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Proud Pet Parent Expands Disney Tails Collection at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Recently, I caught up with product developer and proud pet parent Kevin-Michael Lezotte at Disney Parks Merchandise headquarters. He is part of the team who created the Disney Tails pet collection. This year, the collection was expanded to include products for smaller pets. Kevin-Michael shared a behind-the-scenes look at how his dog Haji inspired these new items created especially for Disney Parks.

New products in the collection include leads, headbands, collars, comfort harnesses, and pet bowls. Guests will find both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse-inspired looks.

Proud Pet Parent Expands Disney Tails Collection at Disney Parks

In addition to dog products, we released a red cat collar with removable bell. Based on its popularity with guests, Kevin-Michael told me will be adding a purple cat collar in the coming year.

Proud Pet Parent Expands Disney Tails Collection at Disney Parks

I loved seeing his dog Haji sporting the checkered comfort harness and collar in the video. The photograph inspired me to capture an image of my long-haired Chihuahua Yodie wearing the Mickey Mouse headband (I slightly modified it to fit his small head).

Kevin-Michael discussed how he feels when seeing pets with Disney Tails items.

“I actually get quite emotional [laughs]. I’m honored when guests choose Disney Tails products that we’ve spent so much time and thought developing. I know pets are important to families as my dog is like a child to me. These items are a fun way guests can share their love of Disney with their furry family members.”

Guests will find these items in select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. You may also find select items on as well as the Shop Disney Parks app.


  • Another request for larger sizes…Our Alaskan Malamute comes in at 160 pounds and our German Shepherd at 130. Love the designs, too small!!

  • Such cute stuff! I’ve got a 14 pound Havanese, but she is mostly black, so something more colourful would stand out more – that Mickey head collar in purple would be fantastic! Bright colours for the dark &/or girl dogs please!

  • I would like to buy this merchandise but it’s all sized too large for my 4.5 pound, 3-year old Yorkshire Terrier. Unfortunately your small-medium is way too large and I’ve had to toss the collars away.

  • Yes yes need sizes that will accommodate our XL dogs! I have 2 Great Danes that are 117 and 165 lbs and they would LOVE to have Disney accessories just like their mom!

  • We have 3 dogs–small, medium and chubby. We’ve bought bandanas and leashes, but would love more options. We always buy them something if we see it.

  • About two months ago I saw a great-looking raised feeder stand and bowl set on the Disney Store site for the first time, and when I went back to order it a couple of days later it was gone, and I haven’t seen it there since despite checking there and the Shop Parks app regularly. I also looked around WDW when I was there a month ago and have been looking now while I’m here. Was I imagining it, or is/will there be such a thing again somewhere?

  • I totally agree about more cat items! The bowls were just a tad too deep for my flat faced Persians. No would love ears for my cat or outfits!

  • Yay! Disney Tails! I love these products! We bought some mickey ears for our Boarder Collie/Springer and while he looks cute, doesn’t like them. We will keep trying 🙂 . I’ve dressed him as Mickey and me as Minnie the last few Halloweens and he “helps” me pass out candy to the kids as they trick or treat.
    We also have the plush chewy yellow mickey shoe, mickey ear hat chew toy and an older mickey head plush toy with a squeaker from the previous line of Disney Tail items.

    To all pet parents: did you know that you can buy a Doggie cupcake at Sprinkles at Disney Springs? We like using the cupcake ATM where you get two cupcakes in a cute box!! Our dog loves them!
    Keep Calm and Bark On!! …………….Squirrell!?!

  • Please make these for smaller dogs, too! My Pomeranian is just shy of 6 pounds and the small harnesses started at 15 pounds.

  • Yes please, larger sizes would be fantastic! My two Boxer babies weighing in at 57-lbs (female) and 72-lbs (male) would look so awesome in these harnesses 🙂
    They love the ice cream Mickey bar, unfortunately, it doesn’t last long but they have fun with it while it lasts 🙂

  • Yes please make them for large dogs…. I have 96 lb golden he needs more Mickey stuff…

  • It is so disappointing they aren’t offering any in larger sizes.. our English Bulldog grandpup wears her Disney princess leash and collar with princes pride!! Would love the Minnie Polka Dots for her!!

    Please don’t discriminate against plump pups!! #MissUtley will thank you!

  • I too would love to see larger sizing and more adjustability on the dog harnesses. We have 2 beagle mixes, and the harness only barely fits our smaller beagle. They weigh around 35 pounds, so no way would this fit a 50 pound dog.

  • I wish the harnesses were also made for large dogs! They won’t fit my Labrador ?

  • Agree with others. Would definitely like to see this line expanded for larger dogs. Our “puppy” is 95 lbs. So much cute stuff but not big enough for him.

  • What about cats? I’m a proud parent of 2 kitties and I would love some merchandise geared towards them!

  • Would love to see larger metal bowls. They come in Small and Medium… where is Large? Thanks!

  • Yes please for larger sizes! We were disappointed to not be able to get the Minnie harness for our female GSD mix — her name is Mickey and she NEEDS one of the harnesses! 😉

    • @Dina – Thank you for your comments. I’ll share your feedback with the development team.

  • Love it! But wish it came in bigger sizes, I have English Mastiff’s 220lbs. So please expand the sizes

  • I love that you are coming out with more items for our four-legged children. My husband and I go to the Disney Parks at least 3 times each year and we never buy for ourselves, but for our “kids”. We always try to find fun plush animals and small things they would like that won’t hurt them. (No beans or small things they can swallow). The selection at the World of Disney and the parks has always been little or nothing. I really hope I will see these items in the stores when I get there in a few months. I like to look at the items, quality and size to judge what will fit and what will not.

    • @Adrienne – Hope you have a wonderful trip in a few months. You can preview many items today on (search “Pet” or “Disney Tails”) or Shop Disney Parks app ( You can have items shipped directly home before your trip.

  • Both of my dogs are over 170 pounds. Would be great if there were products for extra large dogs, too.

  • I wish the Mikey harness came smaller. I wanted to get one for my little dog. Also, I would love to see more products for pets in the parks. My dogs are the ones I shop for when I’m on vacation and Inwas disappointed in the selection.

  • I LOVE that this line is expanding, and I want even more! Definitely would rather get this kind of merch in the parks and at Disney Store than via etsy or other places. Especially when I’m on vacation, I’m done buying souvenirs for myself – but I will happily buy things for my Frenchie mix!

  • Please make these for large dogs too! Usually only the collars come in large sizes, but I would love a Mickey or Minnie harness for my dog.

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