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All in the Details: How Pandora – The World of Avatar Will Continue the Values of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Pandora -­ The World of Avatar, which is set to open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in summer 2017, will transport guests to a visually stunning world complete with floating mountains, bioluminescent plants and all kinds of immersive adventure.

Our friends at Walt Disney Imagineering just shared the first in a series of videos with us in which Portfolio Creative Executive Joe Rohde (who played a major part in the original development for Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the 1990s) explains the overall design philosophy of Pandora – The World of Avatar and how that fits into the theming of the rest of the park.

According to Joe, the themes in both the film AVATAR and the values the designers of Disney’s Animal Kingdom had in mind when planning the park are the same: Emphasizing the intrinsic value of nature; Exploring the idea that guests can be transformed through adventure; And inspiring guests to understand and respect the nature that exists in our world.

Check out the video to learn more about what to expect when Pandora – The World of Avatar comes to life in just a few months.


  • The BluRay of AVATAR has a family friendly audio track option that gets rid of all of the foul language. Showed the movie to my kids, they loved it.

  • I would also love to see a PG version of this movie. My kids haven’t seen it either (13 and 10) because of the language and “adult situations.” So, it’s difficult to communicate any of this to them. Unfortunately, I think Disney has missed this disconnect. However, it sounds so amazing, they might not care about the story!

  • …I meant “not going to happen”.

  • “Will Disney be re-releasing the film with PG language?”

    That’s probably not to happen. Disney does not own Avatar. The film was distributed by 20th Century Fox.

  • Exciting to think what this could be reimagined to in 5 years!

  • Hi Jennifer, I am really looking forward to seeing what Disney does with the world of Pandora because I loved the film. It was stunning on screen and has a great story. Unfortunately, because the language was so terrible, my kids have never seen it, nor will they. So they are not familiar with the world or characters and are not really interested. Will Disney be re-releasing the film with PG language?

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