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Additional Disney FASTPASS Locations and New Disney MaxPass Coming to Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Many guests already know that Disney FASTPASS is one of the best ways to make the most of their time at Disney Parks. This landmark innovation was first introduced at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World in 1999 as a way to provide guests with faster access to the fun. Over the years, Disney FASTPASS has evolved and expanded and is used at our theme parks differently, based on the unique ways our guests enjoy our sites around the world.

Today, I’m excited to announce further expansion of Disney FASTPASS coming to two of our most popular attractions — Toy Story Mania in Disney California Adventure park and Matterhorn Bobsleds in Disneyland park! When Disney FASTPASS first launched at Disneyland Resort it was available at four locations, and over the years the number has expanded to a total of 16 attractions with these two new additions.

Later this year, we will launch Disney MaxPass, which will allow guests to maximize their experience by providing unlimited downloads of their high-resolution PhotoPass images and by enabling the convenience of mobile booking and redemption of Disney FASTPASS return times – all by using the Disneyland App. Disney MaxPass will be available for an introductory price of $10 a day. Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders also will have the opportunity to purchase Disney MaxPass on a daily or yearly basis.

Guests will continue to have the option of Disney FASTPASS service at no cost by obtaining FASTPASSES at attraction FASTPASS kiosks, just as they do today.

The addition of these two new Disney FASTPASS locations and the introduction of Disney MaxPass is part of our ongoing commitment to providing guests with opportunities to customize their experiences and make it even easier than ever to create unforgettable memories.

We’ll have more information to share on these updates soon — including details and launch dates — so keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog.


  • I love this! Just hope you give us AP members with the Signature passes an additional discount. Since we don’t need the PhotoPass option. Very excited for this however!

  • I will be willing to pay $10 per day to be able to reserve a fastpass remotely. (No more designating a “fastpass runner”!) Also it was such a pain before when you had to go to the attraction or a kiosk at the front of the park to determine fastpass times and availability. The addition of Toy Story is well over due. Matterhorn, not so much but I have avoided that ride ever since they changed the seating a few years ago. The extra expense is a drag but the price is not unreasonable (yet) and will save a lot of extra walking. If you balk at the cost… Stick to the old system. The bottom line is most amusement and theme parks charge a premium for express passes. I can’t really complain about ten dollars…especially considering it is optional. With that said, I’m pretty sure this is phase one of many changes to come …paper fast passes will soon be a museum relic I’m sure.

  • In seeing all these negative comments, I just want to say I am really glad this is happening. I was afraid Fastpass+ would come which would be horrible because with paper Fastpasses you can get a ton of good Fastpasses in a day (busy day during Christmas break 1 day we got 3 FPs for Space Mountain, 2 for Buzz Lightyear, 1 for Thunder, 1 for Splash, 2 for Buzz, 2 for Tower, 1 for Soarin’, and 1 for Screamin’) and at WDW we went in August and we were lucky to get 5 Fastpasses the whole day (2 for Space, 2 for Splash, 1 for Mine Train) and 3 of them were reserved 2 months before we went. So I’m glad it’s not being replaced. I love that you have to be in the park because at WDW you can be anywhere in the world and if you have Internet and the app and a ticket you can reserve FP+. And then you won’t have to walk everywhere- when we went during Christmas break, since the only possible way to not wait in 2 hour waits for the best rides is to go first thing in the morning, last thing of the day, single rider if available(and sometimes even those were an hour long), and obviously Fastpass. To get all the possible Fastpasses and use them, I literally ran from Space Mountain to California Screamin’ to Soarin’ to Tower of Terror to Space Mountain to Tower of Terror to Space Mountain which is a lot of walking but with MaxPass that walking won’t have to be done and I’d gladly pay $10 to not walk that much. My only concerns are FP and MaxPass could run out a lot sooner and if there’s not wifi it wouldn’t work very well so wifi would be essential. I also have a couple questions.
    1. Will MaxPasses from the 2 parks be disconnected from each other like current FP? (Example Star Tours is not connected to California Screamin’, Splash Mountain not connected to Soarin’, etc)
    2. Will MaxPass and Fastpass run out at the same time or are they independent of each other? If MaxPass runs out earlier than Fastpass, could I get a Fastpass later if it would be time to get a new one?
    3. Will Buzz Lightyear Fastpass and MaxPass be disconnected still?
    Thank You! Please reply to my questions. I’m excited for this!

  • So will people be able to have digital Fastpasses AND paper Fastpasses or if they get digital Fastpasses will they not be able to get paper Fastpasses? We might be going in August so this is very great news!

  • I like that there will be fast passes for these 2 rides, but the MaxPass is a horrible idea. Making AP holders pay for it is an even worse idea. At WDW people book fast passes online weeks in advance, whether or not they are actually present in the park on that day. So those who are actually in the park can’t get one. Like the others are saying, I too, don’t get decent reception in the parks. As for the photos, I already get that with my Signature pass. In fact, I just renewed my pass a couple of weeks ago and I’m areadly being informed of another way to hit me up for more money. This idea is a big ?.

  • Hello, If $10 is the “introductory price” what is the final price when this system becomes permanent?

  • I’ve got mixed feelings about the addition of the fast pass option to the two rides. We went on the Matterhorn in July when the queue wrapped half way around the Matterhorn and had a slight switchback to it and we only waited 25 minutes. In my opinion, a busy ride with only a 25-30 minute wait doesn’t need a fast pass. I worry that the addition of the fast pass will make the standby wait-time longer.

    I’ve never been on midway mania because for what ever reason that section of CA Adventure doesn’t interest me, so the fast pass won’t have any sort of affect on me there.

    I understand the concept of the maxpass but my family of 8 won’t be using it. We live out of state and visit Disneyland once or twice a year, purchasing 3 or 4 day park hopper tickets each time. The added $10 per person is something we just can’t afford. Hopefully we’ll still be able to get fast passes for the rides we enjoy.

    Thanks for the info, Erin!

  • I’m concerned about the high cost.

    I have a party of 8 coming for 6 days. The is nearly $ 500 dollars on top of the money we are spending for our tickets and rooms staying on site. Speaking for somebody who vacations often and is prepared to pay the high prices Disney already charges, if I feel it is too expensive it probably is.

    You should rethink your cost structure, or at least provide a discount for people staying on property / annual passholders.

  • Hi Erin- you said earlier in reply to another comment, that guests will only be able to reserve FastPasses whilst in the park. Does this mean that Disneyland will be introducing free Wifi or will it be an intranet network?

  • Planning a trip for in June and I am super excited about new Fastpasses for Matterhorn and Toy Story!!!!! I am also excited about the possibility of WiFi in the parks, since that is going to be the only way this new app will work. I am not excited about charging for MAXPass. I buy my Annual Pass because I love Disney, I upgraded for the photos.

    How many Fastpasses will be booked on the app vs at the kiosk? Why is this being charged for when it is free at WDW?

  • Why is Disneyland charging for a service that is not only free but is the only why to obtain Fastpass at Disney World? Why are you giving free ride photos when most APs get them now free.

  • This definitely should not be a pay service. Also, does this mean you are going to put in WiFi? I think that would be essential, especially for those visiting from other countries.

  • I’m honestly a little shocked that you’re planning on rolling out any digital fastpasses, paid or otherwise, without installing wifi in the parks. Almost everyone I know has some kind of reception issues within the parks, and even those who don’t on a normal basis still find their phone’s internet almost unusable on a really busy day with so much traffic clogging up the bandwidth. I would never pay for this service without wifi in the parks, as cellular internet is simply not reliable enough.

  • Will this affect signature passholders in any way? We currently have photopass included. It would make sense for this to also be included given we spend about $1000 for an annual passport.

  • I agree with everyone on this blog…charging yet another fee is not a good thing and has put a lot of sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Also it’s just like getting concert tickets via internet…you don’t have a chance to get a FP fairly if everyone is getting them electronically from their phones. Sorry not everyone wants to spend time “managing” this on their phone for the I would prefer a first come first serve process…let’s keep some things “old school” and fair for those who aren’t on their phones 24-7 and actually spending the day w/their family & friends…

  • I do have 1 question… Will the 2 parks (DL and DCA) still be “disconnected” as far as the fastpass windows are concerned?.. To clarify, currently you can have a FP for StarTours, but can run to DCA and immediately get one for Soarin, regardless of your FP window for Startours. With Fastpass Max.. Will you now be able to “double book” from the app? Meaning, will the app let me book a DCA fastpass at same time as an existing DL fastpass? Or book a DCA FP before my DL fastpass window has begun? If so, that would ALMOST offset the $10 fee. Please reply. Thanks.

  • My AP already comes with PhotoPass. So am I basically paying for that service again with MaxPass as well as something that I can experience for without an extra cost at WDW? Also, as an AP we don’t have to schedule large trips, so I never know how many days a year I will spend at DLR, so a yearly price would need to be quite a steal so that I don’t over purchase and loose money (more than I already would be with this process).

    The saddest part of these types of announcements is feeling like those of us who prefer or visit DLR most are not as important or valued as those who visit WDW.

  • I sure don’t like this idea. Just like I don’t like the idea of those with more being able to spend way too much at a restaurant and get prime seating at a parade/night show. I like the idea of walking into Disney and knowing we’re all equal. We all have equal chance to grab a FP from the machine, to get a dining reservation, and get spot in the parade….except for the pay-to-play areas.

    I bought an Annual Pass so I wouldn’t have to worry about paying any more for park entertainment for the year. Wrong. Now I have to decide if I dole out a whopping $50 extra a day so that I can get to the FPs faster than those folks next to me getting it on their phone. My view: either allow everyone to do it or allow no one to do it. Keep it simple. Keep it fair.

  • Erin,
    I have to agree with many of the other comments. Please reconsider the concept for MaxPass and having to pay a fee/charge for “enhanced” FastPass. For over 30 years we have enjoyed Disneyland and for the past 15 years Disney World as well. Due to size and number of attractions it is understandable why the FastPass system/program differ between parks. However; charging for a “privilege” of electronic service at Disneyland whereas the same service is offered for free at Disney World seems, counter-intuitive and I hate to say unfair.
    One major thing that has separated Disney Parks from all other entertainment venues, is that I believe Disney is not on a constant search for ancillary revenue, this program though has that feel. For example; Disney hotel properties do not charge a resort fee, instead it offers wifi, use of pools, and other amenities as part of the nightly room charge.
    Thank you for letting us know about this program I hope you and others take all of the constructive feed back and reconsider this.

  • Walt Disney World offers this feature for free for any ticket holder or annual passholder. Why do we have to PAY for this feature? And still no wifi in the parks? This is really discouraging to hear.

    I’d love to see more features that improve our experience, not decrease the money in our wallets.

  • Guess people don’t realize you make this free and you definitely will not be getting a fast pass unless you have a phone cause they will run out making the kiosk obsolete. Disneyland is much too small and overcrowded for this

  • I love Disney, but this is very upsetting to me. One of my favorite things about Disneyland is that all guests receive free fastpasses. It’s disappointing that to experience digital fastpasses you will have to pay for the service, and it seems like it could be a slippery slope to paying for all fastpasses. Paying for fastpasses is so Universal, and there’s a reason that I don’t visit their parks.

  • Dear Erin – Ever wish you had taken a day off? 😉

  • It’s really a shame that Maxpass comes at an extra price.

  • I keep reading your response:

    “Disney MaxPass will be $10 per ticket (per person) and one person in the party may manage Disney FASTPASS reservations for the party via one device, if desired.”

    Could you clarify as to whether all party members need to purchase it? While one person can manage, all members of the family must have purchased MaxPass in order their fastpasses to be managed, right? So 4 family members=$40 although one person can then manage all 4 once all 4 are purchased?

  • I like the idea off the new additional fast pass for the two attraction. I never get on them because of the line. So I’m really happy about that. Not too happy that you have created a “Max pass” and are charging $10. They already have this in Disney world and you don’t need to pay for it. It was great being able to choose 3 fast passes a day when I went for my trip because it was free. They were all set. Did not have to pay extra. I don’t see why we have to pay in California for the same features. I mean come on we don’t even have Disney magic bands here. Loved it in Florida. Why can’t that be the new thing to be brought here not this fee. It’s rediculous. I just purchased my Disney pass and I hope this doesn’t affect me in not getting a fast pass the days I go early to find out they’ve been out due to this max pass. Well as long as I’m not being charge this forcefully I’m ok. But not if it messes up the fast passes being all out every time I go. As long as I can get them the old school way I don’t care because I won’t pay extra for it. I’ll walk from each kiosk as I do already. It helps get my daily exercise. Please don’t charge for this service. Make it free like Disneyworld does.

  • We often travel to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World for vacation. When we travel to Disneyland, we purchase 4-day park hopper tickets. Am I understanding your post correctly- that using this new service will cost my family of 4 an additional $160 plus tax, plus the cost of cell phone roaming charges (while WDW offers free wifi and free mobile fastpass services)?

  • I’m excited for this! It sounds wonderful to be able to have the option of booking fastpasses via mobile as well as paper – perhaps saving a small bit of walking, or even booking a fastpass while getting a snack. This seems like a great way of using technology without running into the problems that WDW has. For me, the ideal DL trip has a few major things planned (dinner reservations, what evening show we will see, etc.) but most of the day is free-flowing with whatever the group wants to do or what we are near that has a short line. The fastpass+ system at WDW, for my groups, does not work. This maxpass sounds great and perfect for us!

  • Will this include all Photopass photos for the day or only attraction photos? If it does include all the photos for the day, why would someone purchase a photopass+ one day at $39 or a seven day at $78 when the max pass also includes mobile fast pass booking and is cheaper per day?

  • Dear Disney,

    How I love you! I have the best memories of going to Disney as a kid and I couldn’t wait to make those memories with my own kids. When they were 1 and 3 we made the decision to buy deluxe passes for the family (obviously not the 1 year old as not needed at the time). Being a passholder has been great so we made the decision to renew again this last September, despite the crowds, despite the increase in prices, despite rides closing / changing. We did it because we love Disney and making memories.
    Seeing that we have small children, there are many “fast” rides we don’t go on but we do utilize fast passes for some rides that my now 4 year old can go on, one of them being radiator springs. Radiator Springs is notorious for running out of fast passes, so we do our best to get to DCA early as possible to make sure can secure a fast pass before they run out. There is no way he will last a 90+ plus line so a fast pass is key for us to continue to make those memories and to not be separated as a family for a couple of hours. First world problems, I know.
    I am so disappointed with the news of with this $10 charge / day in order to have an edge up to get a fast pass. I think it is unfair to charge extra for something that is free as an alternate in parks. I have been following the upgraded fast pass system articles for months now and there has never been a mention of this additional cost. The point of the system (or at least the point that your customers want) is to have an easier system utilizing technology to get a fast pass similar to WDW and not have to pay for it. I see the cost of this “privilege” being one to pay for the system and not to help with customer satisfaction or crowds. I have never called Disney greedy but this addition might have me changing my mind.
    I get it. You need to compete with other theme parks and do what they are doing. I have seen people say, but Universal, etc has a similar extra day charge. But those are different systems and they don’t have a free option within the park to compete with during the day. I see this as a big Disney fail and I am truly disappointed.

  • I know you said that you will have information for AP holders soon. How soon? We have never gotten AP’s but I was considering taking advantage of the current promotion for a 13 month AP. However, we are a family of 6 and an extra $60/day is a big deal. If we go to the parks 20 days in one year that is an extra $1200.

  • Any ideas when this will begin? Planning trips in May and July and wondering if it will likely be available by then?

  • I’m thrilled FP are coming to Toy Story Mania and the Matterhorn!

    The best part of the Disney World FP+ is the ability to book a FP through the app and not have to go to the attraction, so I’m glad to see this aspect coming to Disneyland. However I’m very disappointed that this is a paid feature (in a park with no Wifi, so guests from outside the US have to also pay roaming fees). $10 per day per person really adds up for a vacation. I also purposely bought the signature pass, not for the lack of block out dates, but for the photos…and now I might have to pay again for them anyway?

    I think there are a lot of improvements that can be made during a testing phase of this new feature, and hope Disney listens to guest feedback.

  • This is TERRIBLE. I can’t believe you would charge extra for this feature. Awful.

  • Hi Erin,

    I would like to make a suggestion when it comes to the possible “Magic Bands” like Walt Disneyworld integration. Well I’ve read that people will be able to use the Disneyland app, please consider creating an app for smart watches such as the Samsung Gear S3, S2, Motorola 360, and Apple iWatches. That way we just tap our wrists to the kiosks to receive and use our Fast Passes.

    As for the current suggestion I am a Southern CA Disneyland Passholder and $10 does sound good like a good deal but I do worry about how fast these fast passes will be “Reserved” as I’ve read how in WDW guests reserve them months in advance and for the locals there are hardly any available. I don’t want to see that situation here at Disneyland. I mean even in current conditions a ride like “Radiator Springs Racers” or “Space Mountain” will have there fast passes sold out pretty early in the Afternoon, and that’s without these Reservation system in place. So I really hope this doesn’t mess things up to much, and I appreciate Disney keeping the regular fast passes free as most parks have monetized it ridiculously and as expensive as any Disney park is I cannot afford another charge ?.

  • I am definitely a fan of this.

    Walt Disney World and Disneyland serve 2 different markets. Anyone who has had the chance to visit WDW knows that there is a fundamental difference in the type people that visit compared to DLR:

    At WDW, there are very few locals. Everyone is from out of town and therefore you can easily create a system that allows visitors to book fastpasses in advance.
    At DLR, there are too many locals. People visit DL after school, after work… and clog up the lines for the rides. Disney loves these guests too of course, but what about that out of state family in which their trip is a once in a lifetime event? Their experience is being hindered.

    I’m a fan of MaxPass because this is a great feature that doesn’t PENALIZE current attendees to DLR, yet it can ENHANCE the experience for those that don’t visit as often.

    The question I have is: “How will the fastpasses on the app be redeemed?” Without a magicband RF system to track passes, will the user just show their phone and have a QR code scanned?

  • If you have MaxPass can you get paper fastpass tickets in addition so essentially having 2 fastpasses per person?

  • So you are telling us that now we will have to pay for photo downloads that are already included in our annual pass? Or will there be a different max pass for annual pass holders. It would be so much less confusing if you actually had all the information before releasing the news. This really isn’t exciting as you make it seem. Thanks!

  • How do we justify a $10/day price for a feature that will, in the long run, be saving the company money by reducing the usage of paper? Especially when there are added benefits without a daily cost at WDW.

  • So I pay $1050 for the top pass and you want more money.. i really hope this is just a add on for me.

  • actually i think that these maxpasses should be limited to day guests. I am an annual passholder and sometimes feel bad for those day guests that have to wait in the huge lines because fastpasses run out. As an annualpass holder i can easily come back and ride any attraction any time of the year but for some families on vacation they might not be back for many years

  • With all of these app-centric features it would be nice if you also offered free in-park wifi °o°

  • Not a fan of being charged for the this experience. Only time will tell.

  • I hope Disneyland does NOT end up like Walt Disney World. I got to visit Walt Disney World December 2016 and I was disappointed to find that fastpass took over the rides. Fastpass was great when you had one, but the fastpass riders practically walked through the line and the ride we were waiting for went from one hour to two hours due to a long line of fastpass riders. I later found out that the main reason the main lines were so long was because fastpass had the upper hand so the main line was not moving. I hope the company finds a balance at Disneyland. I don’t want our small Disney Park to get too big.

  • I hope the new “max pass” with be free for signature and signature plus pass holders. we already get free photos.

  • I seriously think this is a great idea for everyone except Signature pass holders and signature plus pass holders. This really makes me upset if the signature and signature plus pass holders don’t get this new app for free. I am pretty sure the $10 fee mainly covers the prices for photos anyway, so why would we pay for the pics when we get them with our annual pass? I have really been ok with all the other fees that DL has been applying, but this one has made me quite upset.

  • Thanks for the helpful replies to my previous questions! That clarifies a lot! However, I have a follow-up question re: the purchase of MaxPass.

    Usually, our family purchases our Disneyland tickets directly through the Disneyland website. I can see how it would be easy to add MaxPass to that tickets at time of ticket purchase. However, occasionally, we have purchased our park tickets at our local grocery store. For example, Kroger stores in our area sell 3-5 day Disneyland park hopper tickets in the section of the store with all of the gift cards for various retailers & restaurants. How would one add MaxPass to those tickets? Would we have the option to purchase MaxPass ahead of time online through Disneyland’s website and then have MaxPass linked to our park tickets once we get to the parks? If so, which location(s) at Disneyland/California Adventure would we go to?

    Also, if you purchase MaxPass for, let’s say, just 1 day out of a 3-day park hopper ticket, will you be able to select within the Disneyland app which specific day you want to use the MaxPass for? For example, I don’t want to use MaxPass on day 1, but I want to use it on day 2. So on day 1, I plan to get regular paper Fast Passes from the Fast Pass kiosks at each attraction.

  • I’m excited and have been hoping that you guys would would add a fast pass for Toy Story!!! But, I have to be honest about the max pass… not too impressed. Since I have a signature annual pass I already get photopass, so basically I would just be paying money to not walk over and get a physical fast pass- since you have to be I. The park to reserve a pass even with maxpass and you can only have 1 fast pass at a time. So if I understand correctly, I’m literally now paying for the exact same service (minus the walking over to a ride) that I can get for free? Even if the the maxpass price is lowered for annual pass holders I don’t see the any benefit. I like the idea for mobile fastpasses, but I think this should be a free service added into the Disneyland app.

  • This service is already FREE for WDW, why is Disneyland charging? I’m curious on how the Annual Pass price will be different. It would be nice if there was an option of just booking fast passes without the photo option, for Annual and Other ticketed guests. WDW we booked everything on the app for free.

  • Are there plans in place to bring wifi to the disneyland parks to use the required app for the fastpasses?

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