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Disney and PANDORA Jewelry Team Up to Design Tinker Bell Half Marathon Medal

Aubrey Gravante

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Parks

Faith, trust and pixie dust! It’s time to reveal the runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon medal! Disney teamed up with PANDORA Jewelry, the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend presenting sponsor, to design this stunning half marathon medal for 2017.

runDisney Medals from runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon

David Brotherton, Art Director at Disney Yellow Shoes, was the lead designer who collaborated with PANDORA Jewelry to create this beautiful medal. He’s been designing runDisney medals for the past six years, but this is one of his favorites! David and the designers at PANDORA collaborated through meetings to each design elements of the medal that stayed true to their respective brands.

“It was important to keep the aesthetics of PANDORA, while also paying tribute to Tinker Bell,” explained Brotherton.

Graphic artists Kim Schnell and Greta Roy from PANDORA agreed by saying, “Collaborating with Yellow Shoes was a wonderful experience. David’s expertise with medal design was immeasurable and sparked a truly creative partnership with PANDORA. Seeing our combined ideas converge and come to life was awe-inspiring and we can’t wait to do it again!”

Participating in one of our other pixie-dusted races? We want to show you what you can anticipate to earn once your wings cross the finish line! Here is a collection of all the medals for the upcoming event:

runDisney Medals from runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon

The runDisney Kids Races presented by GoGo squeeZ® Applesauce on the Go are sure to be an adventure, the medallion features Disney Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates! Our Never Land 5K and Tinker Bell 10K medals feature some of our favorite characters from “Peter Pan.”

runDisney Medals from runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon runDisney Medals from runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon runDisney Medals from runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Get ready to fly through our magical courses! Registration is still open to earn this amazing medal for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. Spots are also still available for the Pixie Dust Challenge that combines the 13.1-mile Tinker Bell Half Marathon PLUS the 6.2-mile Tinker Bell 10K.

runDisney Medals from runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Will you join us for this year’s race? For updates, follow runDisney on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Share your excitement using the hashtag #TinkHalf. To learn more about runDisney events, please visit us here!


  • Usually before a race the Official Merchandise is posted. Did I miss the posting for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend??

  • My first pixie challenge. So excited! I love anything Disney!

  • The Challenge and Half medals are awesome! This dude wants to run the challenge now and not just the half to get both of them and my little girl said she wants them to put in her room.

  • So…. in part because of these beauties… my husband and I are now going to do the PDC instead of just the half! Can’t wait!!! I do have *some* guilt about going to Disneyland without our daughter… but super excited to share this experience with the Hubby! 🙂 Off to Neverland!!!

    • See you in Neverland! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh!! So excited to be running the Pixie Dust Challenge and receive these beautiful medals.

  • So excited to earn the 10K, Half and Pixie Dust Challenge medal this year! My first Tink races – so excited!

  • Love the redesign!

    When are we getting the themes for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend races?

  • OK, now I’m excited about the three medals I’ll be getting. Totally worth it!

  • Hey Disney Yellow Shoes and Pandora, please collaborate again for 2018’s Dopey medals and WDW Marathon Weekend. These are some of the best medals to come out in years.

  • This will be my first 10K. I usually run the 5K’s. I cannot wait and have been training. It is also Mother’s Day weekend, so that is a little added magic to this run.

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