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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Pirates of the Caribbean?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” opened in theaters this past weekend, and to celebrate we’re devoting this week’s quiz to the attraction that inspired the film franchise – Pirates of the Caribbean.

How well do you know the attraction at Walt Disney World Resort? Test your knowledge below.

Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom Park

What area of Magic Kingdom Park can Pirates of the Caribbean be found in?
Pirates of the Caribbean
When did Pirates of the Caribbean open at Magic Kingdom Park?
Pirates of the Caribbean
Who is at the helm of the ship in The Fort scene of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction?
Pirates of the Caribbean
How many Audio-Animatronics figures will you find inside Pirates of the Caribbean?
Pirates of the Caribbean
How many gallons of water are used in Pirates of the Caribbean?
Pirates of the Caribbean


  • I know it well enough to know the auction scene does NOT need to be changed! LEAVE IT ALONE! That goes for the one at Disneyland in California, too!

  • 4-5 only missed the gallons of water question

  • Have been on Pirates of the Caribbean many times starting in 1973 and thought I knew it -2 out of 5- guess not. Just got back from a week and did Pirates again and again. Michael I think you mis read it, said thousand of gallons, may be they just corrected it.

  • I didn’t do as well as I thought! Gotta up my obscure Disney Parks trivia game!

  • did really good. more questions. thx

  • I thought I knew Pirates of the Caribbean.
    I thought I knew all I could riding for ten years.
    Then I went to Disneyland, and rode their Pirates.
    I never knew….what I was missing….what WAS missing.

  • I have this thought that there might be a few zeros missing from the water answers? I can probably almost fit 200 gallons of water in the back of a large SUV, there has to be more water than that in the ride track.

    I got all the others right though! 🙂

  • “How many gallons of water are used in Pirates of the Caribbean? 155, 180, or 200 gallons.” I think the available choices in this quiz are more reflective of a hot tub at Carribean Beach Resort! We’re off by several hundred thousand gallons 🙂

  • More questions please

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