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It’s National Panda Day!

Dr. Mark Penning

by , Vice President, Animals, Science and Environment, Disney Parks

Today, we’re celebrating National Panda Day to help bring awareness to these conservation icons!

Giant pandas are unique animals with many distinctive features, like an extra “pseudo” thumb to help them grip bamboo and a thick white coat with special black markings to help keep them warm in China’s snow-covered mountains.

Beginning April 21, you can learn more about giant pandas and some of their animal friends in “Born in China,” the newest Disneynature film. Before the adventure hits theaters, we invite you to watch this sneak peek!

While pandas are classified as a vulnerable species, China is fighting to preserve these animals by providing them with a safe place to live and grow – and you can help too! See the film during opening week in the United States, and Disneynature will make a donation in your honor to the World Wildlife Fund benefiting wild pandas.

And for all our panda fans, be sure to head over to the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival and check out the adorable panda topiary in China. You can also download the “Born in China” Activity Packet for at-home themed educational activities!

Happy National Panda Day!