Classic Disneyland Park Attraction Autopia Gets New Look and Story

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Autopia holds a special place in the hearts of Disneyland park guests – many of whom got behind the wheel for the first time on this classic attraction. Today we’re excited to unveil an all-new look and story for Autopia, powered by Honda, featuring Honda’s ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) humanoid robot and its new robotic friend, Bird – the first character created especially for this attraction – as they embark on the ultimate road trip. These new scenes feature ASIMO and Bird as they plan their trip, load up their Honda vehicle and experience adventures that take them from a campground to the sky beyond.

Classic Disneyland Park Attraction Autopia Gets New Look and Story

The new look for Autopia first debuted in spring 2016 when the cars were repainted in Honda colors and received new fuel-efficient Honda engines, badges and tires. Disneyland park fans will remember ASIMO from its starring role at the Honda ASIMO Theatre in Tomorrowland from 2005 to 2015.

Classic Disneyland Park Attraction Autopia Gets New Look and Story

Come see the new look and story at Autopia now at Disneyland park!


  • I am happy about the new additions to Autopia it finally feels like Tomorrowland and not Star Wars Land. If only they could add back the peoplemover or rocket jets?

  • I miss that lawnmower smell though haha. But either way, still my favorite ride, can’t wait for my little one to be old enough to drive! #helloHonda

  • Mr. Toad was missing for a few weeks. I will miss that part, but this is very cool too.

  • Do not miss the long lines and the smell of 100 lawn mowers! Hello future!

  • Very cool! Great to see Autopia has received some new additions.

  • Glad to see improvements like this in Tomorrowland. The new scenes look cute, nice work.

  • Very cool! I’m glad to see that Autopia received a fun update. Though I still hope that someday the cars will be electric powered.

  • The Honda emphasis seems like something out of old 80’s Epcot–
    But nice to see that WDW and DLR haven’t given up on “saving” Tomorrowland yet, and are still working on new ideas! (If only the movie could have been like its opening…)

  • Yay, Asimo is back!

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