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Members’ MagicBands Trigger a Unique ‘Welcome Home’

Ryan March

by , Editor, Disney Vacation Club’s Disney Files Magazine

One of the simplest, and yet most meaningful, pleasures of Disney Vacation Club Membership is the feeling that comes from being welcomed in distinctive fashion. The words “welcome home” have long reinforced our neighborhood’s sense of community at Disney Vacation Club Resorts and events, greeting members not as visitors, but as family.

So as much as we all enjoy triggering that welcoming green light with our MagicBands at Walt Disney World Resort entry points (a simple-pleasure moment that usually makes me think of Dr. Seeker saying “We’re in!” during the DINOSAUR attraction pre-show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom), it would seem fitting that members receive a more distinctive welcome.

With that in mind, I’m pleased to share that members who have affiliated their My Disney Experience account with their Disney Vacation Club Membership will now see their MagicBands trigger a unique purple-to-green color sequence as they enter Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, Water Parks, DisneyQuest or the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

It’s the kind of simple-but-meaningful detail I appreciate as both a Disney fan and Disney cast member, and it’s a colorful reminder to my fellow cast members to offer you a warm “welcome home.” (Add the fact that the purple hue makes me think of a certain imagination-sparking dragon, and you have my favorite new Disney detail since the ghosted reference to Emmet Otter’s late father in the PizzeRizzo Banquet Hall’s marquee at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.)

All of us at Disney Vacation Club hope that, wherever your Walt Disney World Resort vacation takes you and your family, you always feel at home.

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  • I am here at the parks, my band lights up purple and no one has said Welcome Home to me yet – may be further training of cast members is needed

  • Mine doesn’t. My DVC is linked on my disney experience but I just get the same old green.

  • We were just in Disney two weeks ago and we weren’t sure why one of our magic bands, my mothers, lit up pink when we entered EPCOT. Now that I know about this Im thinking there must be a glitch because three of us are registered members and only one of ours lit up once while we were there. 🙁 Not a very good welcome home if it doesn’t work.

  • I love this! We just joined DVC on the last day of our first WDW holiday. We went off to Magic Kingdom afterwards and the purple flash was a cool little surprise. Looking forward to our first Welcome Home!

  • My husband and I went in February, entered the parks through the “Annual Passholder” entrance, both of our bands lit up in purple and not one cast member said “Welcome Home.” It was very sad because we love to hear it. We were both disappointed.

  • I am so glad I read this… will prepare me for our next vacation. I already get teary eyed when I get to Magic Kingdom, I would be a mess if they said Welcome Home and I wasn’t prepared for it.
    Such great childhood memories that I love continuing with my babies.

  • I love IT!!! We are there the first week in May and will be bringing two foster children who we are so excited to experience all that is DISNEY! 🙂

  • I feel the same way as Pamela. “Welcome Home” used to only be used as a greeting at DVC resorts. I hate that it’s used at all resorts now for everyone!

  • I visited in February and noticed the different color sequence and “Welcome Home” greeting, but didn’t realize it was just for members. I loved it! It’s little things like this that make it so much fun to be a member!

  • What if I don’t want to be identified as a DVC member to everyone around me? Is there a way to turn this off? This makes me very uncomfortable.

  • My husbands worked in every park but mine never did. Even went to the ticket office and they checked to see if I was listed as DVC and I was. Still never worked in any location. Yes I am sad.

  • I was at WDW 01/22-01/27/2019 and I have to say that I didn’t know how they knew my family were members. Now I know the “Welcome Home” was triggered by the purple flash and then the green when each one of us scanned our Magic Bands and yes, it worked for not only the account holder but all members of the travel party including my niece and her friend. I thought it was pretty cool – exactly like when I go to Disneyland on my birthday and when my pass is scanned it has a different tone that rings and the cast members wishes me “Happy Birthday” at the turnstyle.

  • Interesting… my wife’s always lit up with the different colors, mine never did at any one of the parks we visited on our last trip in December.

  • I used to get a lump in my throat when I was greeted with “Welcome Home!”, until I heard it being used in all the resorts for every guest. Because of its universal use throughout the WDW resort, sadly it is has become meaningless to my family.

  • Every time I hear the words “Welcome home” I get teary eyed! I imagine this will give me the same reaction. Thank you Disney!

  • Will this trigger for my kids who are listed on my account as well? There may be some jealousy issues if mom & dad get the cool lights and they don’t!

  • This is so sweet. I love all of the little touches that make Disney feel like home and the extent that they go to make those who truly love it special. Those who think it’s “pointless” must not understand the importance that Disney World has for those who really love it and the value of the little details that make it so magical for those of us who do.

  • Nice touch 🙂

  • Pointless…

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