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Disney MaxPass to Debut July 19 at the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

We are excited to announce that Disney MaxPass will launch July 19 at the Disneyland Resort! Disney MaxPass will help guests to maximize their experience at the Disneyland Resort by providing unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads from the day, and by enabling the convenience of mobile Disney FASTPASS booking and redemption times while in the theme parks through the Disneyland App. If guests are not already registered for a Disney account, registration is fast and simple. Download the app and follow the prompts to register for an account.

Disney MaxPass will be offered for an introductory price of $10 a day. Guests may purchase Disney MaxPass when they purchase their ticket, or as an add-on through the Disneyland App once they enter either theme park. Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders also will have the option of purchasing Disney MaxPass for the life of their current passport for $75. Signature Plus passholders will receive Disney MaxPass at no additional cost, as part of their annual passport entitlement.

Since we announced Disney MaxPass in January, we have added two additional Disney FASTPASS locations at Toy Story Mania and Matterhorn Bobsleds, bringing the total number of attractions to 16. Guests will continue to have the option of Disney FASTPASS service at no additional cost by obtaining a Disney FASTPASS return time with their park admission ticket at attraction Disney FASTPASS kiosks.

The introduction of Disney MaxPass is part of our ongoing commitment to providing guests with opportunities to customize their experiences and make it even easier than ever to create unforgettable memories. Watch for another Disney Parks Blog post soon for an example of how Disneyland Resort guests can start enjoying Disney MaxPass on July 19.

Guests are strongly advised to check the day’s FASTPASS ticket availability and other Park details before purchasing Disney MaxPass or using a Park ticket with Disney MaxPass as FASTPASS tickets for your preferred attractions may not be available at the time of purchase or use. FASTPASS tickets are limited and availability is not guaranteed. FASTPASS tickets may be obtained only while you are in the Parks and may not be available for entertainment through Disney MaxPass. An experience that does not have Disney FASTPASS availability at a kiosk will not be available using Disney MaxPass. The Disney MaxPass benefit will expire at the end of the day or when the Passport it is associated with expires, as applicable. Disney MaxPass is nonrefundable, nontransferable, may not be redeemed for cash and is subject to other restrictions. Price, terms, entitlements, attractions and entertainment are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Passholders who purchase the Disney MaxPass benefit may not use the value of any separate ticket media toward the purchase price of Disney MaxPass.

Disney PhotoPass service is subject to the PhotoPass terms found in Online registration required. Disney PhotoPass Photos captured during the day your Disney MaxPass is used or during the validity dates of your Passport, as applicable, must be linked to your Disney account and may be downloaded pursuant to the expiration policy at Not responsible for missing, lost or damaged photos. Downloads are restricted to personal use by Disney account holder only and may not be used for a commercial purpose. Subject to restrictions and change without notice.

Message, data and roaming rates may apply for the Disneyland app. Availability subject to handset limitations and features may vary by handset or service provider. Coverage and app stores not available everywhere. If you’re under 18, get your parents’ permission first.


  • I’m gonna have to agree with my fellow AP. Signature Plus was rolled out really to keep the AP out of the pros during the prime weeks of Christmas. Okay. I’m good with that. Now you want to make MaxPass a $75 add on. I’d sooner go back to signature plus and clog up the parks on Christmas. Makes no sense. Add MaxPass to signature.

  • I’m disappointed that the/my Signature AP will not automatically include the MaxPass.
    Also, it doesn’t seem fair to charge the same price for the AP upgrade, since the Signature AP already has the Photopass feature included.

  • So now we have to pay for something WDW provides for free? I don’t understand what exactly we’re getting. And what about Premiere Passholders? I assume we are on par with Signature Plus passhoders.

  • I also don’t think it’s right that Signature pass holders don’t get MaxPass at a lower rate (or included)…we’ve already paid more to get the photos and now we have to pay again?!

  • I hope this will be prorated. Our annual passes expire in about a month and it would be silly to have to pay the full amount for a twelfth of the year.

  • I must add my voice to those dismayed that they price of adding the Max Pass option to the Signature AP, which already includes Photo Pass photos, is the same as adding the pass to the others APs. The cost then being the same for Signature AP holders with the benefit of Max Pass only, vs the other APs who get the additional benefit of both Mass Pass AND the Photo Pass photos. I’m disappointed not only by this decision, but also to the lack of response, Erin. Clearly many people are looking for answers about this .

  • Disney, does this come included with a premier passport as well?

  • Will you have to be in the park in which the attraction is located to get a FP for it?

  • There are certain “hot spots” at Disney to connect to wifi

  • I like this, for an extra 10$ I can use the ease of the app to get a fastpass. Fastpasses are still a available for FREE you just need to walk….not sure what the big deal is. It’s a perk for a price. Either pay or walk. And yes, I’m a signature plus AP holder. Maybe in the future they’ll offer the maxpass as a signature plus perk? Until then, I will gladly pay to have app access any day. Thank you Disney!

  • I am in agreement with the multiple others expressing concern about Signature level passes not being included in receiving maxpass privileges when we already have included Photo Pass. This seems unfair. At the very least I believe we should be given a discounted rate for adding maxpass, as we are not being given two new features as the other levels are. Disney, please reconsider this!

  • @Danny –if you pass is going to expire soon do not purchase! You won’t get a refund or it prorated per the MaxPASS page -> ” The cost of the annual Disney MaxPass feature cannot be pro-rated for passes expiring in less than a year and expires when your Annual Passport expires.”

    But remember this MaxPASS is a OPTION. You do not have to purchase it at all! 🙂

  • @Melissa– they are not taking that perk away from the Signature Passholders. I confirmed this when i had read that with the AP hotline. So. you have nothing to worry!

    And i am not sure anyone saw the MaxPass page it says- ” Guests who have a valid Disneyland Annual Passport may purchase the Disney MaxPass feature as a daily add-on for $10 through the Disneyland app or as an annual add-on for $75 at a Disneyland Resort Ticket Booth. The Disney MaxPass feature is an included benefit with the Disney Signature Plus Passport and the Disney Premier Passport. The cost of the annual Disney MaxPass feature cannot be pro-rated for passes expiring in less than a year and expires when your Annual Passport expires.”

    No @Lyn it is not going to discontinue the DAS system lol. No,anyone with a DAS is not going to have to pay for a fastpass. DAS remains the same. There will still be fastpasses for FREE available! MaxPASS is just a digital option for convenience.

    Premier passholders and Signature Plus get it for free. I too don’t get why Signature does not get it included.. and incase anyone didn’t see it, wifi is in the park now, there is wifi hot spots.

  • Very disappointed Disney did not include this with signature.. they are making that last jump less of a divide and may find themselves back in the same boat come Christmas time 2018 when there are too many pass holders

  • Me and my SO own Signature Passes. I do not understand why someone with one would pay 75 to get this feature when you already get unlimited photos. I don’t understand this decision to be honest. Oh well I will live without it. Furthermore I don’t like the idea that you pay 75 to get it for the “Current life of the pass”. People who currently owned passes before this was implemented are getting a losing deal as they wont get a year of benefits for paying for MaxPass.

    In my case it would be paying 75 dollars for 6 months of not having to walk to fast passes, and the photo benefit would not matter as I already receive them.

    It seems like a good price for other passes (the photos for $75 is a great deal, especially for couples). I will pass though until they figure out an actual way to make this have any value what-so-ever for Signature Passholders.

  • I can understand the disappointment others are discussing here. As a SoCal resident and S+ AP holder I’m pleased MaxPass is being included!

  • I agree with all the Signature APs. We, too, have the Signature APs simply because we normally stay away from the resort during the 2 week blockout. So, it was useless for us to get the Signature Plus. Since we already get the unlimited PhotoPass, why in the world is there not a discounted rate for Signature APs since we already have 1 of the 2 benefits of the DIsney MaxPass?

  • What is meant by “for the life of their current passport”? Does that mean per year, or for as long as the pass is active?

  • We are also recently upgraded to Signature pass holders. It makes no sense why we have to pay $75 for Max Pass. Our pass already includes Photopass like the Signature Plus. So why do we have to pay the full $75 per pass to get max pass added on. I agree our fee should be smaller than the lower tier passes. Better yet, we should have it included for us as well, given the very slight differences between the top two tier passes. Very disappointed with this decision Disney.

  • I’m extremely disappointed to learn that the cost to add this to the Signature pass is the same as Deluxe and below. I already have/pay for half of the feature. Value wise it’s just not worth it to me which is sad because I was interested in buying into the new system (since I have a long term leg injury that makes walking sometimes painful) but I can’t justify it when I feel kind of cheated. I hope Disney will reconsider the price point.

  • OK… I just read the article again and noticed this line “Annual Passholders also will have the option of purchasing Disney MaxPass for the life of their current passport for $75″… does that mean as long as I renew the passport the max pass addition will still be good, or until my renewal date?

  • It is ridiculous that you expect Signature Passholders to pay extra, especially considering that half of the MaxPass benefits are already included with their passes. This should be included for BOTH Signature levels of Annual Passports.

  • As a very recent Signature Passholder, I am very disappointed in Disney for not including Max Pass with the Signature level pass that already includes Photopass. The rest of my family members have the Deluxe pass and I have no problem with needing to pay extra to include Max Pass on their three APs, but Signature really should include it.

  • Very disappointed that this isn’t offered for the Signature pass as well. Does this mean that the photo pass option will be taken away from the signature pass? I really hope that Disney reconsiders this.

  • WI-fi in the parks has been spotty. Will it be available everywhere? And if it is not working, how will we get a refund?

  • So many questions, most of which should have been anticipated by Disney. Where are the answers?

  • In the same boat as most of these people, have a signature AP, need to have a discounted annual rate for MaxPass since we already have PhotoPass benefit

  • I will add my voice to the list of people saying that it seems like a strange decision not to include Signature Passholders, considering that the PhotoPass is already includes in our level. I think MaxPass is a great thing, and look forward to checking it out. Just wish Signature, +, and Premiere were all given this entitlement.

  • While I am totally ok paying for an upcharge between Signature and Signature Plus. I don’t think the upcharge should be the same as Deluxe, So Cal, or So Cal Select since we already have photopass on our passes. If the price for Max Pass + Photos is $75 then MaxPass only should be like $35 to $45. At this point, I am really conflicted on what to do. I really want the MaxPass feature because it would drastically aid me with my disability, however, I don’t think I should be charged for both features since I already have one of the features included in my pass.

  • I’m looking forward to this! Will make it easier for me. And I’m a Signature Plus AP…and I’m happy its included in my pass. 🙂

  • Shouldn’t Signature Passholders get a better price since their passes already include the Photopass Downloads?

    Really though, I have to ask why charge for this service when Disney World offers something similar for free?

    Also if you want these service to work, there needs to be resort wide free WiFi that actually works.

  • So not a upset question so I hope I get a answer? I have a premier pass. I assume I get this feature for free since it acts as a signature plus pass. My problem is I can not obtain a digital bar code. Is this being fixed or what are the steps needed to link my pass to the app. Thanks.

  • Amy, a lot of people do not like to walk all the way to an attraction to get a fast pass. The Max Pass will let you get one through the app, saving you time and energy. Also, fast passes tend to run out fast for the more popular attractions. I predict they will run out even faster and earlier in the day with the app.

  • Wow! That’s quite unfortunate that this ONLY included for the Signature Plus pass, and not the Signature as well!!! Sad, and would hope Disney would seriously reconsider.

  • This article does not adequately explain why the Signature pass does not include the MaxPass.

  • someone read on the AP twitter page that the Signature Passholders are going to get their photopass download perk taken away when maxpass debuts. IS this true??

  • We just got home from a 5 day trip, and the regular fast pass worked just fine. We tried to use the free Wifi hotspots in the parks, but had no success – it was painfully slow & we couldn’t connect to use the app. International roaming charges are crazy when visiting from Canada, so this is not a viable option. Not to mention that only one person in a family needs the photo downloads. We spend at least 5 days in the park each time we come, and as a family of 3 that would add $150USD (which is substantially more in Canadian $) per trip. That’s not good value in my book, never mind the roaming charges we’d have to incur to get the app to work. Just don’t see any value in this at all. Sorry.

  • Very disappointed that MaxPass isnt included in the Signature Pass since we already get the Photo benefit and the ONLY difference between the passes now is the 2 weeks of Blackouts at Christmas, we aren’t able to go then anyway. So we either pay $200 more to upgrade to plus for a 2 week time frame we cant use or $75 for MaxPass add on. Which sucks because someone with a month or 2 on their pass is paying the same as someone who renewed yesterday.

    Also very curious how this will work for families. Will I need to pay $75 for each of us to use this, or just one of us who uses the app?

  • Is it $10 per person on your party? How does that work when all the reservations are being done through one person’s MDE/app?

  • I suppose I have the same concern as many have already shared. I have a Signature pass not signature Plus and am disappointed to know that our pass gets less of a benefit for adding the MaxPass service than other passes, especially if I am about half way through my renewal!

  • Will the Signature Annual Passhodlers get it for a discounted rate since we ALREADY pay for the Photo Pass? I think it would be quite unfair we had to pay for it twice when the only difference between Signature and Signature Plus is two weeks of blockout dates.

  • Hi Disney People – Can you provide instructions for how to manage fastpasses for the family? I would imagine that part of my group will want to sign up for the same fastpass ride sometimes – however, sometimes teens like to split from parents and use their tickets for another ride.

    Thank you and I look forward to your response.

    I am travelling to the parks the first week in August and look forward to managing all this on my phone. 🙂

  • I want to know why Signature Pass is not part of the since the only difference is the 2 weeks blackout dates during the holiday? What happen to the unlimited download of the photo now since Signature Pass does get this benefit?

  • If a Signature AP decides to upgrade to Signature Plus they lose their renewal discount of $50, so I think most people would be better off paying $75 for the rest of the year. Are you at least going to prorate the $75 for people who are several months into their year?

  • If my wife and I both have AP’s do each of us need to pay the additional $75 to be able to use the fastpass system, or can i just upgrade my ticket for the $75 and get mine and her fastpass tickets?

  • I LOVE the idea of MaxPasses! However I am a Signature (not Plus) Annual Passholder and I would just like to know if we will get a discount on the MaxPasses because we already have the Pictures included in our Pass. I just don’t want to have to pay for part of it if I already have the photo pass.

  • Why signature is not getting this if the difference is onlh the two weeks we get block?? Doesn’t seem right to pay $75.. All this excitement for nothing

  • If the wifi is as spotty/unpredictable as it has been in the past few months, I’m not super excited about an app-based fastpass system.

  • I’m assuming fast passes will still be available through the kiosks for those who are not paying. Why wouldn’t everyone do that? What is the benefit to paying extra? I don’t get it.

  • Purchasing the MaxPass for a Signature Pass for $75 is not a great value. It should be prorated since those passholders already receive Photopass as a benefit. Please address this in the next blog…

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