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Medal Monday: runDisney and Pixar Team Up on Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Medals

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

The countdown is on! In just over a month, runners will race “to infinity and beyond” during Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna. This year’s race weekend is themed around Pixar and today we’re excited to share a first look at the incredible medals.

Medal Monday: runDisney and Pixar Team Up on Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Medals

The Disneyland Half Marathon is “Toy Story” themed, and Andy’s toys, Buzz, Jessie and Woody, appear on the medal.

Medal Monday: runDisney and Pixar Team Up on Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Medals

Mike and Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.” are the stars of this year’s Disneyland 10K and are also featured on the 10K medal.

Medal Monday: runDisney and Pixar Team Up on Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Medals

The Disneyland 5K is the perfect race for the whole family to enjoy and this year’s medal features everyone’s favorite super hero family from “The Incredibles.”

Medal Monday: runDisney and Pixar Team Up on Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Medals

And runners who complete the 5th annual Disneyland Double Dare – participating in the Disneyland 10K and Disneyland Half Marathon – will receive an additional medal inspired by Pixar.

Medal Monday: runDisney and Pixar Team Up on Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Medals

The runDisney Kids Races presented by GoGo squeeZ® Applesauce on the Go will celebrate “Up” giving young Wilderness Explorers the chance to earn their own medallion. Fun fact! Featured on the medallion is a shoe badge, which was created exclusively for runDisney by Disney•Pixar graphic artist, Paul Conrad, who designed all of the badges for the film!

What makes the medals even more special is that Tasha Sounart, an Associate Creative Director at Disney•Pixar, partnered with the runDisney team to design each medal. Her extensive Pixar portfolio includes work as an animator on box-office hits including, “A Bug’s Life,” “Finding Nemo,” “Toy Story 2,” “Monsters, Inc.” and “Cars.”

“For the medals, I really wanted to get across something that’s iconic about each franchise,” said Sounart, whose vision was to incorporate key elements from the films. “We know the medals are really important and are one of the first things that are going to come out representing the weekend. People get really excited to see them.”

Will you be joining us for this year’s race? For updates, follow runDisney on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. To learn more about runDisney events, please visit us here!


  • I do love Pixar, and I am excited getting these medals! I am a little disappointed with the design of the half medal. The race is called the Disneyland Half, which the medals in the past was distinguished by the iconic “D”. I liked what they did last year which the theme was famous duos, they still had the iconic D be the spotlight of the medal and had Mickey and Pluto on it as well. This one the D is quite small. As for the Double Dare, this year would of been the legacy race for the Dumbo Double Dare, I would of understand if they changed it after the legacy year, but to change it now was disappointing. I missed the legacy by 1 year, the first year got sold out within an hour. But I am sure that the people that have started it from the beginning would of wanted it to be still Dumbo. Don’t get me wrong, I am still excited in running this race, and I am sure that these medals will be great and I will proudly add it to my collection!

  • Pretty disappointed. I signed up because I was excited about doing the DISNEYLAND half marathon and receiving a DISNEYLAND medal. I definitely didn’t sign up for the Pixar Half Marathon… would have appreciated this information prior to signing up early this year.

  • I’m disappointed. This is my first time running the Disneyland Half Marathon and I was very excited to receive the traditional medals. Was really looking forward to the Dumbo Double Dare challenge, now to find out the theme of the race is completely changed and the medals do not even resemble the old ones in the slightest is a huge let down. I knew something would change since this is an anniversary year for this race, but not to this extent. I agree that Run Disney should have at least posted that the medals were being changed and to expect something totally different. Highly disappointed.

  • These medals look great. I, for one, am happy they changed the design from the classic D. I was getting tired of getting the same medal (with slight changes) year after year. Also, while I love getting the medals I don’t run Disney races for the medal. I run it to be with 15000 fellow runners, running through Disney Parks and backstage areas and then seeing the wonderful entertainment on the course. Can’t wait to see the high school bands, cheerleaders, classic cars, etc on the course.
    Like the others, I would like to see runDisney post an update on the 2018 races, especially Light Side.

  • They took the word “Dumbo” out before registration began…. by doing that they were letting people know it wasnt dumbo. I am excited for theses medals and for race weekend! Im in for 5k and 10k!

  • I knew it was Pixar when I signed us up. We will be thrilled if we can keep pace to get a medal in the 5K! I’m just happy to participate. Thanks for the awesome designs!

  • I agree with Jennifer. This post is really irritating when we are STILL waiting to register for the Light Side half, despite the Dark Side already being open for registration.

  • These look cute but I’m disappointed too. I think that you should announce the theme for a race before sign ups.

  • These medal are amazing!!! The 10K and Double Dare are perfect! Everything I hoped for! I’m SO sad it is now sold out.

  • I’ll just add my voice to the cacophony of disappointment. The only reason we started running these was for the Dumbo medal. Looks like this will be our last one (since we paid before the theme change: otherwise we wouldn’t even have done this year’s). What a missed opportunity for the 5th DDD.

  • I agree with all the comments above. The Pixar theme is great idea, but why change the 1/2 Marathon medal from the classic D that we all love and collect?? I can see changing the medal ribbon, but not the D. And what’s up with not keeping the Dumbo Double Dare Medal the same? Disappointed that for the 5th anniversary of DDD there isn’t a better medal. The 5k and 10k look cool. Ultimately, it’s the race that I love and RunDisney always does a great job with the weekend.

  • Any leftover Dumbo medals? Love Pixar but the medals just don’t compare.

  • I would have preferred to see the 1/2 marathon medal remain Disneyland themed.

  • While I appreciate the medal I run with Disney for the Disney experience and photos. My last race I had 32 photos, many I literally ran back to and did again, the race before 95!! And with so many characters. We all train hard, spend money, and schedule our work and lives around these runs. Why has the all the issues of the Tinkerbell runs never been addressed? Say something, please!

  • Hello. I’m trying to figure out why in the name of Disney why the Disneyland Half Marathon medal lost the big D in the medal design. If by the quote from Sounart, you all believe the medals are so important, why anger many people by making this change that (we didn’t ask for and prior to anyone knowing before we all registered)? I was really looking forward to earning that Golden Disney D and now…it’s so invisible. This has turned into a Pixar Half Marathon and not the Disneyland Half Marathon. Don’t get me wrong, the medal looks nice, but now what I wanted to earn at THE Disneyland Half. If I wanted my medal to be Toy Story with a little disneyland, I would have chosen that race. But I chose and was excited to run the Disneyland Half, with a Toy Story theme. I’m truly angry.

  • These are lovely, but it would be nice if runDisney addressed the outstanding issues of Light Side and Tinker Bell at Disneyland. Out-of-towners would like to commit to airline and hotel reservations and those of us who live locally would like to know if we should take our money to competing events those weekends, particularly in January when there are many other choices. Many people are saving a slot on the calendar for these races. Please acknowledge that with some information.

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