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Take a Look! Splitsville Luxury Lanes Taking Shape in Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort

Regular visitors to the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort may already have observed the ongoing stages of construction for Splitsville Luxury Lanes, a family-friendly restaurant with a unique combination of dining, bowling and live entertainment scheduled to open this winter.

Now it’s time to really start thinking about how we’re going to rock (with the live entertainment) and roll (on the Splitsville lanes). Above, we have an illustration of what Splitsville Luxury Lanes will look like when it welcomes its first guests.

The development team is creating a spectacular environment which will fuse modern and retro elements for a lively yet comfortable atmosphere to please guests of all ages. The 40,000-square-foot, two-story facility will be brightened with floor-to-ceiling windows, ample outdoor seating in an expansive patio overlooking Downtown Disney District, two state-of-the-art kitchens, and live entertainment daily.

Like its counterparts throughout the U.S.A., Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Downtown Disney District will be a dynamic recreation destination offering a unique combination of dining, drinks, bowling and entertainment. Features include 20 bowling lanes interspersed throughout the location, four dining areas (indoors and out), two billiards tables, more than 25 flat screen TVs, and the ability to host both live performers and DJs.

The eclectic Splitsville menu will mix lane favorites like hand-tossed pizza and gourmet burgers with chef-driven specialties like grilled avocado with ahi tuna and filet sliders.

And later this year, when the time comes for rockin’ and rollin’ at the newest Downtown Disney District destination, you should try a Splitsville specialty … fresh-rolled sushi, including the signature Splitsville “Fantasy Roll.”


  • what day to open at splitsville?
    what’s on calendar?

  • Please thank the Architect for the Mid Century Modern design. It never goes out of style and may make some news fans of this style and era of buildings, Homes and home interiors!! Thank you Disney for the retro nod 😉

  • Woohoo, bowling alley sushi!! Can’t wait.

  • I’m so excited!!! I hope they will have more DVC events here in California since this will be open now! I always hear about the DVC bowling events in Florida and I’m hoping they bring it here for all of us west coast DVC members!

  • This looks like one of Mike Brady’s Designs.

  • Really not looking forward to the crowds here. I’m very excited for it to open, but we can’t forget how busy the Orlando location was upon opening. 90 minutes for a lane… I’m sure this will be worse.

  • LOVE the Disney Springs location. They have awesome sushi – go figure for a bowling alley. Can’t wait to visit!!

  • I’m really excited about this opening! I’ve been to the one at Disney World, and it’s awesome — great food, music and bowling!

  • All I gotta say, is there had better be some adjustable sun screens installed on the upper levels. Otherwise you can say goodbye to lunch time diners sitting on the upper area dining.

    Also, can I pitch in the idea for some Nigiri on the Menu? I know rolls are easier but some people don’t like seaweed all that much…

  • This should be a very popular location. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  • Such a disappointing addition to Downtown Disney 🙁

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