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How to Spot Water-Savvy Plants at the Disneyland Resort

Kyleigh Johnson

by , External Communications Manager, Disneyland Resort

At the Disneyland Resort, there is more to our landscape design than good looks. With Southern California’s seemingly endless days of beautiful weather, we experience less rainfall than other parts of the country. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new ways to conserve water.

Our Horticulture team, with the help of Walt Disney Imagineering, designs landscapes that not only fit the theme of the area they will be planted in, but also include water-savvy plants. These plants have leaves that are small, waxy, thick, silvery or hairy to minimize water loss. Additionally, they are wide or deeply rooted to maximize water uptake.

How to Spot Water-Savvy Plants at the Disneyland Resort

Download and view the guide to Water-Savvy Plants at the Disneyland Resort to learn where you can see some of these plants on your next visit, and see tips from our Horticulture cast members on how to add some of the foliage to your home garden!


  • also ?☺

  • I love the way the Horticulture cast members and Imagineers select plants that enhance each area’s​ theme! ??????

  • I’m jealous of all the fabulous aloes that are planted in the center of the road where the trams load and unload near World of Disney.

  • I love and appreciate the plants at the Disneyland Resort! I even have a few favorites: the gnarly tree that hangs over the Big Thunder queue, the plants that mimic the look of seaweed near Jumpin’ Jellyfish, and the California-friendly plants at the tram load/unload area in Downtown Disney.

  • I think my Environmental Science teacher called them, “succulent”plants

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