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New Fair Trade Coffee Helps Peruvian Communities

Scott Terrell

by , DVM, DACVP, Director of Animal & Science Operations, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Coffee can change lives – and not just on a sluggish Monday morning! Guests dining at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are supporting conservation efforts and the livelihoods of Peruvian farmers simply by ordering a new blend of coffee.

Building on its rich legacy of conserving the environment, Disney is joining Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company to introduce an exclusive high-quality, organic press pot coffee that will be served in select restaurants beginning this month and additional table-service restaurants later this spring.

The coffee was grown in Peru’s Alto Mayo Protected Forest. Since 2009, The Walt Disney Company has worked with Conservation International to support deforestation efforts in the forest – a protected part of the Amazon rainforest where much of Peru’s organic coffee is grown. Although a protected forest, unsustainable coffee-farming practices have continued to plague the area and increased deforestation threats.

New Coffee Blend Helps Peruvian Communities

Disney and Conservation International (CI) collaborated to offer locals training in sustainable farming methods, such as growing coffee in the shade, making organic compost, pruning coffee trees and learning methods to avoid coffee-leaf rust diseases.

The results have been impressive and have impacted more than 240,000 people whose well-being depends on the Alto Mayo Basin. Farmers have as much as tripled their production yield of coffee, improved the quality of the coffee and began earning more money for their premium coffee. They have also stopped cutting down trees to expand their farming areas.

New Coffee Blend Helps Peruvian Communities

The Alto Mayo Protected Forest spans 450,000 acres — an area twice the size of New York City. Disney reached out to Joffrey’s as the company’s official specialty coffee, and together, representatives (including Joffrey’s Roastmaster) visited the farmers in Peru, sampled the crop and reviewed their harvesting and processing methods, which are just as important as how they care for the coffee trees.

New Coffee Blend Helps Peruvian Communities

Now, Disney guests can enjoy the very coffee that’s changing the lives of these farmers. Guests can also purchase packages of Alto Mayo Protected Forest Coffee Roasted by Joffrey’s Coffee at

Initially, the coffee will be served in the following restaurants, and then it will be available in restaurants that serve press pot coffee:

Walt Disney World Resort

Disneyland Resort


  • GOD Bless the Walt Disney Company for your efforts to protect our struggling environment and families!

  • We visited Peru last summer.

    Such a beautiful country and beautiful, humble people.

    So happy that Disney’s program will help with conservation efforts and the livelihood of Peruvian farmers.

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