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Reservations Open Today for Frozen Ever After Sparkling Dessert Party: A Cool New Way to View Fireworks at Epcot

Starting July 17, there will be a delicious new way to experience “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth” at Epcot. Reservations open today for the brand-new Frozen Ever After Dessert Party, the coolest dessert party with reserved seating to an amazing fireworks spectacular, delicious desserts and a special opportunity to enjoy the Frozen Ever After attraction!

The party, which takes place in World Showcase Plaza East, overlooking World Showcase Lagoon, will feature décor, drinks, desserts and snacks inspired by the beloved film, “Frozen.” Don’t worry about staking out the perfect spot to view the fireworks, because Frozen Ever After Dessert Party guests will have reserved seating. Sip on specialty cotton candy lemonade or “melted snow” and other non-alcoholic beverages, which will delight guests of all ages. Adults 21 years and older can enjoy alcoholic beverages such as a piña colada, margarita or “Summertime Punch,” a refreshing blend of prickly pear syrup, vodka, lemonade and ginger ale.

Desserts and snacks will be served on three buffet stations, check out the menus below!

Hot & Cold

  • Olaf’s Warm Double Chocolate S’mores Pudding Cake
  • Elsa’s Warm Cottage Pudding with Salted Caramel Glaze
  • Hand-dipped Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Small Bites

  • Wandering Oaken’s Eclairons
  • Hans’ Key Lime Tarts with Red Glitter Glaze
  • Living Rock Crispy Bonbons
  • Anna’s Blue Velvet Cupcakes
  • Kristoff’s No Sugar Added Lemon Curd with Blueberry

Not So Sweet

  • Sven’s Fresh Fruits & Berries
  • Grand Pabbie’s Winter-spiced Snack Mix
  • Duke of Weselton’s Cheese Fondue served with Country Bread Cubes, Broccoli, and Grilled Flatbread

After “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth,” guests of the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party will be escorted to the Norway Pavilion for a special ride on the popular Frozen Ever After attraction.

The Frozen Ever After Dessert Party is another exciting offering from the Enchanting Extras Collection, which allows guests to enhance their vacation with one-of-a-kind Disney experiences. Cost is $79 for guests ages 10 and above, $47 for ages 3 to 9—tax and gratuity included. Reservations are now open for dates beginning July 17 and can be made by visiting or by calling 407-WDW-DINE.


  • Curious, I see the dates offered for December 2017, however it appears there is no party offered for the date we will be visiting Epcot. Will more dates become available the closer to December we get or is this a set schedule? I want to make sure I am not wasting my time checking, if nothing will be changing.

  • If reservations can be made now for Magic Kingdom’s Fireworks Dessert Party in March 2018, why can’t the same be true for the Frozen Dessert Party? Currently, the Frozen Dessert Party is only booking until December 2017. As other guests have mentioned, this is frustrating. We’re worried it will conflict with other dining plans when reservations can’t be coordinated at the same time.

  • I have also been watching every single day and calling, but no one has any clue when schedule will be available for anything past October. This is extremely frustrating when the rest of my dining has to be booked so far in advance. We’re coming in December and I’m really hoping this will be available, but am worried it will conflict with the rest of our dining plans since I couldn’t coordinated and plan everything at the same time. Bad planning on Disney’s part. 🙁

  • So sad that the adult champagne dessert party is no more 🙁 Not a big fan of Frozen and feel like it was a wonderful adult option for epcot that now has gone by the wayside.

  • Any news for December bookings yet?

  • Personally, I am sad to see that the more adult friendly regular Illuminations DP has gone by the wayside in favor of yet another more kid friendly option. Don’t get me wrong, I love all things Frozen and this looks like a spectacular option, but I wish it didn’t come at the expense of the regular DP, but rather in addition to. Even if that meant certain nights of the week were the Frozen version and others the regular. The $50 price tag was more reasonable imo, and while I get that it costs extra to have actual seats as well as the upcharge to have the chance to ride FEA after the show, for me personally, those things aren’t necessary. Sorry to be a Debbie downer on this, but just my two cents.

  • I was just told reservations will start July 17th for dates through October. Just keep checking for later dates

  • I too have been trying to book this for December when we are going but no luck. I keep having to check every single day…… You would think somebody would know something…. I’m wondering since D23 expo is coming up (this weekend I believe) if maybe they will announce something new for Nov/Dec then….??? Hopefully they will so we can all book our reservations! I have all my other dining reservations set and hope that this does not overlap any of them…frustrating when you have to book reservations so far ahead and run into something that doesn’t even show available at all!

  • I just called their dining phone line and they don’t seem to know anymore than the website regarding Holiday dates for November and December. We are going in November and we really wanted to be able to attend this dessert party.

  • Anyone know when the window will open for December bookings for this event
    Thank you

  • I am also interested to know why there are no dates for the week of October 7th.

  • Do you know why there is no scheduled party during the week of 10/7 – 10/14? Would love to do this event but party isn’t offered that week at all…

  • Are there actual chairs to set on? Other dessert parties I’ve attended at Epcot have used high, standing only tables. I have an interested family member that would like to attend this event but they cannot stand for long periods.

  • I also hope that dates are added for November.

  • i see all these questions but no answers

  • This is very disappointing. While I love Frozen, we always enjoyed the Sparkling Dessert Party. It was a refreshing break to do something that had an “adult” feel for a bit. And the champagne was definitely better than pina coladas and marguaritas.

  • The article says reserved seating – are there actual seats?

    • Hi Kelly, Guests attending the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party are guaranteed seating but may be asked to share tables with other parties.

  • I was skeptical until I saw the cheese fondue. Mmm!

  • In answer to the first question above, my travel agent said the alcoholic beverages are included in this one.

  • Hope this continues thru next year….

  • Are the alcoholic drinks included in the $79 price?

  • I hope this will continue into December, it looks marvelous. It seems several events and dining packages are not available for early December. I hope December dates are soon included for the special events.

  • When you think Frozen, don’t you think Winter? But no dates in November or December? Will this be rectified soon?

  • Too bad…I was really looking forward to the Illuminations Dessert Party during our trip this fall, but have no interest in Frozen-anything… I guess we just saved some money!

  • Booooooo… the last date available is October 30 and we arrive on November 3.

  • Where will the viewing for Illuminations:Reflections of Earth be for the dessert party?

  • Is there actual seating, with tables and chairs?

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