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Disney MaxPass to Debut July 19 at the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

We are excited to announce that Disney MaxPass will launch July 19 at the Disneyland Resort! Disney MaxPass will help guests to maximize their experience at the Disneyland Resort by providing unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads from the day, and by enabling the convenience of mobile Disney FASTPASS booking and redemption times while in the theme parks through the Disneyland App. If guests are not already registered for a Disney account, registration is fast and simple. Download the app and follow the prompts to register for an account.

Disney MaxPass will be offered for an introductory price of $10 a day. Guests may purchase Disney MaxPass when they purchase their ticket, or as an add-on through the Disneyland App once they enter either theme park. Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders also will have the option of purchasing Disney MaxPass for the life of their current passport for $75. Signature Plus passholders will receive Disney MaxPass at no additional cost, as part of their annual passport entitlement.

Since we announced Disney MaxPass in January, we have added two additional Disney FASTPASS locations at Toy Story Mania and Matterhorn Bobsleds, bringing the total number of attractions to 16. Guests will continue to have the option of Disney FASTPASS service at no additional cost by obtaining a Disney FASTPASS return time with their park admission ticket at attraction Disney FASTPASS kiosks.

The introduction of Disney MaxPass is part of our ongoing commitment to providing guests with opportunities to customize their experiences and make it even easier than ever to create unforgettable memories. Watch for another Disney Parks Blog post soon for an example of how Disneyland Resort guests can start enjoying Disney MaxPass on July 19.

Guests are strongly advised to check the day’s FASTPASS ticket availability and other Park details before purchasing Disney MaxPass or using a Park ticket with Disney MaxPass as FASTPASS tickets for your preferred attractions may not be available at the time of purchase or use. FASTPASS tickets are limited and availability is not guaranteed. FASTPASS tickets may be obtained only while you are in the Parks and may not be available for entertainment through Disney MaxPass. An experience that does not have Disney FASTPASS availability at a kiosk will not be available using Disney MaxPass. The Disney MaxPass benefit will expire at the end of the day or when the Passport it is associated with expires, as applicable. Disney MaxPass is nonrefundable, nontransferable, may not be redeemed for cash and is subject to other restrictions. Price, terms, entitlements, attractions and entertainment are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Passholders who purchase the Disney MaxPass benefit may not use the value of any separate ticket media toward the purchase price of Disney MaxPass.

Disney PhotoPass service is subject to the PhotoPass terms found in Online registration required. Disney PhotoPass Photos captured during the day your Disney MaxPass is used or during the validity dates of your Passport, as applicable, must be linked to your Disney account and may be downloaded pursuant to the expiration policy at Not responsible for missing, lost or damaged photos. Downloads are restricted to personal use by Disney account holder only and may not be used for a commercial purpose. Subject to restrictions and change without notice.

Message, data and roaming rates may apply for the Disneyland app. Availability subject to handset limitations and features may vary by handset or service provider. Coverage and app stores not available everywhere. If you’re under 18, get your parents’ permission first.


  • The maxpass was the best decision I could have made! I initially thought it’s stupid to pay for the convenience of not walking to get a FASTPASS but it’s soooo much more than that. The key is to get the absolute most popular FASTPASSES first and wait in lines early. In the evening get fast passes for rides like Matterhorn, Indian jones, big thunder mountain, splash mountain, roger rabbit, buzz, star tours, and haunted mansion. I’m not sure if my timing was impeccable or I got lucky but I was able to get a FASTPASS Time with in minutes after getting off a ride.

  • Hello Fellow Dreamers! After reading through all the comments, I still have 2 questions:
    Can you choose which days to purchase MaxPass on a daily basis for a 5 Day Hopper or do you have to purchase for all 5 days?
    Can you reserve different Fast Passes for your group? Example: (2 FastPasses) Kids in Space Mountain & 2 for parents on TS Mania?
    Thank you for your time and response.

  • You should add this to the Signature Annual Pass, we had deluxe annual passes first and then we renew our pass to have the pictures but it would have been better to buy the max pass instead of renewing the pass to Signature, or maybe you should give a discount for the Signature Pass as it already includes the photos.

  • I have a problem. I bought the maxpass for my two day hopper. And all my pics are in my account as I’ve linked them all. However the ones from the first day are able to be downloaded. The ones from the second day (yesterday) are not. It says I have to buy them. I see them but with the photo pass protective writing across them. How can I get this fixed? I bought the Maxpass and the photos were included.

  • How does this feature work for families who’s children do not have cell phones. I have 3 children and my 8 &11 yr olds do not have phones. So does that mean they can not use the digital FP option?

  • Like most of my fellow Signature Passholders, we should get a separate rate to add on MaxPass to our passes. We already have photo downloads included with our pass, it only makes sense to have a lower add-on price.

  • You pay more to be a Premier or Signature Plus Passholder, thus you get more benefits. I don’t see the problem.

  • As a Signature passholder, I am also disappointed that the MaxPass is not included in the price already. The only difference between the Signature and the Signature Plus is the two weeks that are blocked out. Since the Photopass is included in both passes it only makes sense that the MaxPass should have also been included in both passes. It is disappointing that this tool which the parks are trying to switch to will cost my family of four $300/year. There is no charge to prebook any FastPasses in Florida.

  • So…will the digital Fastpasses and the kiosks Fastpasses work on one system? I am just wondering if with this digital system it will mean there will be none available at the kiosks. That would suck

  • I would have loved MaxPass free on Signature. But honestly if you have little interest in the blockout dates then I see little distinction between Signature and Signature Plus for the price difference. Same benefits for a lower price if you’re not interested in the blockout dates. Now with free MaxPass for Plus there seems to be an actual distinction.

  • “Guests will continue to have the option of Disney FASTPASS service at no additional cost by obtaining a Disney FASTPASS return time with their park admission ticket at attraction Disney FASTPASS kiosks.”

  • I am not at all sure I am seeing the great advantage for the great cost.
    Does the photo pass include the restaurants/bibbidi bobbidi makeover pictures?
    Even still, it would not be a better price as I guess it will be $10 per guest….
    I hope the fast pass continues the regular way too. We don’t go to many of them
    but I would hate to not have that opportunity.

  • Not happy. For a family of four using a 5-day hopper this would add $200 to an already expensive family vacation. We will just have to take our chances that the ticket based fast pass system will still work out for us.

  • Well, I’m happy I have the Signature Plus. If it’s such an issue, just upgrade to the Plus or pay the extra $75/yr. There are options people. Yes, it would appear Disney is out to make money or stop others from profiting off the Fast Pass but this is just how it is. I love Disney. This is such a great tool to use. No more running across the park to get a fastpass ticket and having to run back to get in line for your other fast pass. Options people, options.

  • Do you have to buy the memory maker package too? Or just the max pass?

  • I am upset that the photo pass will be free for everyone when I just purchased the Signature pass. One of the reasons besides the parking and less blackout dates was also having the photo pass downloads. What else are you going to offer those people since the photo pass will be free for everyone? We should get a the Maxpass also for FREE, not just the signature plus members. I’m afraid that people who pay the $10 extra dollars will end up taking up all the maxpasses before the rest of us can get it.

  • How will this work for people that don’t have phones with Roaming etc (like visiting from Canada?). Will there be free Wifi in the parks now to allow us to use this?!

  • Disney: I’ve got to say that I am extremely disappointed that this is not included for Signature Pass Holders. I just upgraded to the Signatures pass just to have the photos. The MaxPass needs to be included for the Signaute Pass holders as well.

  • When does the $10 introductory price end? I’ll be there in December so I hope it’ll still be $10.

  • Tiffany…it does state it is free. . Signature Plus passholders will receive Disney MaxPass at no additional cost, as part of their annual passport entitlement.

  • I am excited to try this out. We are Walt Disney World Annual Pass Holders going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks. I am so used to Fast Pass Plus that not having the ability to do some pre-planning is so much different for us as we get ready for our trip.
    If I am reading this right we should be able to add/pay this feature to our existing tickets that we’ve purchased for DLP in the app, correct?
    Looking forward to giving this a try!

  • @Elizabeth The way the system currently works is that you can tie your ticket to a specific Disney account that’s associated with the app. With kids or other family members, you can attach their tickets all to the same account. I talked to one of the phone support people today, and while they’re still kind of hazy on how the whole thing works, they said that the system will work differently. You’ll be able to have multiple tickets registered on one account though, so you can use Maxpass with your kid’s ticket on your phone.

  • I’m confused? Why would anyone buy Memory Maker if this is only $10?

  • Can you confirm if the additional $75 will be prorated for Deluxe AP’s? We will be in DL in December and have a month left on our pass.

  • We travel to both Disneyland and Disney World from the UK. I would like to know if you plan to introduce wifi into the California parks like you have in Orlando. It’s going to be impossible for us to use the app if not.

  • Not awesome because, if you choose to save $$ and walk to the FP kiosks, there might not be any tickets left because of ppl snapping them up via their phone :/

  • Absolutely upset!!. I really do believe that the Signature should get this feature for free or at a good discount! Please consider this, there are a lot of angry Signature AP holders.

  • Erin, I think this is awesome!! Can’t wait to take advantage of all the perks. We have the Signature Plus Pass, but we’re making a trip to Disneyworld this next year and switching to the Premiere Pass. Does the Premiere Pass still include all the benefits of the Signature Plus at Disneyland?

  • From the MaxPass page:
    “Each member of your party will need the Disney MaxPass feature to make FASTPASS selections from their phone and download the day’s Disney PhotoPass photos.”

    What about parties with children who do not have phones? How is this supposed to work? Is there a feature that will allow you to also obtain Fastpasses for the children with you who do not have a phone? This makes no sense. There should be more details.

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