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Get Out and Vote for Mickey or Goofy for the NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

We’re less than a month away from the NFL Pro Bowl’s arrival in the Orlando area. And while everyone at Walt Disney World Resort is excited that so many of the events surrounding the game will take place at the resort, I’ve heard that Mickey Mouse and Goofy would be more jazzed about it if they could be a little more involved.

Well, actually if they were a lot more involved. Like being on the team.

We checked into it and discovered that, while the Pro Bowl rosters were recently announced, a few more players will likely be added in the coming weeks. So, that got us to thinking … What if we launched our own campaign to get Mickey and Goofy voted onto the Pro Bowl teams that will be here Jan. 25th-29th 2017?

Well, Mickey and Goofy love the idea and have already started training. Check out this video of them with a former NFL Pro Bowl star.

Keep checking back to the Disney Parks Blog as we bring you more updates on their training leading up to the first Pro Bowl practices at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort during Pro Bowl Week. And be sure to vote on the blog for Mickey or Goofy to be added to one of the Pro Bowl teams. With our help, one of them just might make it onto the team!

Also, if you want to get in on the Pro Bowl action too, fans can follow the fun at and buy tickets at


  • Hey with a nick name like Goofy there is only one for me to pick…GOOFY of course..

  • Since we have to choose……. I love Mickey, he’s the greatest, but he does get all the “press”. Let’s give this one to Goofy!! 🙂

  • OK we all love Goofy. However, you need a degree of intelligence to play football. Besides, Mickey is the man. He is after all a sorcerer you know.

  • Disney character should be attending every event that Disney World be hosting my people ?

  • I voted but the note says that they had already coun ted my vote. I think this might me rigged 🙂

  • Does anyone know if Mickey and Goofy will be at the ProBowl5K?

  • Goofy starred in “How to Play Football.” What’s the worst that can happen letting him play in the Pro Bowl? 😉

  • I voted… however, I think you should let them both play!

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