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Hawaiian Arts and Crafts at KA WA‘A, a lu‘au at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

One of my favorite parts of KA WA‘A lu‘au at Aulani Resort actually happens before the show. When guests arrive, they will be greeted by our hosts and hostesses with a special lei. Then, guests will be encouraged to mingle around the resort’s Halawai Lawn as live music and performers set the tone for the evening. Also available during this time are various traditional arts and crafts for guests to not only observe, but also participate.

Hawaiian Arts and Crafts at KA WA‘A, a lu‘au at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa

Be sure to check out the following:

Na Pua U‘i (The Pretty Flowers): You’ll learn the traditional art of stringing lei (or flower garlands) together, creating your very own to adorn your neck or wrist. Or, you can present the lei as a special token of aloha to a loved one.

Pa‘i ‘Ai (Pounded Taro): After observing the traditional mashing of cooked taro into a thick paste called pa‘i ‘ai, join in and experience the effort it takes to make poi the traditional way.

Kapala (Printing): Intricately carved bamboo stamps called ‘ohe kapala were traditionally used to decorate and embellish fine kapa (bark cloth). Create your own keepsake on a card using stamps inspired by traditional patterns of nature.

Kakau (Tattooing): Pick a kakau design and have a local artisan draw by hand on your arms, legs or even face! You’ll experience a contemporary take on the painstaking age-old practice of a traditional body art.

KA WA‘A lu‘au is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings at Aulani Resort. What activities are you looking forward to experiencing?