Main Street Electrical Parade Extended by Popular Demand at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Main Street Electrical Parade has returned to the place it began, and today I am excited to share that – due to popular demand – this iconic parade will continue lighting up the night at Disneyland park through August 20. The parade has delighted our guests since its return in January, and the limited-time engagement is being extended with encore performances so even more will be able to enjoy its nostalgic magic this summer.

A classic Disney Parks nighttime parade, the Main Street Electrical Parade began at Disneyland park in 1972 and ended its initial run in 1996. It returned to the Disneyland Resort as Disney’s Electrical Parade, bringing magical Disney stories to Disney California Adventure park from 2001 until 2010, when it crossed the country to begin its run at Walt Disney World Resort.

Don’t miss this limited-time engagement of Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland park through August 20!


  • Please extend until Labor Day! My family and I are coming to Disneyland from New York for the first time the last week of August and we love this parade. We were fortunate enough to catch it at Disneyworld in 2014. It is awesome and brings back fond memories while creating new ones for younger kids.

  • Please bring back the entire parade too!! 🙂

  • I am very excited that the MSEP has been extended! Please consider extending it thru the holiday season!! 🙂

  • as MSEP does bring back wonderful and beautiful memories of all my disney trips as a child, one thing that does not make me want to watch it every time im at the parks, is that, this is a NEW or florida version of it! the MSEP that i loved so much was the original! with the dumbo floats and the original music! i mean it still brings back memories but not 200% 🙂 so please please please just bring back PTN!! my kids and i LOVE it! we would drive our 30min drive just to sit for two hrs to wait for the parade ❤️❤️ please being it back soon!

  • I generally go to Disneyland one summer & Disney World the next. There is no better parade than the MSEP. Lots of them are really good, but none compare with this one. This parade encompasses Walt’s dream for family fun. There is nothing wrong with a little nostalgia. I have always shared my love of all things Disney with my nieces and nephew. I am now sharing this parade with my great nephews & niece. They love it as much as I do. Bring it back to DW if you don’t want to keep it. I saw the Carousel of Progress at the 1964 World’s fair in New York, and still go see it ever time I am at DW>

  • It was nice to relive the electrical light parade… now let’s go back to 2017 and bring back Paint the Night. While locals have nostalgia for the original, anyone else is wondering “this looks kinda dated worn.” The old parade was fantastic, but let’s move on.

  • I am so happy that the Main Street Electrical Parade has been extended to 4 days before my birthday in August. Disneyland holds a special meaning for me. It was the last place that I took my dad. He really wanted to go for many years but he lived in Texas. I didn’t know that it was such a dream for him. I was just taking him because that’s where you take all out-of-state visitors. He fell asleep on the way and when he woke up the first thing he saw was Mikey Mouse. He couldn’t stop crying. It had been a dream come true for him. His favorite part was the Main Street Electrical Parade. He died last year this month and the 4th of this month was his birthday. Now that he’s gone, it’s very special for me. I do understand that the other parade is more high tech but this parade brings back all the old classics that made Disney what it is today. Things that Walt himself created. When a place can bring a grown man to tears, that place is something special It can’t be thrown away because it’s not high tech enough. It would be nice if they could create something that has the best of both worlds.

  • Please do not take the parade away, that is one of the most beautiful memories I have from when i was a child and now I would like to have my 3 daughters experience the same, unfortunately every time I do go to Disneyland I would have to leave, due to my daughters illnesses ?. They can not last until it Start’s sometimes or it is to crowed and they get so tired by trying to go through the crowed, that we end up going home which is 1 hour away. Thank goodness I have simple annual pass, the sad thing is I cannot afford to pay for the best annual pass to be able to try to take them then.

  • Please extend until the end of the year cuz we’ll be there in November and would love to see it one more time before it’s gone. We do have a video (purchased at Disneyland) of the parade so if that’s all we get then I guess it will have to do!

  • For those that are saying that they are sick or tired of the msep parade may I ask why or what makes it so sickening? I love this parade because I grew up with it back in my childhood years. Ok it’s a “Classic” parade it’s not hi tech. But it has rich history in it. And the fact that Disney decides to keep moving it might destroy another crucial float. So please keep it at it’s hometown or terminate here and put it to rest in the archives. Nonetheless I will always cherish the Original MSEP parade with the original Baroque Hoedown soundtrack

  • It would be great if you could keep the parade here in Anaheim where it originally began. Seems Florida always gets the upper advantage over Walt disneys original home. I’m sure Walt would have wanted it this way. We have original home movies of the day DL Opened in 1955. We also have videos the day the parade was introduced for the very first day ..

  • Oh please please extend it another month at least – transition it out when you bring in Halloween!!!! My daughter is just old enough to enjoy Disney and we’ve booked our first trip at the end of September! I have such wonderful Memories of seeing this parade with my mom, and I’m so sad I won’t be able to experience it w my daughter??

  • Please, please don’t get rid of it!!! I’ve never seen it as an adult. My family went to Disney when I was a baby and each time I’ve been to the parks since, it wasn’t available or at a different park. It has been a dream of mine to see it one day and I don’t have the means to make it before it’s gone forever. Why get rid of such a classic wonderful parade that is clearly loved. I understand, out with the old and in with the more hi tech but I just wish we can keep some things we grew up on. Plus where else can I hear music like that other than the MSEP.
    My fondest memory is being in Disneyland with my sister in 2009 during a cross country road trip. I was dissapointed the MSEP was not running when we went and during the fireworks a bit of the music came on, the castle lit up in every color and it brought me to happy tears. It’s sad I’ll never get to actually see the parade live but at least I do have that little memory.

  • I sure hope that this doesn’t mean that the Paint the Night Parade will be making a trip down the 10 freeway.

  • I get why they are doing it, and it’s great, this way everyone can see it. But I am honestly TIRED of the MSEP. Yes it was okay the first 4 times we watched it, however as annual passholders, it has grown to be a bore, paint the night was always fun even after the 100th time. What erks me the most is the traffic control for the parade, I mean seriously so many people want to watch it that it becomes an insane hassle to walk from fantasy land to adventure land, it literally took us 30 minutes to get from Fantasy land just to the baby care center because we had to make a ridiculous loop around mainstreet. If this is going to stay until Aug. PLEASE for the love of Walt, create a smoother flow and less ridiculous layout for the parade walkways. Thank you! Other than that, I can not wait for everything to be back to “normal” as Disney Land.

  • Any news as to when Paint the Night will be back? Immediately following MSEP’s closure? Because I’ll be at the parks that next week…

  • We are going the end of September too…please extend some more!

  • Awww man I was planning on bringing my family sept 20th this year. My son was looking forward to see the parade too

  • Hurray!

  • YES YES YES!!!

  • Yes, please confirm this is not an April Fool’s Joke.

  • Please, no. I’m very tired of the MSEP. Please bring back Paint the Night.

  • I am so sad. This is the year we decided to go to WDW; we have gone to Disney Land many times. This is our dream WDW trip and it has been in the making and planning for 3 or so years. This year I have come the closest to making it work. I doubt my son will ever see the main street electric parade. I was happy when we planned it and then heard it got moved to DL for like a year if that. I wish once it is done in dl you put it back in wdw by nov 2017 (I know doubtful. Or you extend it to stay in dl for a few years.) Just Sad, I loved it as a kid. PTN was good, but I will never forget The Main Street Electrical parade late at night.

  • I agree this should come back to Disney world, I saw paint the night a couple of years ago and it didn’t really leave any great impressions on me this way you can make both coasts happy

  • Please bring the MSEP back to magic kingdom! It’s well loved, and I’m upset that for my upcoming visit there will be no nighttime parade.

  • Please bring it back to Magic Kingdom after it’s done at DLR. From what I’ve
    read online they prefer PTN long-term, whereas WDW guests prefer MSEP long-term. I’ve seen both and think MSEP is better and a better fit for MK than a version of PTN would be, particularly the soundtrack.

  • I’m not throwing shade at Paint the Night, but I couldn’t be happier that the MAIN STREET Electrical Parade is back where it belongs. I actually believe Paint the Night should be over at DCA anyway.

  • Si disapointed… I was expecting to see paint the night this sumer… Thinking about cancelling

  • I have to admit that I’m disappointed. I really want Paint the Night to return.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun that the Electrical parade came back for a little nostalgia, but extending its run feels like a step backwards in terms of technology and creativity.

    Please bring back Paint the Night after the Electrical Parade finishes its run!

  • Thank you for the extension so children getting out of school in late June will be able to see this Magical Parade. Please move it back to DCA when done at Disneyland and make it MSEP’s forever home❣

  • After it’s run or two at Disneyland it must not be dismantled, but bring it back to Walt Disney World. You can take a poll at WDW and you folks will find out that all the people there would love to have it come back and stay there.

  • When is Disney World Magic Kingdom getting a parade back! This is ridiculous!

  • So disappointed that Paint the Night won’t be running during the D23 Expo this summer! I know other Expo attendees, like myself, were looking forward to seeing something new. Please bring it back!

  • This is very exciting news! I had hopes that this parade would stay longer! Now my friends and family can enjoy this Disney classic till the end of summer!

  • So disappointed! My family and I are going to our first D23 Expo this summer, and were so excited to see Paint the Night for the first time as well. We’ve already seen the Main Street Electrical Parade countless times at Walt Disney World over the years. Couldn’t Disneyland share Paint the Night with us east-coasters if they’re not going to use it?

  • Is this an April Fool’s joke or is it legit?

  • Given the date is April 1st, can you confirm this isn’t a joke?

  • Seeing this parade return was fun, but I’m worried about what this means for the future of the Paint the Night Parade. Will it be returning for the holidays? Or is its run officially over?

  • When will Paint the Night be returning?

  • Will Paint the Night be returning?

  • Yeah!! My family is coming to visit me in Phoenix in July and we are planning our Disneyland trip as we speak. This makes me so happy that we won’t miss it now!! Thanks fort the great news.

  • Any word on whether the Magic Kingdom’s nightly “Festival of Silence” parade will continue?

  • I’m so happy to hear this! I’m glad guests will have the entire summer to see the glow of this glittering Disney classic!

  • Ummm… April Fool’s?

  • Please tell me paint the night is coming back after.

  • When it’s run is done at Disneyland, please move it back to DCA for a nice, long stay. Only parade I have ever cared about and the only one I have ever waited for.

  • Kinda curious timing of the announcement… I can see people thinking this as some sort of elaborate April Fool’s joke. 😉

  • I love this parade so this is great news!! Will the dining packages still be available with the extension?

  • That’s so exciting! Wondering when Magic Kingdom will get a night parade! We really miss it! Hopefully by when Once Upon a Time premieres!

  • This is great news thank you now if you could restock the light up ears I’d be all set ?

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