Electrifying New Products Celebrate Return of Main Street Electrical Parade to Disneyland Park

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Celebrate the return of the beloved Main Street Electrical Parade to Disneyland park with an assortment of commemorative products. This encore performance of the parade will run nightly until June 18 – that’s 45 years after it first lit up Main Street, U.S.A., in 1972. Here’s a look at what products guests will find during this special, limited-time celebration.

Electrifying New Products Celebrate Return of Main Street Electrical Parade to Disneyland Park

Adults and kids can relive favorite moments with graphic apparel that includes iconic images from the parade.

New Animated Glow Headband Celebrate Return of Main Street Electrical Parade to Disneyland Park

We will also introduce an animated glow headband with images of Mickey Mouse in the light-up ears.

New Pins Celebrate Return of Main Street Electrical Parade to Disneyland Park

There will be two pins celebrating the parade – a limited release logo pin, and a limited edition pin created especially for Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders. The latter pin will have an edition size of 2,000 (a valid Disneyland Resort Annual Passport must be presented purchase).

Ink & Paint cel 'Mickey’s Dragon' Celebrate Return of Main Street Electrical Parade to Disneyland Park

Finally, guests should look for a hand-painted Ink & Paint cel titled, “Mickey’s Dragon.” This new piece is limited to an edition size of 350 and will be available in a variety of formats including unframed, framed, framed with pin, and framed with postcard and pin. The specially designed limited edition pin (edition size 300) is only available with framed formats, while supplies last. You can see artwork for the pin in the upper left corner of the image shown above.

Select items will be released in Emporium and Disney Showcase on Main Street, U.S.A., inside Disneyland park on Jan. 19 during the special, after-hours premiere ticketed event.

The Ink & Paint cel will be released at Disneyana shop also on Jan. 19. If you are unable to visit Disneyland Resort, we will have a limited number of cels available for purchase online here, while supplies last. Applicable tax and shipping fees apply; discounts are available on the framing only.

On Jan. 20, additional locations, such as World of Disney in Downtown Disney District, will carry select Main Street Electrical Parade products.

Stay tuned to Disney Parks Blog for additional details about new artwork from Jerrod Maruyama releasing this spring at WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney District. You can get a sneak preview of the artwork in a recent Disney Parks Blog Unboxed article here.


  • Hello !! Its Jan 29th an no sign of that Main Street Electrical Parade Mickey Mens Shirt . Steven would you happen to know when these will be available? Thank you much appreciated!!

  • Considering the parade is so colorful, I was a bit disappointed in the design of the women’s shirt. Was going to get the men’s shirt instead, but they don’t have them in stock yet (was there on 01/22/17). I got the ears (LOVE them), turtle straw topper, and the AP popcorn bucket. Planning to check for the men’s shirt next time I go. Thanks for this great merchandise!!

  • Disneyland is seriously under-marketing this event. I went with my family on Saturday, Jan. 21, and we saw the parade twice. The only thing we could find were t-shirts and the men’s weren’t even available. My kids have seen the plush caterpillar, bee, turtle, and snail since I had them from years ago. These should be reissued!! More sweatshirts, more pins (not limited edition). It may be an older parade, but it brings back a lot of memories for old and young. We listen to the music in the car all the time, so even if it doesn’t have current relevant characters, my kids 7 and 10 love it. I hope they will extend it through the summer. I was traditionally the summer parade and I am sure a lot of D23 attendees would love to see it. It doesn’t have to glow away forever again, but it would be nice for it to come out every one in while. I know storage is an issue, but something can be worked. So glad the parade it back!

  • Hi all… I was there today and the pins were all sold out :(. They did have a limited number of ladies shirts out and I was told they run small. Men’s shirts are supposed to be there in February. They did have lots of ears and lightbulb necklaces. If you are an AP, don’t forget your popcorn bucket and the turtle straw is very cute (that is for all).

  • I was there last night and it was tons of fun. They had all the shirts except for the men’s shirts – a cast member mentioned that it might not be out for a couple of weeks. They had both pins and a cool light up turtle drink topper. As of 11:59 pm on 1/19 – they still had the paintings available but for order. The mentioned that they only had 9 in stock when the event opened. There was also some cool sketches special for the parade.

  • Hi! Will there be a higher volume of shirts this time versus other events? We tried to get Halloween shirts but they were sold out after only the first few nights. (This is to say that only children size and small/mediums were left in shops) Disappointing when Disney does not watch the shopping trend and over budgets on sizes that will not sell while everything else sells out. 🙁

  • love the shirts!

  • Does anyone know if the Electrical Parade shirts will be on sale today?

  • In response to Fred:
    Disney’s characters will always be relevant. Do you not allow your kids to go on Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Mr. Toad’s, Snow White, Dumbo, Tiki Room, or any of Walt’s classic attractions? They don’t use “21st Century” technology. Should Disney “move forward” and get rid of those rides? Should they be replaced by some 4D Virtual technology? I guess Disney is “stuck in the past,” right? My kids (ages 13, 11, and 7) cannot wait to see the Electric parade for the first time!!! They have literally asking me daily when we are going. My kids embrace the rich history of Disney!! Thank you Disney for never forgetting about the “old,” while continuing to innovate and explore the new!!!

  • Apparently the cel is already sold out. I’ve been trying to order online since early this morning, and it says it’s not available in the inventory. I called Merchandise Guest Services, who couldn’t tell me anything about the cel or helping with online orders. I also sent an email asking for assistance, but the reply I got was they are behind due to the holiday season, they are behind with emails and directed me to call Merchandise Guest Services. So there’s a bit of a run-around with trying to see if anyone can help.

  • Any chance that the merchandising department will bring back a limited run of the Olszewski Main Street Electrical Parade Float sets for the limited run of the MSEP at Disneyland?

  • I want to respond Carol;
    I think that it is important for Disney to keep innovating. They shouldn’t just rest on their laurels. It’s fun that the Electrical parade is coming back for a while for a little nostalgia, but it should not be permanent.
    Technically speaking, its technology is outdated, and *none* of the film characters in it are from movies made in the last 20 years. The characters in it are not as relevant for today’s audiences (kids). Disneyland isn’t just for us older people. What about today’s audiences who want to see a parade with characters from more recent films?
    I hate the idea of Disneyland being stuck in the past. They can’t just bring back every old attraction whenever people get a whim. I want to see Disneyland move forward and keep innovating.
    I personally would love to see Paint the Night return sometime. It has 21st century technology, and it features characters from far more recent Disney films that are very relevant to today’s audiences, like Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Tangled, and Frozen. (And yes, the parade *does* include a new version of Baroque Hoedown.)
    Like I said, I want to see Disney continue to innovate and create new things.

  • I wish this was continuing until July I’m going to be in town for the D23 expo and would have loved to come see it

  • Hi Steve thanks for the info! Are you going to be here tomorrow night?

    • @Elizabeth – I wish!! Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. If you are going, I hope you have a magical time 🙂

  • Can someone please share the dimensions of the print? Trying to find out if it is big or small! Thank you!

    • @Elizabeth – Here are the dimensions for the item:
      Unframed Cel – 10.5” x 13”
      Framed Cel and Framed Cel with Pin – 15” x 18”
      Framed Cel and Postcard with Pin – 18” x 22”

  • On the 20th, am I able to go the the Disney Store in Downtown Disney to buy the Passport exclusive pin? Do I just tell a cast member or do I go to the register? Thanks in advance

    • @Dale – Guests attending the premiere event on January 19 will find the pin at Emporium and Disney Showcase. On January 20, any remaining pins would be moved to 20th Century Music Company on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland park. Additional quantities of the pin might also be available at Westward Ho Trading Company in Frontierland or Disney’s Pin Traders in Downtown Disney District. We won’t know, however, until after the premiere event is finished on January 19. 20th Century Music Company would be the best place to check first on January 20. In order to purchase the Annual Passholder pin, you must present a valid Annual Pass.

  • So will the pins and other items only be available on the 19th to guests at the ticketed event and anyone not going to that event can’t get any of the merchandise until the 20th?

    • @Andrea – You are correct. Guests attending the event on January 19 will have a first purchase opportunity for these items. On January 20, the products will be released to all guests visiting Disneyland Resort.

  • Why is this only a limited run of MSEP? I had high hopes that it would again be a permanent fixture at Disneyland, on Main Street. That’s where it belongs. And judging by the popularity of the frequent returns since the lights went out “forever” back in 1996, people love it and it will never grow old.

    PLEASE keep Main Street Electrical Parade for good at Disneyland!

  • Hi Steven, will any of the merchandise be available to purchase online? I unfortunately won’t be able to make it to the parks but I need the t-shirts and ears!

    • @Kristie – Unfortunately, we will not be offering these items online at this time.

  • Hi Steven. I love the merchandise! Any chance one or more of those great shirt designs will be available as a hoodie? Hope so!

    • @Gina – I have not seen plans for a hoodie. Sorry 🙁

  • I see that Disneyland is releasing an AWESOME Ink & Paint cel. Will Disney World be releasing a new Ink & Paint cel, or has the program ended?

    • @Drew – I’m not aware of plans for any Ink & Paint cels for Walt Disney World Resort.

  • Will the shirts be available for purchase through the disney store online?

    • @Jennifer and Chuck – At this time, we do not have plans to carry these items on Shop Disney Parks app or the Disney Parks online store.

  • Will the t-shirts be available to purchase online?

  • Oh Steven, you guys are killing me. I am going to have to get a shirt and both pins. We have reservations at Aladdins Oasis this Saturday to see the parade. I was able to watch it at WDW in April and several years ago at DCA, but so excited to see it back at my park.

    • @Liz – How cool! I hope you enjoy the parade. 🙂

  • Hi Steven — Is there any way you can do a post about upcoming Dooney releases for this year?? I am trying to budget and it would be nice to know what is coming down the road for atleast the next 3-4 months… I guess its safe to say there will not be a Dooney commemorating the return of the MSEP right?? Either way, thank you for your continued posts – they are always a highlight 🙂

    • @Catherine – Please keep watching DisneyParksBlog.com. There will not be a Dooney & Bourke handbag for Main Street Electrical Parade.

  • Please tell me the pins aren’t premiere event exclusive because I need them in my life.

    • @Sean – The products will be released first at the premiere event but they are not “exclusive” to the event.

  • Super Cute! Do we know if there will be any sweatshirts available?

    • @Rebecca – I’m not aware of any plans for a sweatshirt at this time.

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