Love-Themed Disney Pin Celebration Coming to Epcot this August

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

If you love collecting or trading pins at Disney Parks, mark your calendar for August 25-26, 2017 when the annual Disney Pin Celebration returns to World ShowPlace at Epcot. I recently caught up with Qunyh Kimball, a graphic designer with Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Creative Group, to discover the meaning behind this year’s event theme, “Love is an Adventure.”

Love-Themed Disney Pin Celebration Coming to Epcot this August

“We asked the Cast Members who design and develop pins to define the phrase, ‘I love Disney,’” explained Quynh. “We discovered there are many ways to love Disney through memorable characters, adventurous stories, and shared experiences. This opened a world of characters we could feature on the collectible items created especially for this event.”

Love-Themed Disney Pin Celebration Coming to Epcot this August

Guests attending this ticketed event will have the first opportunity to purchase limited edition pins and products, which will be wonderful additions to any Disney pin collection.

“I’m delighted we have included both beloved characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and characters not often seen on pins such as Ray from Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog,’” continued Quynh.

I selected a handful of my favorite designs including a two-pin set with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Disney’s “Tangled,” or a pin with Hiro and Baymax from Disney’s “Big Hero 6.” Guests will also find several “mini-jumbo” pins inspired by classic attractions or characters found at Disney Parks.

Love-Themed Disney Pin Celebration Coming to Epcot this August

Another item topping my list is the mystery pin collection containing many expressions of love. There are a total of 16 pins in this set, and each box contains two randomly selected pins. In addition to the eight pins shown above, the set will also contain eight limited edition chaser pins each with an edition size of 250.

Love-Themed Disney Pin Celebration Coming to Epcot this August

Attendees should also look for this incredible six-pin set with Carl and Ellie from Disney-Pixar’s “Up,” and the Disney Villain-inspired “Love is Vain” set containing six 3D sculpted pins.

Love-Themed Disney Pin Celebration Coming to Epcot this August

In addition to perusing through the pins created for this event, guests will participate in trading activities; meet Disney artists and merchandisers; and have opportunities to take photos with world famous Disney characters.

For more details on how to register for this event, please visit

Please note space is limited.


  • Oh that “Up” set!!!! I wish I lived closer, or that my honeymoon wasn’t at the beginning of August- we’re missing it by like 2 weeks! I have an “Up” cake topper! It’s so cute- no chances there will be any released online??

  • Please say these will be available on-line, or at least that we could call and order them. The Princess and the Frog one is actually one of the scene’s l painted in the movie and l would love the pin for my collection. Plus some of the others hold great memories as well. For those of us who live far away and can’t afford to go this August please share the magic and don’t leave us out.

  • These look amazing!

  • Do we need to purchase tickets to the event?

  • When will information be available for the upcoming food & wine festival? Since it is starting even earlier this year we are assuming we can make reservations sooner. We plan to visit in September this year. This will be our 4th year coming down and we find it is very difficult to make reservations for the special dining events they are always sold out even when we call the first day reservations are being taken. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • I guessing folks asked the above questions before clicking on the link, but 150.00 entrance fee so it is an event, not just sales. (PS EPCOT entrance NOT included). In addition to meet and greats, you’ll get a “One (1) $30 Disney Gift Card:
    Welcome Pin
    Go the Distance Trading Challenge Six (6) Pin Gift Set
    Goodbye Pin Set”

    So 120.00 for at LEAST 9 pins. (Guessing the good bye ‘set’ is at least 2 pins….)

    Not a bad deal if you’re a pin trading person.

  • “Meet and GREETS”….she sheesh…not enough coooofffffeeee lol

  • I’m glad I will be going, I’m picking a few up for people that aren’t able to make it to the event. I love Baymax and Tangled ones! If anyone else needs any picked up for them, feel free to send contact me (A Disney Personal Shopper, Based In Orlando – facebook). My daughter is excited for these!

  • Will we be able to purchase the Tangled, Big Hero 6, or Ray the firefly pins without being registered for the event?

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