It’s International Juggler’s Day – Celebrate with Performer Randy Cabral at Disney Springs

Darcy Clark

by , Disney Springs Marketing Manager

Years ago, I learned how to juggle scarves – I could do three at a time, and I thought I was pretty good. Little did I know that there were some true masters among us, including a performer who recently dazzled me during an evening stroll through Disney Springs Town Center.

Randy Cabral started juggling 27 years ago, and within a year, he was doing it professionally. (I have a feeling he had graduated beyond the three-scarf party trick by that time!) Learning the craft from a book, he soon started booking kid’s birthday parties, then moved on to gigs at Church Street Station in downtown Orlando and ultimately landed a six-month contact in Japan to perform his stage act for the first time.

Randy credits “being a ‘people person,’ having a willingness to play, and having a desire to keep learning” as the key traits that have made him successful in this field. For Randy, surprising people with a bit of fun and making them part of the act is what he loves most about performing at Disney Springs. Having seen him in action, I can attest that he’s great at it … he has a knack for picking out guests who are excited to be part of the show and I have no doubt that many of them leave with memories to last a lifetime!

In addition to juggling glow-in-the-dark clubs, he can also juggle bowling balls, knives, fire torches and chainsaws (just don’t tell his mom!).

Every night, Disney Springs features over 25 different live acts; keep an eye out for Randy during your next visit to Disney Springs … when he’s here, he can usually be found in the heart of Town Center, not far from the bus loop. (And if you can’t get here tonight for International Juggler’s Day, there’s a good chance you can catch him during a future outing.)

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