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Enter the ‘Be Our Guest to Endless Magic Sweepstakes’ for Your Chance to Win a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation

Allison Montgomery

by , Public Relations Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

There are endless ways to explore and enjoy all of the magic at Walt Disney World Resort, and now you could win a chance to experience it all yourself with the Be Our Guest to Endless Magic Sweepstakes!

Starting today through March 31, you can enter for your chance to win a 5-day/4-night vacation for four to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, including airfare, accommodations and theme park admission.

Here are just a few of the magical experiences that await you:

Click here for the official sweepstakes rules.

Best of luck!


  • How many people gets choosen

  • How could i enter sweepstakes

  • We don’t need to know names, but I check my email constantly to see if I’ve been selected as a winner. Have the winners been selected and notified?

  • Have the winners been selected/notified? Thanks 🙂

  • I’m a single mom of 3 kids (15,11 & 5) my little one is austitic & global development delay and I dream with been able to give them our first vacation ever and that will be to Disney ! My 5 yrs old has memorized even the videos from Magic Kingdom he is totally obsessed with Mickey & Donald even he is non verbal he has learned the entire video and watch it over and over !! I only imagine his face if he gets to go to Disney and see them in person !! I have been saving but is hard been single to afford it for us 4 .. I would love mykids to be your guest !!! My dream come true ❤️

  • Has a winner been chosen?

  • I’m literally selling everything that I can and making little crafts and décor on the side and selling it just trying to get my 3 kids here lol. One day I’m sure they will look back and say she did get us there. 27 years ago was my first and only time to Disneyworld with my mom, dad, and two brothers and it has definitely change a lot since then. I hope to give my kids the same excitement that we had when we got to go. All I wanted was to see Mickey Mouse and I saw every character there except him, we just missed him. On the way out after we had exited the gate my mom told me later that she had seen him far off but didn’t want to upset me. Hopefully this time I can get a picture with him 🙂 #StillthatkidwantingapicwithMickey

  • heres to dreaming big !birthday …march 12th .wish ….give my family a vacation ! Iwas born down the street from disneyland never been..fingers crossed eyes too. momma wants to see them ears…

  • I’ve been trying to enter since you first posted but everytime l click on the link the page comes up all garbled, is there some software l should update with? 🙁

  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take my sister who has been in bed for 7 years to DISNEY!
    She is having her last surgery and this would be a GREAT surprise for her.
    All I can say is pick me please! We both could use some good news.
    Thank you!

  • The site states one entry per day for members. It is not letting me enter for last two days. WHUAZUPPP dwi DAT?

  • I would love to be a guest I am 21 my daughter is almost 3 and she loves disney channel! I grew up in foster care and was never able to go growing up and I would love to have the chance to give my daughter that experience!!

  • how would you enter?

    • Hi Chloe, just click on the link in the post above, where the text is highlighted and says “Be Our Guest to Endless Magic Sweepstakes.” Good luck!

  • There’s nothing more magical than visiting Disney! Wonderful memories have been made there with my family. I and my family would love to be your guest at Disney and would enjoy making more fond family memories. Disney does a wonderful job of putting together celebrations, events, and activities for all age groups of my family. I have a grandson who has a peanut allergy and Disney restaurants and food courts do a wonderful job in addressing and putting our fears at rest. I would love to visit with my grandsons and family for a magical time again!

    • Thanks for sharing those memories, Marilu! Good luck on the sweepstakes.

  • It would be an honor to be your guest. I have yet to visit Disney and I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about it and would love to experience it myself with my family. I’ve always dreamed of going to Disney and I hope I get the chance to go soon. I could use a getaway from college and not be so stressed. I hope you consider me when making your decision!! Thank you so much to apart of this opportunity! Have a great day!

  • I would love to have the opportunity to take my boys to Disney. They are 5 and soon to be 3! They love Disney and have been asking to go again. While in Florida visiting family in the fall of 2015 we surprised them with a visit to the theme park. Needless to say it had the most unhappy ending. My oldest came down with a fever due to a double ear infection and pink eye. Then I started running a fever of 103 and ended up in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. My son has been asking to go back ever since. Unfortunately, it’s not financially possible for us since we are in New York, the airfare and everything else would be too much for us right now. I do hope to be able to bring them back one day soon. Winning this trip would be so wonderful and such an amazing gift. They would be absolutely ecstatic. I will continue to enter every day and hope we are awarded the opportunity.

  • I loved Disney I was 50 years old the first time I was there .I’m 55 now.I would love to have the chance to take my wife ,my 2 grandkids ,my son and his wife .to experience the child inside like I did. I would love it

  • Oh my goodness I would love to be your guest! 🙂 I love Disney SO much! I remember going to Disneyland every year when I was little. I would usually go with my little sister and my mom and dad but I have gone with my schools choir twice and that was SUPER fun because I could do what I wanted with my friends. However, even though I’ve been to Disneyland so much now, (so much that I know about everything about it) I would really love to see Disney world because I (and my family) have never been. And I heard that the rides are bigger and there’s more to do! Mostly anything Disney I love!

  • I wish you guys would hold a competition like this for your international fans… I got really sad when I read who could enter coz I’m not American or Canadian or from Quebec. :/ Oh how I dream for a chance to return to WDW… Or even go to Disneyland in California. That would be a dream come true. <3

  • Thank you for this amazing opportunity to bring my family of four to Disney World. We have two kids ages 12 and 9 and they would so love to experience the magic of Disney for 5 days… and so would my husband and I❤️.

  • We be honored. It would be a great vacation for us to reunite with my husband at a Disney park since he will be home soon from a deployment. Wish everyone luck .

  • I would love to be your guest at Disney with my family. What a wonderful way to have fun and make great memories!

  • We are headed to Disneyland in March. We have never been to Disney world but would love love loveggies a chance to be part of the magic. It truly is my happiest place on earth.

  • I would absolutely LOVE to BE YOUR GUEST! I’m 31, and honestly have never been to any Disney park. My husband has been to both Disney parks (jealous!) when he was younger. We’ll we have a 6 year old and a 6 month old boys and it would be so amazing to have this first experience with them. To see the Disney magic through their eyes would be everything! Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  • My kids have never been to Disney World, and would LOVE a chance to go! My son is almost five and my daughter is eight years old. I hope we can go soon!!! 🙂 Thanks for offering a chance to win!

    • You’re very welcome, and good luck, Missy!

  • I haven’t been to Disney is about 6 years, after my divorce, financially I haven’t had the money to go but I sure do miss it. I was a vacation club member and my home villas were Beach Club, Wilderness Lodge and Saratoga Springs. I had to sell my time shares after my divorce and now, winning a trip would be such an enjoyable trip I could really use right about now in my life!! Good luck to everyone!

  • Disney is a magical place. I would love to go there again someday.

  • Would love it if these types of competitions were available to Disney lovers in Australia!!!

  • Hi! I feel so sorry I’m not able to participate this prize trip as a Brazilian resident! My family and I love Disney and we have already visited this magical place a lot of times.
    It would be great to see it open to Brazil residents one day!

  • What a great sweepstake! I would love to take my family to Disney World to experience the magic of Disney. Being there transports you to your childhood and allows you be a kid once more!!! this would be so amazing to win! My daughter Isabelle, 8 and son Brandon 9 would love it!

  • It would be great to see these open to Quebec residents one day! We love Disney too 🙂

  • I would LOVE to enter this sweepstakes on a daily basis but it won’t allow me to enter more then one entry. Would like some assistance with that.

  • Disney= Ohana in our household!
    What a magical experience it would be to have the opportunity to travel to such an enchanting world!
    Hakuna Matata!!

  • Can not wait to take my daughters to Magic Kingdom again!! 🙂

  • Yes, I would love to bring my wife and 2 kids ages 7 and 8 to be your guest at Walt Disney World. Airfare is definitely the most expensive part of the trip, so I am glad that is included. Thanks again so much for offering such a grand prize trip.

    • Best of luck, Steve!

  • I woulf love to bring my grandson who is 7 yrs, to wdw he has not been there and would love to go.

  • we would love to be your guest! <3

  • Allison, thank you. And I’d like to say thanks to Disney for including airfare in this drawing. For some guests, like our family, airfare is by far the single biggest expense when we visit the parks.

    • You’re very welcome, Dustin! Be sure to enter the sweepstakes before March 31!

  • I would love to take my daughter and be your guest!!

  • We would love to be your guest !!! My grandchildren and I!!!

  • I would love to be your guest and bring my 3 grandchildren,daughter and son in law with me !!!!! They live in Nevada and have been wanting to GPO to Disneyland for quite some time ,bit for a family it can be very expensive!!!! There ages are 10,8, and 6 so as you can see they are at a great age for Disneyland !!! So I am asking you to please consider me and my family!!! Thank you!! Bridget ???????????

    • Hi Bridget, it’s great to hear that your family loves Disney Parks! Be sure to complete the official entry form in the link above for your chance to win a trip to Walt Disney World Resort. Good luck!

  • I would love to BE YOUR GUEST

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