#DisneyParksLIVE: Watch Main Street Electrical Parade Live from Disneyland Park at 8:55 p.m. PT

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Update: This live event has concluded.

In just under an hour, we’ll present our next #DisneyParksLIVE stream here on the Disney Parks BlogMain Street Electrical Parade live from Disneyland park! Our live stream will begin at 8:55 p.m. PT. As you’re watching, share your favorite Main Street Electrical Parade memories in the comments!


  • My wife & I have seen the parade many times and we took our two Granddaughters for their first trip to Disneyland right after their 3rd birthday in 1994 so they could see the parade & experience the wonders of Disneyland. We have taken them at least once every year after that so they had the chance to see it a few more times until the 1996 closing at Disneyland.

    The March 7 live stream, several members responded that they couldn’t get the live stream of the parade and I’m sure many of us couldn’t be at a place to watch it at all. The question has been asked, is it or will it be made available to those of us who didn’t get a chance to see it. I have not seen an answer to that question, will it be made available for viewing?

  • I don’t have any memories of seeing the parade, even though my mom says I saw it when I was 4. This was an interesting experience (though considering Paint the Night is my all-time favorite parade, there are unavoidable comparisons). I’ll be at Disneyland in May – it’ll be interesting to (finally) see how this looks live. Thanks for sharing the livestream with us!

  • I wish the entire parade came back. We were waiting for the juggling clowns. My kids loved them when they were young. Good news we still love it!

  • Will we be able to rewatch it? They read my tweet live and I wanted to see if I can show my dad, which the tweet was about! Thank you!

  • Best seat in the house! Thanks! Loved it.

  • YAY! for getting rid of the extra chase lights on the sides of the floats!


  • Loving it!! Hi from Chicago 😉

  • All I need is an ice cream from Gibson Girl and I am 5 again. Thanks #DisneyParksLIVE for bringing the magic home again!

  • Parade so nice….we’re watching it twice! We were there at the park for the first one at 6:45 pm…now watching the second one here!

  • The first time I saw this parade I was about 12 years old and I saw it in Disneyland. Now I’m 42! I had the pleasure to see it again as an adult at the Magic Kingdom. I still love it!❤️

  • My favorite thing about the Main Street Electrical Parade is the American Flag float at the end to show that Disneyland and we honor America. That touches me.

  • I AM SO EXCITED! ?The first time I saw MSEP was in DCA in April 2007 during my very first trip to Disneyland ever! I went with my Dad and danced with my dance studio on the former Plaza Gardens Stage!

  • First Time I ever saw the MSEP was with my then Fiance and now Wife. We always love seeing Elliot the Dragon roll by, why we’re up late in Staten Island, NY watching with our dog Logan.

    -Michael and Amanda.

  • Watching live from Everett, WA! ❤️?❤️

  • Watching from NH! So miss this parade at WDW! Wish I could make it to DL to see in person 1 last time! Thanks for sharing with us all at home

  • Anyone else have audio?

  • We are watching from Colorado! I am watching with my Husband and my oldest daughter! We love the live stream! Thank you so much!

  • has it started yet?

  • 2 minutes after what is going on?

  • Watching from St. Cloud FL I miss it already!

  • Hello? Where is the parade!!!

  • Where is it? 🙁

  • Where is it? After 8:55 and I’m still seeing the “Stand by For” screen!

  • Hi from Minnesota! I remember listening to an audio cassette of Baroque Hoedown constantly as a little kid. Took 2 decades before I actually saw the parade in person at WDW.

  • So excited to watch! Hubby and I are already counting down the days until our 2018 trip!!

  • Watching from the other side! Miami, Florida here! Miss seeing the electrical parade here at Walt Disney World, wish they can bring it back!

  • Just returned home to Denver from the last 4 days at Disneyland, – and I specifically went just for the Main Street Electrical Parade!!! everything else I did at the park was definitely an added bonus!! Grew up watching the parade every year when I lived in Florida, and there’s just nothing else like it!! Don Dorsey and crew, along with the production staff who started it, created something timeless! and hope Disney keeps it going for many years to come!!

  • Watching from San Diego. CA.

    MSEP was the very first parade my then 2-year-old daughter saw in Disneyland, in 1990. It has been a family favorite forever after, and we have seen it at Disneyland, DCA and WDW.

  • This is the first parade I remember at Disneyland and was thrilled to share it with my young son when he was about 4 at California Adventure so it’s the first parade he remembers as well. All grown up now, he is a Disney Cast Member performing in this parade! So many wonderful memories . . .

  • Can’t wait in Hunter’s Creek! Missing a nightime parade at WDW

  • Watching with my Hubby in Maine!!! Love this parade!!

  • I’m very excited to join in with the extremely lucky people who are at Disneyland and enjoy the electrical light parade! ?❤️️

  • I can’t wait to watch live! Next best thing to being there.

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