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Disney ‘Dine-on-the-Go’ Debuts January 12 in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

From January 12 until February 22nd, guests visiting Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort can save up to 20% per adult on quick-service dining by purchasing a Disney Dine-on-the-Go Meal Pack. Each Disney Dine-on-the-Go Meal Pack includes one Quick-Service meal certificate to be redeemed at participating locations from Park open to 4 p.m., and one Quick-Service meal certificate to be redeemed at participating locations from 4 p.m. to Park close. Each Quick-Service meal includes one entrée and one nonalcoholic beverage (Dessert is not included).

Guests can purchase Disney Dine-on-the-Go at Magic Kingdom Park Vacation Planning booths. Certificates also are available for children ages 3 to 9.

Disney ‘Dine-on-the-Go’ Debuts January 12 in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Participating restaurant locations include Casey’s Corner, Columbia Harbour House, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe and Pinocchio Village Haus.

Valid park admission is required to utilize the certificates. Price is $29.00, and $12.00 for ages 3 to 9.


  • Ok, collectively we figured out that possibly you can save $2 or so, depending what you order it may even cost more. The catch is you must use it that day within the proper time frames, like to buy a drink with every meal, and use only at certain QSs. You also lose the option to park hop that day really.

    It’s purely for convenience, for groups or large families to pay ahead. Example: while the teens are off doing their own thing, they already have food credits to stop & eat. Or say for school groups etc, they can work it right into the budget and use the credits without carrying any other forms of payment. I can see some interest here.

  • So, basically if I go to my favorite QS location for both meals and order the 2 most expensive entrees I will save about $4. Not a great promotion to my way of thinking. I’m going to be off site and it will still be a lot cheaper to bring in some snacks and maybe uncrustables or something and only eat 1 meal in the park. If they want me to eat two meals in the park, I’m really going to need to be saving more money than that.

  • Is it $29 + tax, or is the $29 the final price including tax? The margin of making this a worthwhile deal or not is so iffy, whether the price includes tax or not actually makes a difference.

    I think I’d be much more interested in it if the price included a dessert (sweet tooth!). Most days, I don’t want two big meals, so will have a light lunch and a normal dinner. Under that scenario, I don’t see this saving any money, in fact, it could very easily end up being more expensive.

  • I’ve been going to Disney World since 1979 when they had paper stub tickets ( I still have then by the way). This can be a saving based on the current pricing in most restaurants. I can recall paying around $39 to $48 dollars for my wife and I. I would rate it as a savings for what is offered. Disney is not cheap by no means, especially when you bring the grandchildren. I’m glad something is available for those not staying on property. NEXT we need to apply a Florida resident discount. You will see how many more will eat in the park. I’m a premium pass holder yet discounts DO NOT apply to many places. In my opinion, it’s worth it… I’m going in February (if not sooner) I’ll let you know.

  • Does this have to be purchased for the whole group or could you just purchase it for the children?

  • About a 1-7 savings. Casey’s and Pinocchio’s are pretty much a wash and could be a loss. Unless you order the most expensive items this is not really an incentive for pre-purchase!

  • If the currently posted online menus are correct, then if I go to Pinocchio village Haus for a flatbread and a Coke for lunch, and then go for the grilled salmon and a Coke for dinner at Columbia Harbor House, I save about $2.29. I’m not sure it’s much of an incentive.

  • This doesn’t seem like much of a good deal to me. Depending on what you order, it could cost less if you just pay as you go than it would if you purchase this pan. I don’t get it…

  • Finally a dining option available for anyone to buy without having to be a resort guest, I have been wishing they would do this forever but I see that it has a short time period so maybe they will bring it in all the time

  • Hey Mark…Disney Dining plan is only offered for people staying on property and has to be for the length of your stay. Anyone in the park can purchase this a day at a time.

  • Do both meals have to be consumed on the same day? Same day as the certificates are purchased?

  • Dining Plan requires a Vacation Package, AP’s with an On-Site stay, or a DVC stay (I believe). This seems to be for day guests. Very convenient, I think. Not necessarily at money saver, but neither is the Quick Service Dining Plan for most.

  • Mark — I’m sure someone from Disney will answer, but it seems to me like this is targeted toward single-day guests not staying at a Disney hotel who buy a ticket at the front gate; maybe the point of it is so they don’t have to “pay” for food when they get it so it’s faster for them to get in and out? I think if I were a day-guest I might do this just to make things easier. It’s probably on like a card or something. We’ll see what they say.

  • Mark- There’s a lot of people that can’t get one of the dining plans- not staying in a Disney hotel, staying less than 3 nights, etc. Like all of the dining plans, depending on the number of people and what they order, this can save a decent amount of money.

  • Actually not a bad idea if you aren’t looking for the full DDP plan for every day. Kind of an a la carte

  • I like it!

  • I’m not sure I understand the point of this. If you’re going to wait until the day of to pay, why not just pay when you order?

  • Looking at menus/prices online, it really looks like you don’t save much unless you eat both your meals at Starlight Cafe and/or Pecos Bill’s. If you look at it that you’re averaging $14.50 per meal under this plan, just about all the food at Casey’s, Harbour House, and Pinocchio costs equal or less than $14.50 for an entree and large drink with the exception of one or two items at each place. Even Disney’s own website says the average cost of a meal at these places is $14.99 and under for an adult, so that’d be $30 vs. the $29 Dine-on-the-Go cost.

    Unless you get the most expensive meals at those three places (which would be about $17 for the entree/drink per meal) or eat twice at Starlight/Pecos (where you can spend $20+ for an entree and large drink and you’d see the most savings), it’s not really as great as they make it sound if you get the lower priced items. And if you do the math, in some cases you would spend MORE using Dine-on-the-Go if you say got two regular hot dog meals and a large drink at Casey’s or two foot-long hot dog meals/large drinks.

  • Mark — This is for those guests who do not stay on Disney Property and do not have the Dining Plan offered to them. Not everyone who goes to Disney stays onsite and not everyone buys the Dining Plan.

  • Mark it’s a benefit to those going to the park for a day it’s not for people who are staying on property all week where the dining package could be purchased

  • I fail to see how this is a deal. For my wife and I and my 2 daughters (one of which is 11 and is considered an adult which is ridiculous enough) it would cost $99.00 for 2 meals. Comparing it to the quick service disney dining plan for a week for same family it is only about $200 less for this “Dine on the go” deal. And if you factor in the 2 snacks per person per day it is almost even in price. Plus it is only for the Magic Kingdom at a few select eateries.

  • I’m confused….

  • Having reread the announcement I now see its both lunch AND dinner for $29. If thats right, I apologize.

  • This is a great option for those guests staying off-site as well as those “in-betweeners”-Shades of Green and Disney’s Swan and Dolphin. Also beneficial for those staying onDisney property yet spending time at both Disney World and other area attractions. Eliminates the need to purchase a dining plan for every night of their stay while offering a dining option for at least one park.

  • Boy I am lost on this one. Using lunch as example why would you buy a $29 quick service for one person. eg It doesn’t cost $29 for burger fries and coke at Comics. Don’t get it??

  • This is great news for us Disney Moms who like to come for the day to play.

  • This appears to be a nice option for those that use Tables in Wonderland and find the Dining Plans are not a suitable option for their vacation style. This provides dining opportunities not usually covered by TIW, DVC, or AP discount programs.


  • It’s 2 entrees and 2 drinks for $30? $15 for an entree and a drink… where is the savings? What is the point?

  • I don’t get it????

  • Does this require proof of purchase of a one day ticket? If not, this is great for families like mine that have food allergies and the DDP doesn’t make financial sense.

  • Great idea for those not staying at parks and can’t get traditional dining plans

  • I don’t know what the benefit of this offer is. It’s cheaper to buy what you want instead of pay $29.00. Am I missing something?

  • @Mark The dining plans are only available to Resort guests. This is great for people who are staying off property or just at the park for a day trip. And it’s a crazy good deal.

  • I think this is brilliant! Only people staying in the Disney Resorts are eligible for the Disney Dining Plan, which means that those who stay offsite don’t have access to it. This is so perfect for families who want the convenience of the plan but who are not staying in a resort, who do not want to spend the money for their full vacation, or who buy tickets from a discounter. It also represents a nice savings if you use it properly. I hope this option stays around for much longer!

  • So, how do we purchase this package?

  • What’s even the point of this offering? Isn’t there a Disney Dining Plan already? I’m not sure who this is even targeted for.

  • Will Annual Passholders get a discount since Pecos Bill is normally one of the qualified restaurants for AP holders?

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