Foodie Guide to ‘Fantasmic!’-Inspired Eats and Sweets at Disneyland Park

Recently, I shared menus for “Fantasmic!” Dining Packages now available to reserve at Disneyland park. Today, I’m excited to share the complete foodie guide to the brand-new “Fantasmic!”-inspired eats and sweets which can be found throughout New Orleans Square, Frontierland and Critter Country beginning July 17!

Mint Julep Bar

  • Blackberry Beignets

Churro Cart in New Orleans Square

  • Sour Watermelon Churro

S’mores Churro from Churro Cart in Critter Country

Churro Cart in Critter Country

  • S’mores Churro – A graham cracker churro with chocolate and marshmallow dipping sauce

Churro Cart in Fronteirland

  • Sour Watermelon Churro

Golden Horseshoe

  • Chocolate Cherry Coke Float
  • Cookie Sundae
  • Spicy Peanut Brittle made by Disneyland Candy Makers
Foodie Guide to ‘Fantasmic!’-Inspired Eats and Sweets at Disneyland Park Foodie Guide to ‘Fantasmic!’-Inspired Eats and Sweets at Disneyland Park

Harbour Galley (Evening Menu)

  • Lobster Mac and Cheese Hot Dog
  • Lobster Roll
  • Loaded Lobster Chips – House-fried potato chips topped with tender lobster, cheddar cheese sauce, spicy-lime mayo and chives
Foodie Guide to ‘Fantasmic!’-Inspired Eats and Sweets at Disneyland Park Foodie Guide to ‘Fantasmic!’-Inspired Eats and Sweets at Disneyland Park Foodie Guide to ‘Fantasmic!’-Inspired Eats and Sweets at Disneyland Park

Hungry Bear Restaurant

  • Teddi Berra Lavender Sparkler – A sparkling drink with lavender, elderflower and lemon
  • Milk and Honey Funnel Cake – Topped with sweetened condensed milk, clover honey, edible flowers and whipped cream
  • Blueberry Honey Crème Pie

Foodie Guide to ‘Fantasmic!’-Inspired Eats and Sweets at Disneyland Park

Outdoor Vending

  • Nachos – Tortilla chips with warm nacho cheese and pickled jalapenos, topped with picante sauce. Perfect for eating on the go or while watching “Fantasmic!”
  • Kettle Popcorn – Sweet and salty kettle corn

Locations with Dining Packages featuring reserved viewing for “Fantasmic!”

To make reservations for a “Fantasmic!” Dining Package, visit or call 714-781-DINE.

What “Fantasmic!”-inspired eats are you most looking forward to trying? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Is this a limited time menu? We’ll be in there December and want to try some of these items!

  • Now that I posted my concerns that there is not a dinner listed for the Hungry Bear, a window popped up and now states The Hungry Bear as a dining option for Fantasmic. I’m hoping that when I arrive in the beginning of August, this is still the case.

  • I called Disney Dining Line a couple of days ago, and prepaid for a Fantasmic Dinner package at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. This article does not mention a dining package that includes the Hungry Bear Restaurant. What’s going on?

  • How long will these be around for?

  • milk and honey funnel cake is good, not too sweet, great with coffee. lavender spritzer is sweet and refreshing with a hint of lavender, but the blueberry creme pie wasn’t on the menu, and when asked, it didn’t seem like it has started quite yet. maybe later on or tomorrow?

  • I’ll be doing some catering backstage on Thursday for all you cast members but I’ll head into the park to get some dinner afterwards with the wife! Lobster Hot Dog sounds great!!!!

  • Is there any plan to post ingredients of meal items from the Disney World phone app – so we can verify allergy information? It would help us sort out options for snacks and the park meals without asking a lot of questions at the registers!

  • I’m most excited for the Blackberry Beignets! Are these pictured at the top of this blog post (the blue sparkly ones shaped like Mickey)? If so, they look delicious.

    • Yes!

  • Hello! How long will these be out? I’m too excited to try all of these!!

  • When will these food items be available in the park? This Monday or sooner?

    • Look for these items beginning July 17!

  • Hi Rachel, I will be 7 months pregnant in a few weeks when I visit. Just to confirm, do the reserved dining packages provide chairs for seating (not the ground)? Is this the only way to have a chair for the show?


  • The S’mores are on my list along with the Teddi Berra Lavender Sparkler and Blueberry Pie! Hopefully they will still be available in September for my visit! Thanks Parks Blog for the update!

  • Hi Rachel,

    Other than the drinks are any of these items vegan?

  • Hi Rachel,
    For the dining packages, from which restaurant, is the dessert that looks like a ball of chocolate with Mickey’s Fantasmic hat on top of the ball of chocolate, from?

    • Blue Bayou Restaurant!

  • How long will these be available for? Hoping to try some of this on our trip in October!

  • Blueberry Beignets, S’mores Churro, Nachos, Kettlecorn, Funnel Cake. OMG can’t wait.

    • Neither can I!

  • Vegan options would be great…sadly none listed!

  • Yes. Seating with CHAIRS!. Many of us now can afford the package, but sitting on the ground after age 60 is really painful.

  • Are there any plans to offer “Fantasmic!”-inspired foods that are vegan and gluten-free?

  • Teddi Berra Lavender Sparkler sounds interesting!

  • Looks delicious! Are the blackberry beignets filled with blackberry or just flavored on the outside? And is the marshmallow dipping sauce for the s’mores churro vegetarian (no gelatin)?

  • Hurray! Blueberry pie is back at Hungry Bear!!!

  • OMG! Yes Blackberry Beignets! Thanks Parks Blog!

  • Are there any plans to bring back the premium seating with the dessert boxes?

    • Not at this time.

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