It’s Home! Main Street Electrical Parade Begins Limited-Time Run at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Tonight is the night! Main Street Electrical Parade has officially returned to Disneyland park. Check out the highlights below and see this “spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination” now through June 18!


  • We’ll be there Sunday, 2/4. Is the 10:30 performance a better option as far as crowds?

  • Last weekend MSEP played to a capacity crowd at Disneyland (8:30 performance on Saturday) so much so that announcements were played letting guests know that there was no room left in the viewing areas and that they should return for the 10:30 performance instead. The atmosphere was…well…ELECTRIC! and everyone absolutely loved having it back. Thanks to the powers-that-be at Disney for bringing this beloved friend back to Disneyland. I renewed my pass because of this parade.

  • YEEESSSS!!!! I’ve been waiting years for MSEP to come home!!!! What will happen to the Main Street Electrical Parade after June 18th, though??? I fear the possibility that it’ll be permanently retired, and I DO NOT want to see that happen!!!

    PTN is great (as was Spectromagic), but there will only be one parade that was the first!!! One of my first memories ever are of waiting on Main Street near the Plaza Inn for this parade! These memories are priceless!

  • Where will MSEP go after it’s short return to Disneyland?

  • It’s great that the Electrical Parade is back for a while, but I REALLY hope that Paint the Night comes back in June.

  • It’s great that this night time parade is back at Disneyland! But what are the plans to fill the gap left by its removal from Walt Disney World?

  • According to MICECHAT update: They estimate it returning sometime in the Summer. With the increased crowds I would imagine they would like to have the refurbished PTN parade back by then, but time will tell.

  • WWDW desperately needs a night-time to replace MSEP!!! Will Paint the Night be sent to WDW? ??

  • Is Paint the Night coming back in June?

  • So glad the Main Street Electrical Parade is back home at Disneyland! Can you tell us if Paint The Night will return after June 18th?

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