Meet the ‘Cast Members of Disneyland’

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

If you’ve visited Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, chances are you’ve met at least one cast member, but we wanted you to get to know them a little bit better. After all, it’s their creativity and passion that creates Disney magic and delivers the incredible guest service we’re known for. “Cast Members of Disneyland” is a new series celebrating cast members and their experiences on the job, stories of favorite memories and reasons they love working at the Disneyland Resort. Meet a few of them below!

Meet the ‘Cast Members of Disneyland’

“It’s a privilege, really. I get to work for a company that I love, but to see magic happening right in front of me and to be part of making that magic…It just kind of embodies what Disney stands for and what it means to a child – not only the child who’s five but the child in the 65-year-old. The reputation really does live up, for guests and for cast members.” – Evamaria, Outdoor Vending, 4 years at the Disneyland Resort

Meet the ‘Cast Members of Disneyland’

“I love talking to the kids…Sometimes all you have to do is ask a kid a question, and then they’re off telling you the whole story of their day. You have to find the fun elements of your job, then it’s not just a job anymore.” – Dave, Cars Land Merchandise, 29 years at the Disneyland Resort

Meet the ‘Cast Members of Disneyland’

“With any family, this might be their one and only trip to the Resort, so I always try to instill that into new cast members – you just want everything to be wonderful for them and magical…you want to make all the good memories you can.” – “Mama Jan,” Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar, 10 years at the Disneyland Resort

We will continue to introduce you to the #CastofDisneyland in the coming months. To keep up, visit the Disneyland Resort in the Community Facebook page!


  • I would love to work at Disneyland!

  • I loved reading these!

  • Do one on California Adventure’s groundskeepers! They leave hidden Mickeys made of fallen leaves and draw characters like Donald Duck in water on the walkways.

  • My grandfather worked ad Disneyland for many, many years. He started out bringing Walt Disney the morning paper every day. He loved Disney and shared that joy with his children and grandchildren. You don’t often find a place that inspires so much joy in its employees.

  • Nice to see the CM’s in the spot light, they in small and large ways make every visit magical.

  • Thanks to all Disneyland cast members for everything that you do!

  • The guy above, Dave, is my brother! I couldn’t be prouder!!!

  • I was just at Disneyland this past weekend for the pirates anniversary and I think I might have met Evamaria when I brought cotton candy. It’s so great to highlight these helpful people

  • I love this idea of highlighting everyday CM’s!

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