New Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience to Debut in Disneyland Park

There’s a new way to take in the Tomorrowland skyline at Disneyland park, from a unique point of view! To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Space Mountain at Disneyland Resort, a new lounge experience will debut in Tomorrowland on May 26.

New Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience to Debut in Disneyland Park

The new Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience features retro décor and desserts—both sweet and savory, as well as both hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages. The lounge area will be open to guests from 8-10 p.m. If a fireworks spectacular is scheduled, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse right from your seat.

New Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience to Debut in Disneyland Park

Your interstellar snack box will include:

  • Mickey Cloud Cake: Cream-filled sponge cake
  • Chocolate Eclipse: Cream-filled chocolate cake drenched in chocolate
  • Coconut Comet: Coconut-strawberry iced sponge cake filled with cream
  • Planetary Pie: Mini cherry-filled pie
  • Moon Rocks: Boursin herbed cheese, cream cheese, shredded cheddar and jack cheese, chives, pimentos, bacon

Cost is $45 for ages 3 and older, tax included. Reservations are now open, and can be booked by visiting or by calling 714-781-DINE.


  • I have plans to go next time. Are you sure to visit Mickey and Minnie?

  • I did this experience tonight and can confirm that you do definitely see the fireworks very well, although they appear to the sides of the Matterhorn by perspective rather than the Castle, which you cannot see from this vantage point. The reason they say you ‘may’ or ‘may not’ see fireworks is because they may be canceled. To ight’s fireworks show made it about halfway through before they canceled the rest due to high winds; the fireworks also did not go on Thursday night, again due to winds. The event still continued. Well worth the price!

  • We experienced the Skyline Lounge last Wed. It was such a great view of the fireworks. Mickey & Minnie even stopped by so that was unexpected & cool! The desserts were yummy as well.

  • @Gina: Yes, it says “if” a fireworks show is scheduled…but this is only being offered on nights when there are fireworks. It starts on May 26, and so do the nightly summer fireworks. I’ll bet my $45 that this will end when the nightly summer fireworks end (and temperatures start to drop).
    @Colin: You can absolutely, definitely see the fireworks from this location. Back when it was open and accessible (i.e. Innoventions), there would always be people up there to watch the show from a ‘different’ vantage point. This is a fireworks dessert party, but not being billed explicitly as such because the fireworks cancel so often due to weather conditions.

  • Just to second Gina, I called this morning to inquire about the view from the Lounge for the fireworks and Disney Dining was adamant you CANNOT see the fireworks from this viewpoint. I’d encourage the blog to clarify this post, access to the lounge is in no way a fireworks dining package.

  • $45 is steep for some snacks and a view. I would think it would be open seating first come first serve and purchase required. Just an added feature for guests but $45? I don’t think it’s worth it

  • Is everyone clear that this does NOT include fireworks?? It says “IF” a firework show is scheduled you can catch a glimpse from your seat. You are paying for the snack and a view of Tomorrowland and that’s it.

  • Is there a gluten free option, or a way to join my friends without paying $45 for food I can’t eat?

  • It looks amazing. I hope you have a vegetarian option for the snack instead of the cheese with bacon. Also $45 is a bit pricey, especially when you are a family of four, $180 to watch fireworks & have a snack? OUCH

  • We did the MSEP Blue Bayou on Monday. The location is right across from the front of the train station. I would think that the trees and stuff by the flag pole might be in the way for fireworks, but it may not be in the way. Show up early.

  • @andrew. It is the 430 dinner. Yes, I was thinking of canceling and staying where I was at to watch the fireworks. Or keep and enjoy a little sit down and snack.

  • So, Disney often strives to provide as much value for their guests as they can. In this case, I am not so sure that $45 is quite worth it? You are getting a sub-par fireworks show, and a few snacks.
    The absolute best view is in between Coke corner and the Main St. camera shop. Why? Because there is a whole story told at the castle, that you aren’t getting here.

    Quite honestly, I can spend about $10 at the Starbucks, on coffee and a pastry, and then head to that spot, that a friend, or family member would be holding for us.

    Yeah. I get it. Far less crowds.

    Still, I would’t pay it.

    With this being said, not too long ago, there was an exclusive experience that brought you on the set of The Jungle Cruise. It was about $300.00 and included a full meal. THIS is worth it, because it is something that you couldn’t get any other way.

    Thanks so much!

  • @Liz: Which MSEP showing did you book? If your dining package is for the first parade showing, you can stay in your reserved parade spot for the fireworks (and you wouldn’t have time to make it to the Lounge Patio before the fireworks start anyway).

  • @Kristin: Upstairs on Tomorrowland Expo/Launch Bay/Innoventions, you can tell from the photo in the post.

    @Liz: Yes, you can see all of the fireworks from that spot, though you won’t see any of the castle projections or much of Tinker Bell’s flight. I assume they will pipe the fireworks music into the balcony speakers, but they haven’t actually mentioned that yet.

  • Where exactly is this? The top of Innoventions or the old PeopleMover loading area?

  • I booked this and Blue Bayou for MSEP for my birthday in June. I was curious if you can see the full fireworks from here? Thank you.

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