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‘Happily Ever After’ Nighttime Spectacular Will Debut at Magic Kingdom Park May 12

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Happily Ever After,” a new nighttime spectacular that will combine the magic of Disney storytelling, beloved Disney characters, fireworks and so much more, will debut at Magic Kingdom Park on May 12.

The spectacular will inspire guests to seek out and find their own “Happily Ever After” by showcasing some of the greatest adventures Disney characters have taken to achieve their dreams. The show will feature the latest fireworks and pyrotechnics and original animation, plus a heart-tugging original score. And thanks to the inclusion of state-of-the-art projection mapping technology, more Disney characters than ever before will be featured in the show, including moments from “Moana,” “Brave,” “Big Hero 6,” “Zootopia,” “The Princess & The Frog,” “Aladdin” and many others.

The Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace will continue to offer up a scrumptious way to view the nighttime fun as “Happily Ever After” makes its debut.

Keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog as more details are released in the coming weeks.


  • We made a reservation at Cinderellas Royal Table for 8:30pm just so we could watch Wishes from inside. Will this new show be visible as well?

  • Im sad to see it go, but excited about change, but just to confirm…the last day of Wishes will be May 11, correct??? To get in a last viewing!

    • Jill – Correct, the final performance will be May 11, 2017. “Happily Ever After” debuts May 12.

  • It is unfortunate that a major component of the show will only be visible from the front of the Castle. It was nice to watch Wishes from various parts of the park and still be able to take in all the show had to offer. Heading down in June. Looks like several new experiences will be on the itinerary.

    • Michael – I’m happy to say that the show was designed to be enjoyed by theme park (and resort) guests watching from various angles. You’ll have a lot to look forward to in June.

  • We have always watched Wishes from the balcony of our theme park view room with the TV turned to the music for the show. Will the same experience be available for this new show please?

    • I’m checking on this…

  • We go every spring, so I always feel we miss out on the “new stuff.”

    Since we go during Spring Break, there are fairly large crowds. I wish they could give us a sneak peak.

    Love Wishes. I know this new presentation will be equally magical!

    We will have some new experiences. We have not seen new Soarin’ or Frozen Ever After. Can’t wait!!!

    • Thanks for the positivity, Ann! I’m sure you’ll enjoy both Soarin’ and Frozen Ever After!

  • Excited for all the new things coming for this summer!
    I have the dessert party garden view reserved for this summer, is that still going to be a good view point or even still offered?

    • Yes, the dessert party will continue to be both delicious and a great viewing spot.

    • Yes. The dessert party will continue to be both delicious and a great viewing spot.

  • Hi Jennifer, looks like a great show! Although I appreciate that change is inevitable and necessary to keep things fresh and exciting, do you think Disney would ever consider running the new show alongside ‘Wishes’, perhaps on alternating days (or even once a week) to keep the old fans happy?

    I only ask as my Fiancee used to work in Disney World and has been telling me every day for the past year how excited she is to see Wishes on our honeymoon in September. I’m sure she will have a wonderful time regardless!

  • Could not be more excited !!! Our family has always loved Wishes!, but we are ready for a new show! Disney continues to amaze us with new creativity and technology, so we are thrilled to experience all of the new additions and changes coming this year! In just the last two days, we have learned that Rivers of Light, Pandora and now ‘Happilg Ever After’ will be open during our upcoming vacation in May! Beyond thrilled !

  • I seriously doubt I’ll love ‘Happily Ever After’ as much as I love ‘Wishes’. I doubt ‘Happily ever After’ will amaze me as much as ‘Wishes’. I’m not excited about and not looking forward to this change. In fact, the change leaves me sad and angry. I’ll go watch ‘Happily Ever After’ and I’ll try to keep an open mind but I am not a happy guest upon hearing of this decision.

  • I’m incredibly crushed over this. I understand the need to keep the park fresh, but Wishes had a perfect and cohesive theme. Eddie Carroll’s narration was beautiful and can never be replaced or replicated. I want to include new movies, but I find that it comes at the expense of older films that are just as beloved, just as beautiful, and carry just as heavy themes that we should be learning along with the new ones.

    The Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket are very important characters and seeing them fade even further out of the minds of many is disappointing to me as someone who spent many nights staying up past their bedtime to watch “I’m No Fool” and learn this beautiful harmony that is past and present Disney. It stings very hard when the rerelease of Pinocchio just happened and nothing was done to acknowledge it other than a few crafts for those on social media. We have completely abandoned the classics and I don’t know why, especially since my nieces seem to really adore them and we can all coexist together.

    This seems rushed, tasteless, and leaves fans of this show unable to pay a final farewell in a proper way, much like MSEP was sent off. It’s unfortunate and makes me rethink my vacations. I want new and fresh things at Disney World… At the same time, I find it hard to be in favor of this when there are things that can be done elsewhere.

  • Please tell me that Cinderella will still play a big part in the new show. Will we still hear “when you wish upon a star”. We will be at Magic Kingdom for the 1st time May 11 and then Epcot on May 12 and just found out that Wishes will be changed. Now I don’t know which to see and can only visit Magic Kingdom for one day. Cinderella was such a big part on my childhood, I’m an oldie, however I have a 7 year old grandaughter. So which should I see?

  • Between this and Pandora opening our July trip is going to be extra special! I do hope there is a nighttime parade by then. My 3year old fell in love with the now departed Electrical Parade. I’m hoping he doesn’t realise it’s gone when we visit! ?

  • Sooo excited to see this new show! We will be there May 13th!

  • I’m going to miss Wishes, and I’m glad I will be there in April to see it one last time. That said, I’m glad Disney isn’t resting on it’s laurels, and this looks like it’s going to be amazing. I’m super excited to get to see it!

    • I’m happy you get to enjoy “Wishes” before it ends – and thanks for the enthusiasm for the new show. It will be amazing.

  • It is bittersweet to see that Wishes will be leaving MK, but as Walt wanted it is time for a change. However, I am really hoping that Tangled is included in this as they took the lantern section out of the projection show ‘Once Upon a Time.’ 🙁 I also hope that they really highlight the other movies and tone it down on Frozen as well. I can’t wait to see ‘Happily Ever After!’

    • Thanks for the enthusiasm, Ashley. I hope you enjoy the new show.

  • Something new for Magic Kingdom! Yay Fireworks! This is very exciting!

  • Can we update Illuminations too? That’s been the same for 17 years….

  • Amazing!
    Looking forward to watch it on my honeymoon on October the 22nd. Seems like the music is going to be modern and amazing.
    Also sounds like a perfect title to a show celebrating courage, friendship and effort. <3

    • I hope you enjoy it, Julie. Have a terrific honeymoon!

  • Long overdue change. Wishes is a beautiful show and very emotional. But needed to go for something different. So I applaud their efforts to improve the show with newer technology and map projections. It brings the Magic Kingdom apar to the other international Disneyland Parks. I also hope this new show see the debut of laser effects in the Magic Kingdom as well.
    Now if they could replace the 17 years old Reflections of Earth show at EPCOT Center, then I would be even happier.

  • While change and advances are often great and grow on you over time, the castle projection aspect of this bothers me. If its a big part of the show and takes up large sections of time, like in the studios, it’s horrible. Hard to see, viewing areas at a premium, causes more children on shoulders. I will be very disappointed if this it more projection, less fireworks. You already have a projection show. Don’t really need another, starting to be overdone. And without a nighttime parade, MK value is very diminished.

  • Please tell me that Tinkerbell will still fly???

    • Yes, I can confirm that Tinker Bell will still fly.

  • I think Walt Disney World needs to get a new nighttime parade. I loved being able to see the Electrical parade. More people would come into the park and stay longer. We’d always hop on the bigger rides Peter Pan while the first parade was going on and we’d catch the second one to close out the park. It didn’t feel the same when we last went without a parade. The Magic has dwindled.

  • Wow. Don’t know how I feel. Was very excited to watch Wishes on the first night of our honeymoon in August since my fiancé has never seen it. Now I won’t have that chance. Very sad about that, thought it would be a magical start to our honeymoon. I really really hope the new one is good, but nothing can replace the sentimentality of Wishes

  • I am so sad to see Wishes go. It brings me to tears every time – such a magical show. I am excited for this new show! Can’t wait to see it when my husband and I are there in October!

    • I’m happy you two are excited. I hope you have a wonderful visit this fall.

  • When will Magic Kingdom be getting a new nighttime parade?!

  • Will we be getting an evening parade sometime soon? I miss Spectromagic and definitely think that Paint the Night would have a happy home at WDW.

  • First thought was NO DON’T CANCEL WISHES!! But yes, Wishes has run quite a while for a WDW show and since I’ve got ~10 good videos of it, from many different vantage points, it may be time for something new. And I’ll look forward to logging multiple videos of H.E.A. Also, the castle mapping technology is one of my favorite new technologies-events- Kudos Imagineering!

    • I’m happy you’re looking forward to it, Paschal. Get that camera ready!

  • This makes me so sad!! I love that sweet little voice that sings Wishes! Not looking forward to this change!

  • One of the great things about Wishes is its visibility from various areas in the park, not just from right in front of the castle. The current fireworks show at Hollywood Studios is hard to enjoy from anywhere other than a small portion of that park. I hope this show is more like wishes in that regard.

  • Wishes is my absolute favorite thing at WDW, so it may take me a while to get used to this. If it has at least some level of similar emotional pull as Wishes does (did), then I’ll give it a chance. Would be nice, however, to replace something that is already gone — i.e., nighttime parade.

  • What about Disneyland? Will “Happily Ever After” be there too??

  • I hope that an announcement about a nighttime parade will follow this!

  • Do we know yet if “Happily Ever After” will allow us to “Glow With the Show”? Really excited to see this new show in September!

  • Wishes is the purest essence of Walt Disney, it should never end.

  • what about a fastpass option? any word of that coming back?

  • Does this mean Wishes is going away? If so, that is unfortunate, as it is beloved by many!

    I understand that it is essential to keep the parks fresh, but some great shows have been replaced lately. To wit:

    -Main Street Electrical Parade removed and sent to DL, no true night-time parade at MK;
    -Celebrate the Magic removed, replaced by Once Upon a Time projection show;
    -Welcome/Park Opening show removed and replaced by new one on the Castle Forecourt stage;
    -Dreams Come True show removed and replaced by Mickey’s Friendship Faire.

    Some of these changes make sense – for example, better utilizing the projection technology on the castle, moving the Welcome show to incorporate better security measures at the front gates – but some (Dreams Come True, MSEP) are still a mystery to us. Long-time visitors do love and enjoy these shows, and are upset that they are gone. I looked forward to seeing every one of the above shows when my family and I visited.

    I am sure Happily Ever After will be a wonderful show, and we look forward to seeing what the project team has created! Only one real request – can we have our night-time parade back at MK?

    With respect,

  • I was planning on taking a solo trip that weekend, in advance of surgery the next week. Seeing this would be perfect timing!

  • Will Frozen be included as well?

    • You’ll have to wait and see, Kyle. 😉

  • Don’t do that!
    Wishes inspire me.
    Some day I will work with you guys! I love all magic in the Walt Disney World!

  • Thrilled for the new show. I saw wishes twice, once in 2014, and again in 2015. Taking my family back after this deployment a week after this starts! Can’t wait!

  • Will this new show also replace the nightly projection show in addition to Wishes?

    • “Happily Ever After” will NOT replace the current “Once Upon A Time” projection show…they will compliment one another.

  • This is so exciting!!! The nighttime spectaculars keep getting bigger and better each time!

  • Has Wishes been replaced ??

    • To make way for “Happily Ever After,” Wishes Nighttime Spectacular will have its final performance May 11, 2017.

  • I hope Wishes hasn’t been replaced, I’m with Gayle, No matter how many times I’ve seen Wishes, it makes me tear up every time!

  • How about a nighttime parade?? Seriously, it’s been too long without one.

  • Would you say this is primarily a pyrotechnics based show (at least as much so as maybe Wishes) supplemented with projection mapping, or is this more a projection mapping show supplemented with pyrotechnics?

    • “Happily Ever After” will take guests on an amazing journey each night, telling a story using fireworks, pyrotechnics, original animation, projection mapping and an original score.

  • Very happy to hear this. Wishes has been the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks show since my first visit to Disney, more than a decade ago. Definitely time for a change; I’m excited to see what the new show brings!

    • I think you’ll love it, Paul!

  • This is exciting! Wishes has run its course and I’m glad we’ll be getting something new.

    • “Happily Ever After” is going to be amazing. We can’t wait to share more on what the show will entail.

  • Does this mean Wishes has been replaced?! I will cry if that’s the case!

  • How about a nighttime parade? Any word on one of those yet?

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