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New Breakfast Offerings Coming to Magic Kingdom Park

I’m a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and luckily delicious new quick-service breakfast offerings will be making their debut at Magic Kingdom Park in the coming weeks.

Hash Brown Dog Coming to Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom Park

Batter up! Casey’s Corner will be serving muffins, bagels and a croissant donut. Those searching for a more savory, brunch-like option will enjoy corn dog nuggets and the hash brown dog.

Donut Sundae Coming to Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at Magic Kingdom Park

Also on Main Street U.S.A., Plaza Ice Cream Parlor will serve Mickey waffles, Kelloggs cereal and donuts. For a sweet twist on breakfast, try the donut sundae, a donut topped with your favorite flavor of hand-scooped Edy’s ice cream, hot fudge, apple, whipped cream, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips and of course, a cherry.

Sleepy Hollow has been one of my favorite breakfast stops for as long as I can remember. I love getting a hot, freshly-made waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream and taking a moment to enjoy it in the seating area that overlooks Cinderella Castle. However, the new egg, ham and tomato waffle sandwich which will arrive later this month may become my new go-to. The fruit and chocolate-hazelnut waffle sandwich is also available, in case you prefer a sweet breakfast to a savory one.

Where is your favorite place to grab breakfast in Magic Kingdom Park? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Glad to see these items in the cquick” restaurants.

    For those complaining about high sugar, there plenty of other places to eat around in and out of the park.

  • Why would you offer such high calorie, high sugar, unhealthy items for breakfast?

  • Rope still holding you away from Sleepy Hollow until 9 am. Will this change soon?

  • I would love to see Sleepy Hollow breakfast offered late night.

    Now that would be awesome!

    How late are they open?

    I have always wanted to try something there (always looks yummy), but can never seem to fit it into our day.

    We usually breakfast at Pop, but we are going into the castle with Cinderella for the first time ever this year!!!

  • Wow, I was expecting to see some breakfast items and instead got pictures of hot dogs and ice cream?

    • More traditional breakfast items are also available. You’ll find Mickey waffles, Kellogg’s cereal and donuts at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and muffins, bagels and croissant donuts at Casey’s Corner.

  • I’d love to see Disney move away from these types of foods and offer healthier more plant based options.

  • Carolee Zellmer – B.O.G. stands for ‘Be Our Guest’. (Should you happen to see the familiar bacon, lettuce, and tomato abbreviation – B.L.T. – that stands for ‘Bay Lake Tower’).

  • Ouch! Very sweet, very fatty, high in calories. How about some more healthy choices?

    • Hi Brad, If you’re looking for a more healthful option, you can find fresh fruit at kiosks throughout the parks.

  • I wish breakfast was more consistently offered at Tomorrowland Terrace.

  • George McNeil said his favorite place for breakfast is still BOG. What is BOG. I wish disney had a page with translations for the lettered references. So us not too informed people would know what they are talking about. I know some like MK = Magic Kingdom. POP= Pop Century Resort. Not much more than that though.

  • Will the donut sundae or the ham, egg, and cheese waffle be served after 11:00 a.m.?

  • Will any of these places be serving gluten free breakfasts? My daughter has gluten intolerance and would love some of these items when we go next week.

  • Will there be allergy friendly alternatives as well? (Such as gluten free.) so glad to see that one of the parks is offering alternative counter service breakfast to Starbucks! (Which was definitely not a safe food environment for Celiacs!)

  • Wow!! Our favorite breakfast is at BOG. It is a quick service and a big bang for our buck on the dining plan. Let alone the great breakfast and the atmosphere. It may be the best quick service on property.

    • Excellent choice, I love breakfast (and lunch… and dinner) at Be Our Guest Restaurant!

  • We always enjoy the character breakfasts but I am pretty certain a donut sundae is in my future! Yeah, ok, I’m willing to try all of these….in the name of science….?

  • The hash brown hot dog sounds awesome do you know if it will be served all day for those of us that don’t like to get up early?

    • Hi Rachel, it will only be served until 11 a.m. – but with hash browns, bacon, Cheddar, onion straws and chipotle-ranch – I promise it’s worth waking up early to try it!

  • MICKEY WAFFLES! Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages!

  • So glad to see more quick service breakfast items coming to Magic Kingdom. We are not Starbucks people so this will be fun. It has always been hard to get something with out making a reservation. Hope it will stay around!

  • Will these be open at Park opening or beforehand when main street opens?

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