both entered about 10 minutes after it was posted.

  • How can this be full. Epcot holds how many people? Why cut it short.

  • Yes please have another one of these. I would love to go

  • Anyone get an email?

  • Has anyone received an email?

  • YES!!!!!! I got picked. I’m so excited!!

  • Another pass holder who is actually going to be at the parks for this event. I would have loved to have been specially invited! Maybe I was? Maybe I still could be? You could never find a bigger Star Wars fan than this woman. 🙂

  • As a pass holder from Nebraska who just HAPPENS to be arriving Sunday….it would be really nice to get that email. Just throwing that out there.

  • Am I too late? I can’t click on anything 🙁

  • Has anyone gotten an email yet? I’m refreshing like crazy over here!!

  • This is too amazing to have only one night. Pleeease do it every night in December for more guests to enjoy as they leave Epcot every evening.

  • Any update on when emails will be sent to the lucky ones?

  • Has anyone gotten an email back yet?

  • My son and I are crazy-excited about this!

  • When will confirmation emails be sent out? The wait is killing me!

  • We will be there for our honeymoon I really hope we are able to get in.

  • Lucky I saw this when it was posted! Fingers crossed me and my wife are lucky enough to go!

  • how do we receive notifications for future events?

  • So just how limited was the capacity of the event anyway?

  • When will the attendees be notified?

  • Super excited for this! Currently stalking my inbox to see if we’re among the lucky ones!

  • Since it’s already filled about an Encore event….. say on the 12th when I’ll be at WDW

  • How long will the Death Star be up ?

  • Wow, 37 minutes ago this event showed up on my Facebook feed, and it is already filled up. Behold the power of Star Wars.

  • I am super surprised I was actually able to submit my info! How soon til we find out who the lucky attendees will be? My boyfriend will thrilled if we get to go!

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