First Look at Commemorative Merchandise for Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Being a fan of all things related to Epcot, I can’t wait to attend the Epcot International Festival of the Arts this month. This all-new event is a trifecta of global masterpieces: combining visual, culinary and performing arts for six colorful weekends from January 13 – February 20. Today, I have a first look at commemorative merchandise guests will find during this ultimate cultural celebration.

Commemorative Merchandise for Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Guests attending this year’s inaugural event will find a variety of shirts featuring one of my favorite characters, Figment from Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination attraction.

Commemorative Merchandise for Epcot International Festival of the Arts

We’ve also created a shirt for Annual Passholders that includes a small image of Figment on the left sleeve. This shirt will only be sold to Passholders who present a valid Annual Pass.

Commemorative Merchandise for Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Other items will include a large poster of Epcot concept artwork by Herb Ryman along with a tote bag, a coffee mug, and a TERVIS tumbler.

Commemorative Merchandise for Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Finally, I have a look at artwork from several artists who will be appearing throughout the festival including Jason Grandt, David Buckley, Jerrod Maruyama, Kristin Tercek, to name a few.

The best place to find original artwork from these and other artists is the Odyssey Festival Showplace located in the Odyssey building near the entrance to World Showcase.

The Epcot International Festival of the Arts will run Fridays through Mondays.

I hope to see you there!


  • I thought the festival of arts was great! Does anyone know if you can buy the artwork online?

  • In epcot today & passholder shirts are available at innoventions, near universe of energy. I had to ask several people before getting correct answer. Sign outside only says passholder & DVC sign up for concert seating.

  • Very cool stuff Steven, but I’m having trouble finding the Figment as Mona Lisa Tee. Any ideas on how I can order it online?

  • Is there any way to purchase the Stitch Hatbox Ghost picture online?

  • Awesome do we know when the additional items will be available in the parks so I can go get them hopefully before they sell out again!

  • I wanted to make a plea for more plus sized stuff in the parks period please! Also, as someone said above, please more v-necks for the ladies shirts, crew necks are not flattering on most women, and v-necks are so forgiving, doesn’t have to be a deep v 🙂 Back to the plus sized thing, please more 2x and 3x v necks, pretty please!

  • They ran out of all the smaller sizes before I as a Passholder could even get there on Monday. Will they be printing more? I am a small and all that is left is XXL or bigger. Disappointed that the shirts did not even make it the full first weekend in all sizes.

    • @Brittania – I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment. The response from our guests for these items was overwhelming. Good news is that additional items are being ordered, including the Annual Passholder shirt.

  • I downloaded the APP and went there, but I don’t see the shirt! Is it up now, or will it take longer?

    • @Karen – I searched the Shop Disney Parks app this morning, Tuesday, January 17, and found a handful of logo items. Search “Festival of the Arts”on the app to see what we currently offer.

  • I was there today and they already ran out of the annual passholder shirts. I’m so disappointed ?

  • Lots of lovely things but I wish you had more v necks as crew not always flattering for women. Looking forward to trying the tshirts in person February 3rd and will hope for the best.

  • That would be great, if they released these things to be sold at the online store! We live in San Diego and only go to Epcot every 10 yrs or so, that way there are lots of new things to see.

    • @Karen – Select items will be coming to the Shop Disney Parks app next week. To download the app, please visit

  • P.S. How much will the shirts be and I really hope they will have PLUS sizes for them! I like to wear my shirts nice and comfy, not tight.

    Many thanks in advance for your help with this!!

  • What is the fabric content for the event t-shirts and what sizes will they come in? FIGMENT is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Epcot character, so I really need one of the purple shirts with the framed FIGMENT “painting” on it! 😀

    • @Karen – Retails for the shirts will vary. Sizes will range from small to 2XL or 3XL depending on style.

  • Who is the artist who painted the Stitch Hatbox Ghost?

    • @Diane – The artwork was created by Disney Design Group artist Darren Wilson. The original painting, a canvas print and deluxe prints will be available.

  • I am so excited to hear about this festival! However, I am disappointed there are no pins to go in my art collection! There haven’t been many artsy pins released in the past few years, since probably the Festival of the Masters.

  • I’ve been wishing upon a star for full-sized Herb Ryan concept art for years now! Please work some Disney magic, Steve, and surprise us on Jan 13th with news of remote purchasing and a SKU list!

  • Will the shirts be available in plus sizes? I don’t want to get my hopes up for nothing.

  • We will be there toward the end of the Festival (Feb. 16th). Will they be releasing all items at once, so that they may be sold out by the time we come? Or instead, will they release some each weekend, so that it is more likely that people coming toward the end of the Festival will still be able to buy? Thanks for this info., the merch looks amazing – can’t wait to be there!

    • @Erika – From my understanding, all logo items will be released during the first weekend and will continue to be sold throughout the event. Availability of products is subject to change. There will be new artwork from various artists offered throughout the event.

  • Will there be any pins?

    • @Christopher – Unfortunately, we will not offer pins for this specific event. We will continue, however, to release other Disney pins on Thursdays at Disney Parks. Stay tuned for additional looks at new pins coming in 2017.

  • It’s Miller Time! That passholder shirt is very nice. I wonder if any items will be available for purchase on the Shop Disney Parks App 🙂

    • @Christopher – I’m not aware of any products being offered on Shop Disney Parks app at this time. I have good news. You may select items coming to the Shop Disney Parks app for this upcoming event. They may not appear until sometime next week.

  • I wish these things were available without having to go to the park. We visit twice a year, but not during this time period. My daughter and I are huge Figment fans and I would love to pick up a bunch of this stuff.

    • @Deborah – I heard from the events team who said that select items will be coming to the Shop Disney Parks app potentially next week. To download this free app, please visit

  • Stitch as HatBox Ghost?!?! Figment everywhere?!?! This is BEST news ever on a Monday morning!!! Thanks Steven!!! Can’t wait to see it all on Jan 28th!!! After I run the Pro Bowl 5K of course!

  • Awesome to see that artwork from Jason Grandt will be included!

  • Thanks for the info Steven!! Looks like a lot of great new Figment items. Do you have any pricing info yet? Will any of these items be available on the Disney shopping app when the Festival starts? Thanks!!

    • @Steve – I thought you might be excited to see this story 🙂 Retails for items will vary. I’m not aware of plans at this time to carry products on Shop Disney Parks app. It appears that select items may be available via Shop Disney Parks app next week.

  • OMG I love it Figment has always been my favorite can’t wait to come pick this stuff up on Friday ?

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