Every Role a Starring Role – Food & Beverage Cast Member at Disneyland Resort

Kyleigh Johnson

by , External Communications Manager, Disneyland Resort

After adventuring through Tarzan’s Treehouse and helping Indiana Jones escape from a rolling boulder, guests make their way across Adventureland to Bengal Barbeque, where Food and Beverage cast member Marvin Valdez is waiting to greet them with a tasty skewer and Jungle Julep.

Whether prepping the day’s delicious skewers, manning the barbeque, or stocking the location, Marvin always finds time to connect with his fellow cast members and guests. Learn more about Marvin’s role in this episode of “Every Role a Starring Role.”

Rachel recently posted about some limited time menu options available now at Bengal Barbeque and expanded indoor seating coming soon.


  • Amazing video as always Kyleigh! Looking forward to more to the “Every Role a Starring Role” series!

  • I consider the Bengal Barbeque to be one of the most unique Disney counter service eateries and it is a family favorite. Keep up the good work Marvin!

  • Well now I’ve gotta go try that Jungle Julep and look for Marvin. I love these Starrimg Roles segments.

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