Disneyland Resort Fans are Enchanted with New Main Street Electrical Parade Television Commercial

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

The Jan. 20 return of the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland park has come an enchanting new television commercial, which first aired on Jan. 2 and will soon be seen throughout the Western U.S. Created by Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group, the spot takes place inside a magical, imaginary place where our classic Disneyland experiences go to be cared for when they leave the resort.

“Once Disneyland creates an attraction or experience, it becomes part of the treasured history of the resort,” Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group told us. “In this TV commercial, we’ve created a place where, once one of these attractions or experiences is taken out of a park, it is taken care of and the magic is kept alive … a place where all Disneyland historical attractions reside. In this story, this is the place from which we are caring for, and re-launching, the Main Street Electrical Parade.”

Take a look for yourself!

Already, our Disneyland Resort fans are captivated by this amazing 30 seconds of magic. Tweets, blog posts and even YouTube analyses are flooding fans’ feeds, as eagle-eyed Disney history buffs scour every shot to identify the artifacts from days of Disney past.

Are you as excited as we are for the Main Street Electrical Parade? Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to see its return to Disneyland park during a special premiere event on Jan. 19! Click here for ticket information.

The Main Street Electrical Parade comes home to Disneyland park Jan. 20!


  • Hi Maria,

    The music you hear? I think that is the “announcement tune” that you would hear in the Star Tours pre-show queue area to let you know an announcement was being made. Like telling you that there was a “Gate change.”

  • I love this commercial, it brings back so many good memories. I am very intrigued at the little musical sound during the commercial. I keep going over it in my head and cannot remember what ride it went to. I want to say it was Space Mountain. Can someone listen to it and please let me know!!! 🙂

  • Please tell me who the actress is that was in that commercial, she represents what Disneyland is all about

  • It is a great commercial that brings a tear to my eyes just as most Disney commercials do!

  • 20,000 leagues Under the Sea submarine (WDW) in the background before she lights Elliott!

  • I really love the the commercial, but I’m a little bummed that the Blue Fairy doesn’t seem to be there. It’s just not the same without her leading the parade…sigh

  • It’s a fantastic commercial, and it’s awesome that the Electrical Parade is coming back to Disneyland for a while. Though I do hope that Paint the Night returns someday. Nostalgia is wonderful, but I don’t want Disney to rest on its laurels, I want Disney to keep innovating.

  • Love this parade Have seen it at both WDW and Disneyland and really wish that they would make a DVD that would be available to those of us fans that want to enjoy it forever. At this point I can’t travel and really would like to share the joy of this Parade with my grand and great-grandchildren.

  • Love this commercial!! Full of history and heart! Any chance that after the parade opens that possibly a list of all the wonderful treasures and tributes that were included could be shared on the Disneyparks blog??? Thanks

  • I love so many things about this commercial. One of my favorite “Easter Eggs” is at the opening of the warehouse. The number on the door is 64658, which is the zip code for Marceline, MO. =)

  • Great – I saw the Skyway in that warehouse, bring that back too! And the Peoplemover! Hope to see MSEP while at Disneyland this summer!

  • My family and I are extremely excited about the return of the parade to Disneyland! We are grateful to have the parade back home and plan on seeing it often. Kudos to the Yellow Shoes creative department…they really know their audience and the general Disney fanbase!

  • 🙁 im going to miss this at WDW. this is my ultimate must do every time we do. My Son won’t get to see the “Dragon” Parade.

  • Is there any chance that the parade will be there beyond June 18th?

  • I am so guilty for sharing this the minute I saw it! How can I become the curator?

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