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Latest on Enhancements to The Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Since the Magic Kingdom Park opened in 1971, The Hall of Presidents has brought together a one-of-a-kind look at the office of the President of the United States through film and the magic of Disney’s Audio-Animatronics technology. Despite some media reports to the contrary, President Trump will have a speaking role in The Hall of Presidents, like every president since 1993. We have been working closely with the current White House — just as we have with previous administrations — and the president’s recording session has been scheduled. The attraction will re-open in late 2017.

Whenever we refurbish one of our attractions, we take the opportunity to consider a broad range of enhancements. In this case, The Hall of Presidents is getting a new show, and a complete theater upgrade including a new sound system, lighting and high-definition projection system. The multi-screen viewing experience you may have seen in prior versions of the attraction is returning with an even wider vantage point of our country’s history.


  • I’m sure the new show will be huuuuuuuuuuuge!!!!!!

  • Sorry to say that you won’t see me returning to this attraction until we have a new president. I was hoping the press was correct in that he would not be having a speaking role.

  • I am very excited to see all of these new enhancements! I used to walk past this attraction and not even give it a thought, however that all changed when I experienced it for the first time 3 years ago during 4th of July weekend. It moves you in ways you never imagined! I love everything about this attractions!

  • Happy the Hall is getting some needed upgrades and also “VERY SAD!” at one noticeable downgrade

  • Excited to see the 45th POTUS Mr. Trump taking his place in the hall of presidents will definitely be looking forwards to see this opening later in the year. I had never bothered to stop at this attraction on previous visits but will be on the agenda now!

  • I think President Trump’s addition to the Hall of Presidents is going to be MAGA!

  • Happy about the enhancements, and will definitely visit on next vacation to see our 45th President.

  • A little sad we didn’t get to see it on our last trip. Not sure if it will be open again by the time we visit.

  • So exciting! I can’t wait to see President Trump added to this amazing attraction! Well done Disney!

  • Awesome- an even bigger upgrade and refurbishment than we thought originally! Can’t wait to see all the presidents of our great country’s history and to hear our current President’s speech.

  • Thanks for making the Hall of Presidents “Great Again”! I cannot wait to see President Trump added to the attraction. Way to go Disney!

  • Hurry with the refurb Disney. I’m excited to see my 45th POTUS speak!

  • THRILLED to hear about all the upgrades and our new POTUS having his rightful place on the stage. Regardless of your political beliefs, all Americans should take the time to view this attraction and reflect on our great nation and those who helped to build it.

  • I am a Florida resident annual pass holder. I have been for many years. Although I am aware of the fact any new president gets his 15 minutes of fame, but this time I will sit this one out. Disney World is supposed to be the happiest place on earth and for me to believe that, I don’t want to be reminded of this man.

  • Even though I may not be a fan of POTUS #45, I am a huge WDW fan and look forward to the opening of the Hall of Presidents with the new enhancements. Thank you Disney for doing what is right even though people may not agree with you.

  • I am really disappointed on how people are acting over our POTUS. I was not at all happy with the prior administration, but I respected the office and still went and seen the Hall of Presidents. We are Americans and are blessed to be so. Thank you Disney for doing the right thing.

  • Does this mean that Presidents will not be reopening this month and instead be under renovation for the entire summer/fall?

  • I am really happy for this change. Donald Trump is our President and we should treat Him as such.

  • SO happy to hear this news! The Hall of Presidents is one of our favorite attractions! We have taken our grandchildren to see this and the American Pavilion to make our country’s history come alive for them. Disney should never cave in to political pressures from either “side” but should present accurate information, regardless of any other opinions one way or the other. Congratulations for continuing this great tradition as it should be presented! Anxious to get back to see the new presentation!

  • We have and are taking 5 Disney vacations in a just over a year (WDW, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, Hilton Head & Aulani), so I’m so happy to hear that Disney is moving forward with President Trump–as it would with any president. The people have voted. The Hall of Presidents is a great (and fun) educational Disney attraction that shows our incredible history and peaceful transition of power–started by George Washington and continued with Barack Obama. Thank you Disney for honoring this history. We are excited to see all the new enhancements!

  • Thank you for continuing the tradition that was set in 1993. No matter what side of the fence your on, this is America’s history and needs to be told. I love the US and no matter who is sitting as our current president that position deserves respect. I can’t wait to see the new show with all of the enhancements!

  • I agree with Tina 100%! God Bless America on it’s upcoming Birthday, as well as the President of the United States of America. We are the greatest country in the free world and we need to start acting as such. Disney bravo for keeping up the tradition of The Hall of Presidents.

  • Thank you for sticking to your commitment of giving each new president a speaking role! Very excited to see President Trump in The Hall of Presidents.

  • Thank you for clearing this up. I am excited to see President Trump, as I have always been excited to see the new President every 8 years when it changes. I am thrilled that the show is getting a makeover as well. Despite his unpopularity with some people, Mr. Trump epitomizes one of the key lessons of the show and indeed this country – anyone can become the president, even someone who isn’t a D.C. insider / elite!

  • I too, am sorry I will not be returning to the beautiful Hall of Presidents. The reason is not important, just that I am sad, not being able to enjoy the Presidents.

  • In the words of the person occupying our White House…..SAD!!!

  • No thanks. I’ll pass.

  • Super excited to see President Trump in the attraction, with a speaking part as well…it’s great to see one of my favorite politicians getting what he deserves, respect.

  • Good choice, Disney: the right choice. The hall of presidents should be a driven by history, not politics.

  • I’m a Trump supporter, and can’t wait to see the new Hall of Presidents. I am pleased to see WDW is keeping to the tradition of honoring each POTUS. Thankfully, though they are a extremely liberal company, they realize its the right thing to do. For those that want to sit it out, that is their right to do so, and I, just like WDW respect their decision.

  • Next to The Tower of Terror, The Hall of Presidents is my absolute fave. I am thrilled to see the new addition and applaud WDW for keeping with tradition. God Bless America

  • If Disney changes the Hall of Presidents back to only Washington and Lincoln having speaking roles, I’ll continue to visit the attraction. If “Donald Trump” speaks, I simply won’t won’t go back to the Hall of Presidents.

  • We really enjoy this attraction, finding it very informative and moving .It will be interesting to see the reaction of the visitors with the introduction of President Trump.As visitors from the UK we enjoy the the reactions of the americans at the end of the show when each president is named.We are visiting in September and are really hoping it is open then especially as splash mountain will be down.

  • I can’t wait to see President Trump in the Hall of Presidents! I admit, I haven’t visited this particular attraction in years. Now I will have a reason to go!

  • Are we any closer to announcing an actual re-opening date? Late 2017 is evasive, at best. Any chance we can *count on* early September, or sooner?

  • Excited to see the enhancements to the show and to see President Trump. Having been there for 8 years. I am ready to go now. Thank you so very much. I will keep my annual pass.

  • I will be looking forward, for the first time in 8 years, to go see the new up grades! But most of all, looking forward to see Mr Trump Among the presidents! Hope that it will be very soon, like early October!

  • Let’s try this again. I will go once to see the updates. There, that should be acceptable.

  • I understand working closely with the administration to get a president a role in the attraction, but it’s taking longer than it should. I understand theater upgrades, but I wonder why we haven’t received word on whether or not trump’s lines have been recorded. Speaking of upgrades, Carousel of Progress should get some of the same upgrades the hall is getting! We could use a new sound system in there!

  • Absolutely can’t wait for the Hall of President’s with Donald Trump. This is one of my favorite attractions. Love this President!

  • Looking forward to seeing the new show, especially our new president. Hopefully, the enhancements will be completed by the early fall.

  • So happy Disney is doing the right thing. Super excited to see my favorite president, Mr. Donald J. Trump!

  • Disappointment this wonderful attraction was not open during our visit this month, BUT thrilled to see President Trump will have a speaking role! He will make the Hall of Presidents GREAT AGAIN.

  • I’m going in 4 weeks. Hope it’s open. I love this classic attraction. I’m always respectful to the “Presidents” even if I didn’t like them in real life. But I truly cannot wait to see President Trump! I wasn’t too sure about him at first but now I really like him

  • So excited to see this! Really hoping it’ll be open by 9/10?

  • ill bet the new show will be the biggest, most viewed, highest rated version of this classic attraction to date with a true American icon on the presidential stage showcasing inclusion and honesty — its time to make America great again!

  • I love to carry my family and friends to see The Hall of Presidents. It’s a wonderful place to learn about the history of our country. Not to mention a nice break from the hectic pace of the day. I can’t wait to see President Trump and I understand he will be given a speaking part. Please open it by early September.

  • I always loved this attraction, but no longer can.
    We will see what the future holds that may enable me to return.
    Till then I will visit Epcot’s American Adventure.

  • Can’t wait to see the new refurbishments, President Trump,and all our previous Presidents as well; hopefully it’s open by Thanksgiving weekend while we are there!!

  • Please open up the President’s hall soon. I was very disappointed during our vacation that it was closed still at the end of August 2017. Want to come back in November but want to know the hall will be open so I can see President Trump.

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