Adventurous New Tastes at Bengal Barbecue in Disneyland Park

In the heart of Adventureland at Disneyland park, it’s hard to miss Bengal Barbecue. The smell of fire-cooked meats and vegetables lures explorers to its thatched roof. Today, I’m excited to share new menu items that are now available at Bengal Barbecue.

Ahi Poke Spring Roll – Marinated Ahi tuna with crisp lettuce, carrots, daikon, pickled cucumber, cilantro, Thai basil, mint, sliced jalapeños and creamy wasabi mayo rolled in a rice paper wrap. Served with a delectable side of ginger dipping sauce.

Adventurous New Tastes at Bengal Barbecue in Disneyland Park

Hummus Trio – Three delicious house-made varieties of hummus, jalapeño, black bean, red pepper and feta are served with an assortment of fresh vegetables.

Jungle Julep – A tropical slush with grape, orange, pineapple and lemon. This drink is sure to take your taste buds on a tropical vacation!

Soon, guests will be able to enjoy these exotic eats in a cool new indoor seating area! These items will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to take a walk on the wild side and check them out.


  • Interesting.

  • While these items sound delicious, I hope that they don’t sell. Please keep the barbecue in Bengal Barbecue! I really miss this eating place when I visit Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom.

  • Looking forward to checking out the new indoor eating area and trying out the Spring Rolls as well as the Julep but sure hope U don’t ever get rid of the Barbeque items! We LOVE the Bengal Beef, Chieftan Chicken, and the Outback veggie skewers but most especially the Safari skewers!! ?

  • Sounds delicious, I’m hoping that this is in addition to the skewers and not a replacement.

  • Sounds fun! I’m excited to try the hummus trio! These items seem very complementary to the current menu.

  • I’m glad to see an update to this menu, but I would have really loved to see a tofu skewer, or tofu spring roll if you were going that route. Disneyland park has about two vegan meal options. It’s time for some more.

  • Thank you so much for the lighter fare and veggie options!!! I love the BBQ, but in the heat of the summer, these will be perfect!

  • Looking forward to trying the hummus!

  • The hummus sounds delicious, I just wish it was dairy free! There is a huge lack of dairy free veg food in Disneyland. Is it possible to get it without the feta one?

  • Any vegetarian options ?

  • Will this effect any “meat on a stick” options? Are any of those going away?

  • No more delicious delicacies in all the land (Disneyland or ANYland!) than the Bengal Barbeque’s Banyan Beef Skewers and the amazing sauce they come in!! (Add anything you guys like to the menu, and I hope they are still there to try, when I get to DL in a few weeks) BUT… don’t even ever THINK about not offering BANYAN! Please, my life will end! BTW: I’ve tried duplicating the sauce at home many times. Taste is close, yet mine always turns out black (since it’s mostly soy sauce) yet at Bengal, it’s “dark orange”… anyone know why? Last thing: Will the new seating area be done by DL’s 62nd birthday??

  • Wishing they could swap regular soy sauce in their recipes with gluten-free tamari which taste the same and it wouldn’t compromise taste. Those of us that can’t eat gluten would greatly appreciate the consideration.

  • Would love to bring back the Moana skewers. They were the best!!!

  • I second Evelyns comment. If you can switch the soy sauce to tamari sauce , that would be great. It is soy sauce, it tastes exactly the same. Otherwise, we can’t eat it with our gluten allergy.

  • Really happy to see some more options at Bengal Barbecue; I hope these are popular enough to stick around! I’d love to see a vegetarian spring roll and vegan/dairy-free hummus option, as well.

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