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New Character Breakfast to Debut at Trattoria al Forno at Disney’s BoardWalk

An all-new character dining experience will debut this spring at Disney’s BoardWalk, with appearances by adventurous royal couples from beloved Disney films! A delicious breakfast awaits you at Trattoria al Forno, as you get ready to set out for a day of endless magic at Walt Disney World Resort. It’s a hearty “bon voyage” celebration, featuring popular characters from favorite Disney stories like “Tangled” or “The Little Mermaid.” During your visit, be sure to share the tales of your own hopes and dreams, the adventures you’ve had… and those still to come with our favorite princess or prince!

This unique, new character breakfast is slated to begin in late spring. Keep checking the Disney Parks Blog – we’ll be sharing more details, including the opening date, when you can make reservations, and menu offerings!


  • I just received a picture of my grandkiddies with the characters mentioned in above article, now I know where they had a character breakfast. Brought big smiles to there faces and yes the princes were there, Flint Ryder and Prince Eric.

  • agree with some of the previous posts. My two year old son would be over the moon for a Toy Story character meal!

  • I was hoping to get reservations for this experience, but when I read about it, I thought it said you couldn’t book for the breakfast until March 1. You could imagined how bummed out I was when I saw the date I wanted was full.

  • Hi. I have managed to make a breakfast reservation for May. We are coming to Orlando for our 7 year olds special wish holiday, following her treatment for leukaemia. Is there a way to check if the character dining will definitely be available at our reservation please? Rapunzel is her all time favourite princess, she would love to meet her. (I may cry!!)

  • It is still not showing a breakfast option, only dinner. Any idea when this will be fixed? 🙂

  • I can’t find where to book a breakfast reservation at all for this… I only see a dinner option. Looking for late August 2017

  • Will a Disney bus get us from our resort at Pop Century to a 7:30 breakfast on time? Does it take us to Epcot or will it take us to the breakfast? Thanks 🙂

  • If we booked a table for breakfast now for, say, the 7th of April, even though it doesn’t say that it would be a character breakfast, once the details are released would it become a character breakfast booking? Thank you!

    • Yes, all breakfast reservations beginning April 2 will be for the Bon Voyage Breakfast character dining experience.

  • Any word when reservations will open for booking? Traveling first week of June and would love to add to our plans!

    • Hi Angela, Reservations are now open for dates beginning April 2.

  • Please, please, please have Meg and Hercules as one of the couples!

  • We will be there the first weekend in March – any chance it will be operating by then?

  • This sounds like fun! I too agree-would LOVE to see something like Toy Story or Star Wars character meal for boys! PLEASE!!! 🙂

  • Can’t wait to meet the hunks! I mean princes. You can always find a princess to meet in the parks but the guys are hard to come by. I will definitely be there to get a picture with my favorite prince Eugene.

  • Exited about this, and know my girls will LOVE it! Any updated news on a start date? We will be coming home in August….hope we can add this to our list!

  • Yay! Punzie’s at a regualarly scheduled character dining experience. 🙂 You all know she’s my favorite Disney princess/heroine.

  • I see that a few have mentioned having a Toy Story breakfast or any character meal really!! That would be fantastic. I hope that you will consider having one and including Jessie, Woody, and Buzz. I can even picture a room with life sized Mr. and Mrs. Potato head for posing, kind of like the Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc or Lightning McQueen and Mater that the park used to have. Maybe even a big Rex… and Jessie, Woody and Buzz would walk the tables! That would be fantastic!! And I don’t even have small children!

  • Would love to see a Toy Story meal in the new Puxar Place expansion- WoodyJessieBullseye!

  • I agree with most of the comments here. While my daughter and I enjoy all the princesses (Merida is her favorite) there is a hole when it comes to boys offerings. My husband and 2 sons don’t care for the girly things at all. A character meal featuring Pixar characters would be a dream come true for not only my boys but for my family as a whole. And it seems to me there is a huge market for it so maybe even more than one offering of Pixar meals could happen in the near future.

  • I agree with all the other posters requesting a Toy Story character meal – one that includes Woody, Buzz, and Jessie. (Yes, Jessie too, not just the boys – my family loves Toy Story, and we miss meeting Jessie terribly.) There are too many princesses, and there is a definite need for something that boys – and girls who aren’t the girly-girl type – can enjoy, too, as well as more offerings that boys and girls can enjoy together. Why must it be skewed to just boys or just girls all the time? Adding princes is a good step, but there needs to be more balance.

  • I remember going to a Villian’s dinner when my now 19 yr old son was very small, it scared him, in retospect, it was easy to get.
    Is there any chance of expanding the Star Wars dining like there was for the short time during Star Wars weekends?

  • My son loves princesses (they’re all his girlfriends, and he’s going to marry them all! lol), and the princes, so I’m glad this is happening. It bothers me they cater SO much to the little girl demographic at the parks and in general. Boys like princes and princesses, too. We need to remember there are boys who like this stuff and not just the girls, the boys are really left out from a lot of the experiences at DLR and WDW.

  • This is totally great!!! I love this idea. And with Rapunzel and Flynn, we’ll definitely try to go there on our next trip. Even without kids, my wife and I would love this spot. I’m just surprised at all the negative responses. It’s Disney – you know, home of the princess. It’s what I expect and want when I go to Disney World.

  • Trattoria was such a great place for breakfast, especially for adults! I’m hoping this character dining doesn’t take place every day, so I can enjoy the espresso-marscapone waffles with bellinis without the chaos and the price of a character breakfast.

  • I think this is great! A character breakfast without killing yourself to get to the parks early! Plus, with character couples that have never appeared at a dining experience! Some long ago character couples would be nice too. My family would enjoy Bert & Mary.

  • I am incredibly excited about this for our 5-year-old daughter, who loves Rapunzel, Flynn, Ariel, Eric and all the Disney love duos. In reading the comments before mine, I agree that it would be absolutely amazing to have a character meal that would be more appealing for boys — characters from Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Big Hero 6, Star Wars would be fantastic, as would villains from various Disney movies. And the cool thing is, girls would love these experiences, too. Thanks for listening to the feedback from your fans, and for always coming up with exciting, new experiences for your guests!

  • Princes!!! Finally!! Bring on Eric, Flynn Rider, Krisof!! Totally would be awesome if there was incredibles or big hero 6 but I’m excited to see some princes! Now if we could get costumes that aren’t marvel or star wars!

  • I’m ready for a Pixar character dining experience. These movies have been smash hits so it’s surprising they haven’t capitalized on this.

  • Even though our son (only child) has always been willing to meet princesses for his mom, I agree that there needs to be some more diversity in the character meals. We understand that they are typically traditional characters at meals, but boys (and I am sure lots of girls) need the opportunity to meet their heroes – Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar Pals! A meal with Buzz, Woody, Jessie and friends would be AWESOME! 🙂

  • Completely agree that there are too many princess-themed character meals. I have a son & his choices for character dining is very limited. His only options are the Mickey & friend meals so we’d love more variety such as Toy Story, Star Wars, Pirates, etc.

  • How about a Hero’s theme or Pixar? Enough Princess stuff. I want to see more rare characters rotate through. Hercules, Tarzan, Eric, Chang/Mulan, Pocahontas/John.

  • If anyone at Disney reads this, I am very much hoping this begins in early April. We arrive April 7 and this is my Disney dream come true! Please!☺️

  • This sounds like it could be disappointing. Trattoria is one of the few top notch restaurants on property with unique, made-to-order breakfast offerings. Hoping that won’t change.

  • I am super excited about this and can’t wait to partake! However, as a mom of three boys, I agree that a meal featuring Star Wars or Toy Story would be a huge hit, with both genders! I wish they would bring back the Star Wars Galactic Breakfast at Sci-Fi that was featured during Star Wars Weekends. That was a huge hit with my family…the characters were great, as was the food!

    In the meantime, I’m personally excited about this opportunity to meet Princesses and Princes!

  • What a drag. The menu at Trattoria is awesome! Very tasty items. Adventurous, yes, they are, I suppose. Cooked TO ORDER and hot and wonderful! If this turns into a buffet, that will be a real dining loss for the Boardwalk and the entire property.

  • This sounds great. It’s so hard to meet any of the princes. I can’t wait to hear move about it.

  • Will there ever be one with Merida in it?

  • More princesses… sigh. Agree with Jonathan that there is HUGE void for boys. Also, this restaurant was one of the few places where I could get a last minute reservation for breakfast and the menu is delicious. Now they will change it up to be more kid friendly.

  • Aaaaaaah does that mean we will be able to meet Prince Eric?????

  • I agree 100% with Janeen Winters comment above. There is too much focus on Princesses with trying to appeal to boys with the limited Princes. We need to focus more on appealing to all demographics and not just the girls and the occasional boy who likes Princesses/Princes. In our case, my 5 year old refuses to go near the Princesses (or a Prince that is near them… even Aladdin, because Jasmine was right there.). We want more Star Wars, Marvel (if possible), Toy Story, Cars, Incredibles, Villains (Jafar, Hook, Smee), etc.

  • Happy to have new experiences, and this sounds like this will be nice, but could we please get a character meal that more boys would enjoy. My 8 year old son doesn’t have much interest in meeting the princesses and princes.. I would love to see a “Heros” meal, or Star Wars, or Toy story, etc. that would appeal to both girls and boys.

  • Any comment on which specific characters?

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