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Classic Space Mountain Returns to Disneyland Park This Summer

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Get ready to initiate power transfer in 3…2…1… when the classic Space Mountain returns to Disneyland park June 1! Just days after we mark the 40th anniversary of this Tomorrowland favorite, space travelers will blast off once again for their intergalactic adventure.

A variation of a concept Walt Disney developed in the 1960s, Space Mountain first opened at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort in 1975, and construction on Space Mountain at Disneyland park began soon after. The attraction went on to become a guest favorite, seeing special themed versions such as Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Hyperspace Mountain.

You are clear for launch starting June 1 with the return of Space Mountain at Disneyland park!


  • Awesome news. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I did enjoy Hyperspace Mountain though.

  • This is excellent news. The “classic” 2005 Space Mountain is an elegant work of abstract expression, which beautifully reflects the excitement and adventure of space travel. Thank you, Disney, for making this fantastic experience available to your guests once again.

  • I’m so excited that it will be back to its classic form when I’m there at the end of June. Now all I need is to hear that Fantasmic will be back by then too and I will be set!

  • I’m normally a purist – don’t mess with my originals but I prefer Hyperspace Mountain so much more than the original. I find the original psychedelic, weird and boring and I CAN’T STAND the music. Hyperspace has a storyline that coincides with what you feel physically which made it absolutely epic!! So disappointed but I hope they bring it back again.

  • WIth the return of the Classic Space Mountain has there been any plans to possibly revive Tomorrowland with the 1960’s that could include the return of the Peoplemover?

  • I really enjoyed hyperspace mountain! Part of that was because I knew it was just a temporary overlay. So glad the original is coming back. I do miss the viewing windows in the queue, but seeing as most of the waiting is done outside now, viewing windows don’t make as much sense.

  • What about star wars launch bay?

  • So so so happy!!!!!

  • So cool, ready to hear those classic sounds.

  • Thank you so much. This is really great news. Space Mountain is way better than Hyperspace Mountain. We already have Star Tours, and don’t need Space Mountain to be a cheap version of that same ride. Space Mountain is an adventure unto itself that does not need a Star Wars Theme. It has stood on its own for 40+ years. An occasional short period overlay is cool, but the original needs to be the main diet of Disneyland Fans.

  • Yea!!! Love the classic..thanks, Disney! They’ll be plenty of Star Wars attractions soon enough!

  • Personally I couldn’t be happier to see that pre-hyperspace version returning! I’m a big fan of the Michael Giacchino soundtrack <3

  • We are going to DisneyLand for the first time on June 10th and we were really looking forward to the Star Wars version. We have experienced the ‘normal’ version at WDW many times.

  • THANK YOU!!! Finally. That was an ordeal.

  • Fantastic! Disneyland’s classic is Space Mountain is the best!

  • Been wanting to ride this since they made the change. We finally book a trip to go in June and now it’s being changed back. So disappointed. Why not wait until summer is over to make the switch back

  • Bring back the chocolate chip cookie!!!!! (The asteroid at the top of the lift).

  • Thank you Disney, i don’t want to see hyperspace mountain for a while!

  • Or does Classic mean pre-1996: glow-in-the-dark stripes on the rockets, the chocolate chip cookie meteor, windows in the queue, the big glowing orange orb in the center of the attraction, and no soundtrack whatsoever? (Yup, before 1996, Space Mountain was a “silent” attraction, save for the ComChat in the queue).

  • Does that mean classic without music, glow strips on the cars, the glowing orange hex-sphere, giant chocolate chip cookie and clear panels for people to see into the ride?

    The music onboard did not appear until the late 90’s. So almost 20 years of just screams.

  • I’m so happy!!! The original is the best!!

  • “It’s a trap!” Haha!

  • That’s awesome! Space Mountain is my favorite rollercoaster (no, Hyperspace is not the same thing) and I have missed it so, so much.

    It’s just a shame my next trip is going to be two weeks too early. Please say that Space Mountain will be sticking around for a good long time!

  • I am so disappointed – as much as I love the original, Hyperspace mountain is so much better.

  • Will there be any merchandise for the anniversary?

  • So glad we visited this week to see Hyperspace Mountain. I love Space Mountain but I personally loved Hyperspace Mountain better.

  • YAY! I’ll be there in July & am so ready for the return of the classic. It’s been Ghost Galaxy & Hyperspace Mountain the last 3 times I was at the park, so I’m thrilled to have the beloved classic back! Excellent news!

  • Dick Dale soundtrack please. Rock It Mountain in the PM I’m ok with as well…since that’s what it was supposed to be after the refurb in 2005

  • Will there be an attraction event for this Space Mountain Anniversary with special product, etc?

  • YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! We will be there that week and have been waiting for it to come back. Only problem is now the line will be over 120 minute wait. hehehe

  • This makes me so happy! The Star Wars version is cool, but it was supposed to be for only a limited run. And for me that “limited” run kind of outstayed its welcome. I don’t have a problem with it for a month or two, like they do for Ghost Galaxy during the Halloween season. But for me, I love the classic the best.

  • Dick Dale ride music please.

  • Bring back the surf guitar music from 1996.

  • can honestly say I’m surprised by this, I actually expected Hyperspace Mt to stay until Star Wars Land opens

  • Nothing beats the classic!! ???? Love Space Mountain!! ?

  • Yay!! Will this be permanent? Or will it return to Star Wars?

  • Classic Space Mountain, like glow in the dark stripes on the sides of the vehicles so kids can pretend to see rocket ships fly through outer space?

  • I’m planning to go to Disneyland this year Sept. 25,26,27. What version of Space Mountain will be available around that time?

  • Finally Space Mountain 2005 is coming back!

  • By Classic Space Mountain do mean it’s returning with it’s surfer rock soundtrack because that would be so cool?!

  • Yay!!!

  • This is super exciting! I already planned my June trip and it just got better!!

  • does that mean space mountain will be down for a day or so before? can this be confirmed as we have travel plans that week. Thanks

    • Hyperspace Mountain will close at the end of the operating day May 29, which means the attraction will be closed May 30-31.

  • About time!

  • Yessss! So happy to hear this!

  • When you say “Classic Space Mountain”, does this mean that the original Dick Dale surf guitar soundtrack is coming back? That would be great news!

  • darnit. I arrive june 10. oh well space mountain is classic and probably is how it should be

  • will the attraction be closed prior to june 1 at all to prepare for this?

  • Finally! some good news today

  • I hope they bring Hyperspace Mountain back!

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