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New My Disney Experience app Launches, Makes Planning Walt Disney World Vacations Even Easier

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

As Disney fans know, the My Disney Experience app is a one-stop shop for all things Walt Disney World from viewing park hours, purchasing tickets and merchandise, making FastPass+ selections, getting turn by turn directions, accessing vacation photos and sharing them through Disney PhotoPass and much more.

To enhance your experience when visiting Walt Disney World Resort, we continue to innovate and use technology in new ways, which is why we are excited to launch a newly redesigned My Disney Experience app for all mobile users today! The enhanced My Disney Experience app features a look and feel to make planning and enjoying your Walt Disney World Resort vacation easier than ever.

The new My Disney Experience mobile app opens right to the park maps to help you find attractions, restaurants, restrooms and more. It makes it easier for you to navigate through our parks so you can spend more time enjoying the magic of Walt Disney World Resort. A new section called “Spotlight” highlights new park experiences and entertainment offerings to help you find out the latest and greatest happenings at the parks.

And when you stay at one of our Disney resorts, you will be able to use the new feature called “My Resort Dashboard,” which gives you access to your resort reservation details all in one place, including the ability to see room number, theme, building and floor once you have your room assignment. “My Resort Dashboard” even gives you directions to your resort using Disney transportation options, a map showing you the location of your room and a link to directly call the Resort Front Desk if you need further assistance during your stay.

For guests who enjoy visiting our other Disney Parks around the world, the new My Disney Experience app now features the same look and feel as our other park apps, making the mobile experience seamless across the globe.

To check out all of these exciting new app features, take a look at this short video!

The My Disney Experience app and MagicBand still work together seamlessly, allowing you to effortlessly connect all your vacation choices from the My Disney Experience app to your MagicBand.

My Disney Experience was designed to always evolve, and we have more exciting innovations to share so check back often for more details on future updates and enhancements.


  • Hello you don’t seem to be responding to people but I have a question? I just opened up the my experience app, which has always works great for me, and it said it will no longer be updated after August 17th. But I don’t see a new app anywhere? are you discontinuing this? How will we manage fast passes if this app is Vanishing?

  • The iOS 11 issue appears deliberate and isn’t a crash but them only allowing shipping versions of iOS to work. I wish they wouldn’t do this, now I have to have a separate device just to use their apps

  • I though I was the only one with a problem. You Think it would have been fixes by now. I hope they notify people. It’s useless on my phone now.

  • WARNING: app doesnt work on ios11. None of the disney apps I have (disneyland, walt disney world, and disney shops) are working on ios11. Immediately crashes when I try to open the app. I wish disney would fix this already since the developers had access to the beta for a month now.

  • Do not update iOS 11 as this app will NOT work. There has been no comment from Disney as to when this will be resolved.

  • App continually crashes on iOS 11 public beta. Tried reinstalling but still the same thing 🙁

  • App does not work on iOS 11, keeps crashing.

  • It’s the app working correctly today?
    I cannot access any of my own plans for my coming vacation.
    No reservations or FP information???

  • We had to update the app for a android phone and now the app is dead. There was no update since the phone could not run it, so now the old app does not work. We are going to Disney in the late fall. Will there be a fix for this?

  • The app is not working on my iPhone 5s. Boots up to the map and crashes. Needs repair……… been like this for several weeks. Re-installed and nothing changes.

  • Very disappointed. Incompatible with my Galaxy s5. I’m not buying a new phone for a single app. Have a trip planed later this year and was really hoping to utilize app for FastPass. Guess we’ll have to cope without it. I utilized the app when it first became available and really enjoyed the features. Seems shame to exclude so many folks with this new and improved version that no one can use.

  • Super disappointed. We visted Magic Kingdom on Wednesday 4/12/17 & immediately upon entering the park, the app was not working. The park was already crazy busy and all our Fast Passes were useless since the app would not load. The wait times on the app weren’t even close to being accurate (the only thing that would load on the app). When I finally tried to load the app later on in the day it looked different & had a different layout. So I’m guessing the app was down for updates? An advance warning to guests would have been nice. My family & I did NOT have a magic day.

  • This app crashes immediately after launch on iPhone 6. When will this be fixed? This has been a problem for over a week.

  • Please Disney….Go back to the old version of My Disney Experience App. This version keeps crashing as it is loading on to my iPhone and iPad making it completely useless!

  • The update looks good. I’m not sure on how useful it is since it crashes constantly on my iPhone 6. I can barely get past the loading screen without it crashing.

  • I am another unhappy user. Crashes right after start up on iPhone 6. Completely useless. There should be a way to download previous version while we wait for a fix (hopefully)

  • Any idea when they will fix the bug that is causing it to crash for a lot of users on their phone?

  • I like it. I think it’s the best version so far. Direct. Gives me what I want. I mainly am interested in the app for wait times and fastpass + reservations. So long as I can get to wait times quickly I am pleased and this version makes that simple.

  • This past September last year I had a hard time linking my ticket to My My Disney Experience Account September 2008 and September 2009 , My Parents and I were resort guests and this past September we were Day Guests . Is there a way to add on a feature to the My Disney Experience Mobile App where it will also work for the day guests as well or are you all going to keep making day guests go to the full website to link their day ticket to their My Disney Experience Account ?

  • Very frustrated with this update. Keeps crashing on my iPhone which renders it useless. Especially since we were mid-way through our Disney trip. Old version worked fine. Please fix this now!!!

  • Please go back to previous version! Not an improvement at all

  • App updated automatically on both my iPhone and iPad. Keeps crashing.

    A bit annoying. I’d lose my mind if I were onsite now but hopefully it will be fixed within a few weeks.

  • Ugh – just updated and it crashes every time I try to open it! I hate it when developers release an update with bugs!

  • It would be nice to have an option for what your “home” screen displayed, or how things were displayed. I preferred when my plans were always what was on my opening screen & then I could navigate to everything else. There used to be an option to see the plans of others (if I’m remembering correctly!) It would be nice to have an option to turn that on for family group trip planning & off for just individual plans. Just my 2 cents!

  • It would be nice if an older version of the app was still available. I can’t download it, I get the message “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.” I’m local and used to use the app almost daily, but because of upgrades I can’t anymore. Not everyone has the latest phone or tablet.

  • Another thing that another person commented on..why am I having to see everyone else’s plans and not just mine anymore? Not happy at all.

  • I like the resort feature too but this is no where near as user friendly as the last version was.

  • So AWESOME! I can hardly wait to use it!!

  • Is there seriously no way for me to view *just* my plans? I have to also see the plans of all 20 or so of my friends who also live in FL? Making it nearly impossible to figure out which are my FastPasses and which are theirs, without clicking every single one?

  • I would love a feature so that an alarm would go off when it is fast pass time.

  • I want to be excited, but this now looks like Disneyland’s app (which is hard to navigate). That sidebar was so helpful! The resort feature is cool though. 1 out of 5 stars.

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