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Pirate Treasure Inspires 50th Anniversary Collection For Beloved Swashbuckling Voyage at Disneyland Park

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

The beloved swashbuckling voyage to a long forgotten time when pirates wrought havoc on the high seas celebrates its 50th anniversary this year at Disneyland Resort. The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction opened on March 18, 1967, in New Orleans Square, and quickly became an instant classic. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, we are releasing commemorative apparel and collectible pins this month in Disneyland park. I recently spoke with Graphic Designer Quynh Kimball, an 18-year Cast Member who works for Disney Design Group, about the inspiration behind the pin collection.

Pirate Treasure Inspires 50th Anniversary Collection For Beloved Swashbuckling Voyage at Disneyland Park

“We wondered what kind of pins would be released if Disney Pin Trading had been available in 1967,” explained Quynh. “The merchandising team and I watched the ‘Wonderful World of Disney’ opening day television special. We loved seeing pirates invading New Orleans Square to officially open the attraction. I could only imagine the delight guests felt as they experienced for the first time what have become iconic Disney attraction scenes. We included several of those scenes in the pin designs.”

Guests will find several individual limited edition pins, each with an edition size of 2,500. The individual limited edition pins will also be offered in a boxed set containing one completer pin (500 edition size).

“My favorite scenes include the man playing a banjo on his porch and the plunge down two waterfalls into Dead Man’s Cove,” said Quynh. “I thought the treasure chests with colorful gems were a great nod to the pirates in the latter scene. Those pirates are frozen in time and will never take home those chests filled with jewels, but our guests can with these pins [laughs].”

In addition to pins, guests will find two commemorative “I Was There” shirts.

Pirate Treasure Inspires 50th Anniversary Collection For Beloved Swashbuckling Voyage at Disneyland Park

One shirt was designed specifically for Annual Passholders, who may also find a collectible limited edition pin (3,000 edition size). Passholders should present a valid Annual Pass in order to purchase the exclusive shirt and pin.

The limited edition pins, Annual Passholder pin, and boxed pin set will be released on March 16 in the following Disneyland park locations: Westward Ho located in Frontierland; 20th Century Music Co. on Main Street, U.S.A.; and Little Green Store Command in Tomorrowland. Guests may also find these items at Disney’s Pin Traders in Downtown Disney District.

The “I Was There” Shirts will be offered in both Disneyana on Main Street, U.S.A., and Pieces of Eight in New Orleans Square on March 18. Guests may also find a version of the red-colored shirt via from March 20-26. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.


  • When will we get an official blog post on the Jolly Roger Funko POP so we can get more information on pricing and release?

  • I am so broken hearted. I was there on the 18th, but the crowds were so big at Pirates, I couldn’t get anywhere near the pirate store to get a pirate pin. I suffer from crowd anxiety, and did not expect the amount of people to be there this weekend. Is their another way to get an anniversary pin other than in person? Sadly I am home in San Francisco already.

  • What time will the red shirt be on sale via the website on 3/20/17?

  • I’m a collector of Disney/Mickey Mouse watches, will there be a watch commemorating this event?

  • Will they be giving a button out the day of the actual anniversary, like they did on the official 60th anniversary date????

  • Will the Jolly Roger POP be sold online or only at the parks? and Can we expect more park exclusive Funko POP this year?

    • @Nico – I don’t have confirmed release locations at this time. I would invite you to keep watching and other official Disney Parks social media accounts for more information.

  • Will anything be available for AP’s before the 18th? Not all passes are good that day.

    • @Sarah – The Annual Passholder pin was released on March 16.

  • Will these shirts be available all year or just for the celebrations.

    • @Kate – These shirts were designed to celebrate the anniversary this weekend. All shirts will be available while supplies last.

  • You need to bring back the pirates logo ball cap

  • Is Disneyland park celebrating going on til the 18th?

  • Are the pins sold out yet? How much are the individual pins going to be? So excited to get these items!

    • @Heather – From my understanding, pins are still available. The individual pins are $15.99 each.

  • My question is about the Annual Passholder shirts for the pirates celebration: are those shirts at the same locations as the other shirts?

    • @Jacquie – Both shirts will be released on March 18 at the following locations: Disneyana on Main Street, U.S.A., and Pieces of Eight in New Orleans Square.

  • Could you please tell me how much the boxed pin set will cost? Thank you so much!

    • @Alexandria – The boxed pin set will have a retail of $149 (plus tax). Please note all retails are subject to change without notice.

  • This is my favorite ride because it was my very first Disney ride that I rode when I was 9 months old in Spring of 1971 8(:-D

  • Will the Funko Pop Jolly Roger be released aswell?

    • @Matthew – The Jolly Roger Funko POP! figure will be released on May 5.

  • LOVE these shirts! The post states there are 2 shirts, are these both the shirts shown? Or will the red one only be available online?

    • @Shannon – There will be two shirts offered on March 18 – a red-colored one and a blue one (the latter is for Annual Passholders only). Both shirts will have the phrase “I Was There” on the shirt. The red-colored shirt will be released next week on the online store but it won’t have the phrase “I Was There.”

  • When will Disney realize that making items like this available online makes sense? Not all AP members or Disney fans are always able to make it to the park but would still like to purchase these types of things

    • @Mike – Thank you for your feedback. I’ll share it with the online store and events teams.

  • Awww I share a birthday with this amazing ride! I feel so special 🙂

    • @Jessica – Wishin’ ye the happiest of birthdays! 🙂

  • What is the biggest size that the shirts will come in?

    • @Kymberly – The largest size offered will be 2-XL.

  • The gold patch in the very top photo is that something that is going to be on sale also or was that just decoration for the post? Thanks for the great info as always

    • @Rachel – Part of the artwork that I included in the image. Won’t be sold as an item.

  • LOVE the merchandise. Can’t wait to pick them up. I just wish that my pass wasn’t blocked on such a cool event like the 50th anniversary of my favorite ride…maybe we can change that for special occasions like this that everyone might like to enjoy?

  • Those pins would be nice, but by Saturday when I can actually get to the parks I’m guessing they’ll be long gone and eBay would be my only option.

  • Will the Jolly Roger Funko Pop! exclusive be available for purchase during this time?

  • No special artwork then?

    I was really hoping for some anniversary deluxe prints, similar to what was done for Haunted Mansion’s anniversaries (SHAG in particular).

  • If you mean on the shirts it’s “I was there” with March 18 above and 2017 below.

  • Is the shirt only available Saturday ?

    • @Stuart – The shirt will be released on Saturday and will be available while supplies last. The online store – – will have the red-colored shirt available to order from March 20-26. The online store shirt will not have “I Was There” printed on the front.

  • The post did not load completely, what is in the black area?

    • @Eric – I’m not seeing an issue at this point. It could have been pirates trying to plunder the images from this story 🙂

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