Video Rewind: Different Perspectives on Disney Parks

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Watch this amazing split-screen look at a day in Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland park, simultaneously!

What does “World of Color” at Disney California Adventure park look like from 1,800 feet in the air? Find out in this video!

The miniature garden railroad at the Germany Pavilion is always a must-see for me at Epcot. In this video, you can imagine riding those tiny rails yourself!


  • I really love the POV video of the Epcot Germany pavilion train (that train that I sometimes see derailed, and WANT to fix, but as a guest feel that it’s not my place to fix a prop that it’s not my job to touch).

    Also, in the Disneyland vs Walt Disney World video…VERY nice touch having one of the kids wearing a Mickey Ears hat that has “Walt” embroidered on it, and the other kid wearing one with Roy’s name (not just because Walt and Roy were a team, which they very much were, but because Walt introduced Disneyland and Roy introduced Walt Disney World — after Mickey finally convinced Roy to come out and do it after he originally said he couldn’t do it without his brother, who had very sadly passed away (that’s one of my favorite stories about the opening if WDW, and much love to the manager and to Mickey, who convinced him to dedicate the park…because he knew that if Mickey was there, he knew that WALT was there).

    (If you see that pic of Roy delivering the opening speech, with Mickey having his hands folded in front of him…it’s not that Mickey was just posing like that; it’s that Mickey knew that this was a very somber moment for Roy.)

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a lot of fantastic Disney Parks moments in my life, including several years working at Disneyland (it was hard work, especially in my department where we had to push heavy vending carts through large crowds, up/down hills, on uneven pavement that fit the area but wasn’t easy to push carts on…and also through crowds of people who don’t want to move to the side, but who you also don’t want to hurt by hitting them instead of slowing down…but I absolutely loved every second of my time as a cast member).

    But while I wasn’t there for the Magic Kingdom opening ceremony, I still consider it, especially knowing now what I didn’t know when I first watched the footage many years ago, as one of the greatest Disney Parks moments ever. Roy really needed some Disney magic, and Disney magic delivered in a big way on that day. And Disney Magic has, for the most part (granted, there ARE non-magical moments in any day at the parks, but as long as you hold onto and use your pixie dust, even if you only have mental pixie dust and aren’t actually being sprinkled with pixie dust by Tinker Bell), been working its magic ever since.

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