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Good Morning From The Tokyo Disneyland Monorail Station

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

A happy Friday from Tokyo Disney Resort!

This picture, snapped by photographer Tom Bricker just before the park opened, shows the Monorail (with adorable Mickey Mouse-shaped windows), as well as Tokyo Disneyland’s main entrance.

Just behind the gates you’ll notice an enclosed building. That’s World Bazaar, the park’s covered version of Main Street, U.S.A., which features shops like Grand Emporium, Disney & Co., Town Center Fashions, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and many others.

You can also spot the park’s Cinderella Castle behind World Bazaar (with Mount Prometheus at Tokyo DisneySea peeking up behind the castle in this elevated shot), and Big Thunder Mountain off to the far left.


  • These actually ARE monorails but not designated by the “Mark” nomenclature that the American parks use. They’re much larger because they are full-scale ALWEG style trains; Disneyland’s monorail system is a 5/8 scale version of the German ALWEG design. Also, besides being much larger, they are also automated, unlike all of the Mark-designated monorails up until the recent automation of the Mark VI trains at WDW.

  • It’s because they aren’t actually Monorails. They are a type of short scale electric train used all over Japan. You also have to pay to ride it since Japanese regulations state that any train that travels between more than two points has to be registered with the Japanese rail system and charge a fare.

  • We stayed at the Tokyo Disneyland hotel last summer and were lucky enough to have a room that faced the monorail station and park entrance! It was beautiful! We would open our windows every night and listen to the music from the station! I highly recommend everyone go!

  • Frank, the monorails are glorious at TDR. They arrive every 3 to 5 minutes without fail. The insides are huge and fit a ton of people. They’re clean and extremely well maintained.

  • Frist question what Mark # is the monorail and 2nd why is it so bulky looking it looks nothing like the sleek ones we have here in the states

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