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Making way for The NBA Experience: DisneyQuest at Disney Springs to Close July 3

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Our multi-year transformation of Disney Springs is continuing, and as you know, we’re bringing new experiences to the West Side Neighborhood, including The NBA Experience at Walt Disney World Resort. Today, we wanted to share an update that to make way for this basketball-themed experience, the West Side area will be undergoing changes – beginning with the closure of DisneyQuest on July 3, 2017.

Until July 3, DisneyQuest will continue to offer a great interactive experience for all guests. Disney fans of classic arcade game favorites and virtual worlds featured at the indoor theme park are invited to come out and enjoy the experiences.

As we’ve previously shared, The NBA Experience at Walt Disney World Resort will be a one-of-a-kind basketball-themed experience featuring hands-on activities that put guests of all ages right in the middle of NBA game action. There will be immersive NBA video productions and numerous interactive experiences, as well as a restaurant and a retail store.

Keep checking the Disney Parks Blog for more updates on The NBA Experience at Walt Disney World Resort and the continuing transformation of Disney Springs.


  • So very sad. This was one place I could bring my kids to that they all enjoyed because there was something for every age and even stuff that kept my autistic son entertained. It will be very hard to see it go.

  • I love Disney Quest ! Why???

  • Boo!

  • I submitted a blog and it was not delivered, wanting to know why? Thank you

  • Please release the Disney Quest Music! It’s not available anywhere for purchase and with the park closing soon, the music will be lost. The lobby music was unique and was adaptations of Disney movie theme songs, including “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, “Zero to Hero”, from Hercules, and others.

  • I agree with others that it is sad for Disney to get rid of Disney Quest. If they want to add an NBA experience , great, but me and my family, we could care less about basketball. We come to Disney for fun and basketball just doesn’t do it for us. Don’t understand why they can’t co-exist at least. I see it as a downgrade for Disney and not something for everyone. I hope they at least consider replacing with something similar in near future.

  • Oh no! Please redo Disney Quest or put it in Epcot or something. I will miss it. I took my first three kids there, and now that I am a parent again I had hoped to take my new daughter there. What a shame. I hope this isn’t the end for those DQ attractions.

  • I grew up going to Disneyland and Always spent a few hours in the arcade in Tomorrowland. Im now planning a 2wk trip to DW to take my kids And grandkids. I heard about DQ and was really excited to be able to introduce my grandkids to some of my favorite old video games and play with them on the interactive games. But now that i’ve learned its closing its really disappointing. DW already as the ESPN Sports park, why replace DQ with a basketball event? Put it in the ESPN park where it belongs.

  • Disney Quest was a fun (and expensive) diversion for a younger person at Downtown Disney. We have not been since about 2005 but would have gone if the kids wanted to.
    The NBA thing failed at City Walk, it will not do any better here.

  • Very disappointed. NBA is completely uninteresting to me and my family, Disney Quest was a wonderful attraction we frequently went to. It would be much more beneficial to update Disney Quest and get more people going.

  • so sad, ,love Disney Quest especially the Jungle Cruise. We are not basketball fans so won’t be visiting the replacement. Shame you couldn’t have just updated Disney Quest instead.

  • As an international customer the NBA holds absolutely no interest whatsoever. Looking at most comments it’s not too popular with Americans either. Sad decision.

  • Really sad to hear about this. We enjoyed DisneyQuest while it there was a Chicago location as well as the Florida location. Though we did see in our last trip a number of the games were is disrepair. Pirates was GREAT – our family totally kicked butt on that every time. I personally don’t usually like video games or arcades, but LOVED visiting DisneyQuest. I always had the high score on the ‘Ride the Comics’. My family has no interest in NBA whatsoever, so we will never visit that attraction. Have a VHS tape of our son’s first virtual space mountain design and our daughters drawings of Donald Duck and Goofy as well as a tshirt from the Chicago location to preserve out great memories of this attraction. Also was very sad when the Adventurer’s Club was closed.

  • I am so excited. We didn’t enjoy Disney Quest when we visited. But we love NBA!! My sons will be thrilled. I can’t wait!!

  • I’m not happy to see this go, wish it was at least open through the summer. Our trip is in aug. This was my favorite place as a kid especially on rainy days however when I took my son 6 years ago nothing had changed or been updated, food had gone down, being there as a child taking my own kid I expected at least the same experience i had. It had a lot my daughter would have loved being artsy, hopefully they incorporate it somewhere else. Another sport may have received more excitement then basketball. I’d prefer to just see disney quest referbished.

  • I am saddened to hear this. Disney Quest is one of our favorites.

  • What an amazing idea! I love the NBA and will visit Disney just to see this attraction. Basketball is the #1 sport in this country and it makes sense for Disney to do this. I can’t wait to see it. I am not sure what Disney Quest is, but whatever it is it most go to make way for the NBA experience! #AWESOME

  • I hope Innoventions in Epcot gets some of the high tech experiences – especially Cyber Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters, Fix It Felix Jr., Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold, and Virtual Jungle Cruise! They are so unique and would be an interesting addition to Innoventions!

  • Horrible idea. Reinvest in DQ. Basketball is what, the 4th least popular major sport in the US, behind Football, Baseball, and Hockey, and maybe in front of Soccer?

  • Is there a date when NBA EXPERIENCE will open?

  • I just don´t understand why part of arcade machines cant be distributed in parks… Would be awesome…

  • Is there any chance that Disney will be publicly selling off the cabinets? (versus to a wholesaler) I know I would love to have a classic game or even a Fix-it Felix Cabinet in my game room even if it needs a little TLC

  • Pirates of the Caribbean – “Conquering Captains”

  • Oh No!! We love Disney Quest!! Between all the floors there was something for everyone in my family. My son took up illustration after being forced to take the illustration class with me. We take turns choosing attractions at DQ, because I’m a hover parent, and it was my turn to choose, and I choose the illustrations class. I told him he could participate or sit, and he sulked but decided to participate. Next thing you know the instructor comes out, and and the character was Oswald!! My son’s absolute favorite!! He was so excited his mood did a 180 and after dinner he wanted to take the next class they offered. This class sparked a real interest in my son and he’s been drawing ever since!! I don’t really get the idea of an NBA experience. I’m sure if Disney does it it will be wonderful, but I am very sad to see DQ go. DQ did need some polishing up, but it was really nice to have something at Disney Springs that was not dining or shopping.

  • This decision clearly needs to be rethought. For heavens sakes Disney look at all the comments that don’t want this too happen. My wife and I go to Disney Quest every year. Sure we would like to see it updated, but taken out all together seems like a step in the wrong direction.

  • We are at DisneyQuest at least one day during each trip to WDW. Still have about a dozen Water Parks and More non-expiring credits, so with the closings and changes at DTD/DS we’re down to the water parks and mini-golfs. We’ll miss you greatly DisneyQuest!

    It’s so nice to get a place to shop at Disney Springs! We wondered what else there was to do at Disney Springs besides DQ and eating. /s

  • We are big Walt Disney World AND basketball fans! Can’t wait to experience this new attraction!

  • So sad to hear this news, I love DQ. I wish they used the money for this new NBA thing to revamp DQ and add in some modern touches. Hoping they add some of the great interactive games from DQ in one of the parks or someone else. Not excited for NBA.

  • Curious as to why Disney is targeting such a small audience. No one in our family would be interested in this type of activity. Not sports fans around here so no need to try this out.

  • So sad to see DQ closing. We spent many fun, happy hours in there over the years. Yes, it’s showing its age, but it’s still a great way to spend a rainy afternoon doing things you can’t find anywhere else …

  • This NBA idea is too specific. It didn’t work at City Walk @Universal, what evidence is there that it would work here????

  • Where is Disney VR?

  • What a shame. I’ll really miss the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Maybe they can re-brand it for the NBA.

  • Can you offer half price until it closes? A family of 4 would like to drive down to fla just to see it one more time.

  • not happy about disneyquest closing. nba experience doesn’t interest me at all while disney quest was fun for the whole family. it’s a shame.

  • If you ask me, this place should’ve been closed at least a year ago. It was beginning to show its age.

  • We went to Disney Quest once & we were underwhelmed. A lot of the games weren’t much better than the game system that we have at home. A lot of the rides seemed to be in desperate need of TLC. Would love to know what they are going to do with some of the games though.

  • Another poor decision for Disney Springs…like all those clothing shops that people rarely shop in.

  • I yawn at this news. i sure hope you have put some thought into moving some of the Disney Quest attractions into Epcots innoventions. Plenty of room.

  • The NBA experience will be better than Disney Quest.

  • Sorry not a big basketball fan. Rather have a larger version of ESPN Club to eat and watch games

  • Nooooooo

  • Will any of DisneyQuest’s rides or attractions be moved elsewhere? It’d be a real shame to lose Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlaster and CyberSpace Mountain forever!

  • RIP, DisneyQuest.

  • Sad to see the final one closing. I remember visiting the one in Chicago each time we visited the Windy City. I had always hopes it would get a revamp and bring it into the modern era – but alas it was not to be.

  • “the West Side area will be undergoing changes” – So I’m assuming that more changes are in the planning stages beyond just Disney Quest / NBA?

  • This is sad. My family was hoping to finally get to play at DisneyQuest on our next vacation.

  • Please don’t. 🙁

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